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The purpose of Git Cheetah is to provide something like TortoiseCVS, only better. It's aim is to be small, with a platform-independent core.

Currently supported platforms:

4 days ago dschoMerge pull request #16 from johnstevenson/winexec2master
2014-03-29 johnstevensonStyle-cleanup
2014-03-29 johnstevensonFrees the orig variable in the path_split function
2014-03-28 johnstevensonProvide a Windows-specific implementation of exec_progr...
2014-03-26 dschoMerge pull request #15 from msysgit/far-manager
2014-03-24 Johannes SchindelinDetach Git Bash
2014-03-14 dschoMerge pull request #14 from kblees/kb/redirect-output...
2014-03-05 Karsten Bleesexec.c: redirect unwanted command output to /dev/null
2014-03-05 Karsten BleesRevert "always read stdout and stderr from forked commands"
2014-01-03 dschoMerge pull request #11 from msysgit/hv/read_output_from...
2013-11-11 dschoMerge pull request #8 from johnstevenson/vs-pain
2013-11-11 johnstevensonReduce pain points with Visual Studio
2013-11-11 dschoMerge pull request #7 from johnstevenson/registry-path-fix
2013-11-09 johnstevensonFix find_msysgit_in_path() when PATH is in cmd folder...
2013-11-02 johnstevensonPrevent duplicate menus being created by explorer
2013-06-18 dschoMerge pull request #4 from kblees/kb/really-dont-cache...
4 years ago v0.1.0-rc1 git-cheetah 0.1.0 release candidate 1
4 days ago master
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2 years ago kirill
3 years ago pkahle
4 years ago macosx-nautilus
4 years ago macosx
4 years ago nautilus
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git-cheetah/kusma.git kusma's git-cheetah playground 2 years ago
git-cheetah/kirill.git Kirill's Cheetah tree 2 years ago
git-cheetah/bosko.git Bosko's fork of git-cheetah bosko.ivanisevic... 5 years ago