2012-11-28 GrahackFrench translation: copy -> copie.master
2012-10-23 Pat Thoytswincred: add install target and avoid overwriting confi...
2012-10-22 Pat Thoytst1306: perform file comparisons using text mode for...
2012-10-22 Johannes Schindelingit stash: make sure that .git/logs/refs/ exists
2012-10-22 Sebastian Schuberthgitk: Use an external icon file on Windows
2012-10-22 Pat Thoytsgit-subtree: add the generated script to the ignore...
2012-10-22 Heiko Voigthelp: correct behavior for is_executable on Windows
2012-10-22 Erik Faye-Lundcompat/terminal: header-fixup
2012-10-22 Erik Faye-Lundcompat/terminal: support echoing on windows
2012-10-22 Pat ThoytsSet the default help format to html for msys builds.
2012-10-22 Adam RobenMake non-.exe externals work again
2012-10-22 Pat ThoytsEnsure the resource file is rebuilt when the version...
2012-10-22 Johannes SchindelinWindows resource: handle dashes in the Git version...
2012-10-22 Pat ThoytsProvide a Windows version resource for the git executables.
2012-10-22 theoleblondSleep 1 millisecond in poll() to avoid busy wait
2012-10-22 Johannes SchindelinWork around a problem identified by BuildHive
2012-10-22 Johannes Schindelint1050: Fix invalid call to dd(1)
2012-10-22 Michael J Grubert5801: skip without hg
2012-10-22 Johannes SchindelinAlways auto-gc after calling a fast-import transport
2012-10-22 Johannes Schindelinremote-hg: do not interfer with hg's revs() method
2012-10-22 Johannes Schindelinremote-hg: handle another funny author line from scelen...
2012-10-22 Johannes Schindelinremote-hg: another case of Postel's law
2012-10-22 Johannes Schindelinremote-hg: Postel's law dictates we should handle Autho...
2012-10-22 Sverre Rabbeliergit-remote-hg: add tests
2012-10-22 Sverre Rabbeliergit-remote-hg: add the helper
2012-10-22 Michael J Gruberremote-hg: adjust to hg 1.9
2012-10-22 Sverre Rabbeliergit-remote-hg: add GitExporter/GitImporter/NonLocalGit
2012-10-22 Sverre Rabbeliergit-remote-hg: add hgexport, an hg-fast-export equivalent
2012-10-22 Sverre Rabbeliergit-remote-hg: add GitHg, a helper class for converting...
2012-10-22 Sverre Rabbeliergit-remote-hg: add hgimport, an hg-fast-import equivalent
2012-10-22 Sverre Rabbeliergit_remote_helpers: add fastimport library
2012-10-22 Sverre Rabbeliergit-remote-testgit: make local a function
2012-10-22 Sverre Rabbelierremote-testgit: factor out RemoteHelper class
2012-10-22 Sverre Rabbelierremote-helper: check helper status after import/export
2012-10-22 Sverre Rabbeliertransport-helper: add trailing --
2012-10-22 Sverre Rabbeliert5800: point out that deleting branches does not work
2012-10-22 Sverre Rabbeliert5800: test pushing a new branch with old content
2012-10-22 Johannes Schindelinsetup_revisions: remember whether a ref was positive...
2012-10-22 Johannes Schindelinfast-export: do not export negative refs
2012-10-22 Johannes Schindelinsetup_revisions: remember whether a ref was positive...
2012-10-22 Johannes Schindelinfast-export: do not refer to non-existing marks
2012-10-22 Erik Faye-LundMSVC: require pton and ntop emulation
2012-10-22 Erik Faye-LundMSVC: fix poll-related macro redefines
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesMSVC: link dynamically to the CRT
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: fix broken pipe detection
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: fix detection of empty directories in is_dir_empty
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: patch Windows environment on startup
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: keep the environment sorted
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: use low-level memory allocation during initializ...
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: reduce environment array reallocations
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: don't copy the environment twice when spawning...
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: factor out environment block creation
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: unify environment function names
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: move environment functions
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: simplify internal mingw_spawn* APIs
2012-10-22 Johannes SchindelinLet mingw_execve() return an int
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: unify environment case-sensitivity
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: fix environment memory leaks
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesMinGW: disable legacy encoding tests
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: Unicode environment (incoming)
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: Unicode environment (outgoing)
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: sync Unicode console output and file system
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: Unicode arguments (incoming)
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: Unicode arguments (outgoing)
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesUnicode file name support (gitk and git-gui)
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: Unicode file name support (dirent)
2012-10-22 Adam RobenFix launching of externals from Unicode paths
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: Unicode file name support (except dirent)
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: add Unicode conversion functions
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: Thread-safe windows console output
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesMSVC: fix winansi.c compile errors
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesRevert "mingw.c: move definition of mingw_getenv down"
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesRevert "Windows: teach getenv to do a case-sensitive...
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesUnicode console: fix font warning on Vista and Win7
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesMinGW: disable CRT command line globbing
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: move main macro to a function
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32: fix potential multi-threading issue
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32 dirent: improve dirent implementation
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32 dirent: clarify #include directives
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32 dirent: change FILENAME_MAX to MAX_PATH
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32 dirent: remove unused dirent.d_reclen member
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWin32 dirent: remove unused dirent.d_ino member
2012-10-22 Johannes SchindelinGive commit message reencoding for output on MinGW...
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesWarn if the Windows console font doesn't support Unicode
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesDetect console streams more reliably on Windows
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesSupport Unicode console output on Windows
2012-10-22 Karsten BleesEnable color output in Windows cmd.exe
2012-10-22 Johannes SchindelinIntroduce and use test_cmp_text
2012-10-22 Johannes SchindelinWindows: make sure that merge-octopus only outputs...
2012-10-22 Michael J Grubert5800: clarify skip message
2012-10-22 Sverre Rabbeliert9350: point out that refs are not updated correctly
2012-10-22 Johannes Schindelint030[02]: work around CR/LF issue
2012-10-22 Pat Thoytst5407: Fix line-ending dependency in post-rewrite.args
2012-10-22 Pat Thoytst3102: Windows filesystems may not use a literal asteri...
2012-10-22 Johannes SchindelinMinGW: Skip test redirecting to fd 4
2012-10-22 Johannes SchindelinHandle new t1501 test case properly with MinGW
2012-10-22 Heiko Voigtwork around misdetection of stdin attached to a tty
2012-10-22 Johannes SchindelinWork around funny CR issue
2012-10-22 Johannes SchindelinTeach 'git remote' that the config var branch.*.rebase...
2012-10-22 Johannes SchindelinHandle the branch.<name>.rebase value 'interactive'