This project is a fork of the girocco.git project. If you have that one already cloned locally, you can use
git clone --reference /path/to/your/girocco.git/incarnation mirror_URL
to save bandwidth during cloning.
last changeSun, 9 Jan 2011 17:53:40 +0000 (9 18:53 +0100)
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2011-01-09 Jan KrügerGirocco::Util: make more characters valid in homepage... master
2011-01-09 Daniel Knittl... Girocco::Project: copy refs directory, instead of creat...
2011-01-09 Jan KrügerGirocco::Util: accept HTTPS URLs and typical query...
2010-11-21 Jan Krügerjobd: take a short break after each queue run
2010-11-21 Jan Krügerjobd: be more verbose about the passage of time
2010-11-19 Jan Krügerjobd: outsource limit for resource-hungry jobs to switch
2010-11-15 Jan KrügerGirocco::Project: more robust method to detect errors...
2010-11-15 Jan KrügerGirocco::Project: fix bogus regexp in get_heads
2010-11-15 Jan Krügereditproj.cgi: allow changing the default branch (HEAD)
2010-11-15 Jan KrügerGirocco::Project: add infrastructure for getting/settin...
2010-11-15 Jan KrügerGirocco::Project: when editing user list, filter non...
2010-11-15 Jan KrügerGirocco::Project: reuse HEAD from forkee
2010-11-15 Jan KrügerGirocco::Project: fix copying refs from source repository
2010-11-15 Jan KrügerMerge branch 'wip/new-jobd'
2010-11-06 Jan Krügerregproj.cgi: be more lax in the CAPTCHA check
2010-11-06 Jan Krügerjobd: defer gc for newly created mirror repositories
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