2010-11-21 Jan Krügerjobd: take a short break after each queue runmaster
2010-11-21 Jan Krügerjobd: be more verbose about the passage of time
2010-11-19 Jan Krügerjobd: outsource limit for resource-hungry jobs to switch
2010-11-15 Jan KrügerGirocco::Project: more robust method to detect errors...
2010-11-15 Jan KrügerGirocco::Project: fix bogus regexp in get_heads
2010-11-15 Jan Krügereditproj.cgi: allow changing the default branch (HEAD)
2010-11-15 Jan KrügerGirocco::Project: add infrastructure for getting/settin...
2010-11-15 Jan KrügerGirocco::Project: when editing user list, filter non...
2010-11-15 Jan KrügerGirocco::Project: reuse HEAD from forkee
2010-11-15 Jan KrügerGirocco::Project: fix copying refs from source repository
2010-11-15 Jan KrügerMerge branch 'wip/new-jobd'
2010-11-06 Jan Krügerregproj.cgi: be more lax in the CAPTCHA check
2010-11-06 Jan Krügerjobd: defer gc for newly created mirror repositories
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: don't update new projects that are not fully...
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: check update/gc timestamps before ever running...
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd/ outdated; make it run
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: give each job its own process group
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: increase number of intensive jobs run simultaneously
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: spawn new jobs more quickly after reaping old...
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: when running job callbacks, properly pass the...
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: remember to mark finished jobs as finished
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: yet another typo fix
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: shotgun fixes for new job handling
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: fix a few typos that prevent it from running
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: increase default parallelization limit to 20
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: check for finished jobs in main loop
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: distinguish load-intensive jobs
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: keep processing queue properly near the end
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: simplify progress code
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: properly skip unnecessary jobs
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: properly handle SIGINT and SIGTERM
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: Queue GC operations even for projects that should...
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: when handling finished processes, ignore unstarte...
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: make progress output time-dependent
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: new progress output: fix typo
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: in progress output, show list of running jobs
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: fix Perl gotchas in SIGCHLD handler
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: handle finished child processes
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: keep looping the queue even if running queue...
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: properly display queue sizes
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: fix flipped boolean logic in nofetch check
2010-11-05 Jan Krü keep using old version for now
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: make --help give more details
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: add --progress to display updates even if --quiet...
2010-11-05 Jan Krügerjobd: increase timeout to 15 minutes
2010-11-05 Jan KrügerIntroduce new jobd written in Perl
2010-11-04 Jan KrügerGirocco/ add static method to get list of...
2010-10-17 Daniel Knittl... copy refs when creating a new fork
2010-10-02 Kirill SmelkovRevert "Finalized fix, we can't git fetch any longer."
2010-10-02 Kirill Smelkovtaskd/clone: ask git-svn to store branches under svn...
2010-10-02 Kirill Smelkovtaskd/clone: Store git-svn refs under svn-origin remote
2010-09-18 Richard HartmannAdded dead man's switch to
2010-09-12 Andrew SteinbornFixed a typo in taskd/
2010-09-12 Andrew SteinbornReadded the trick.
2010-09-12 Andrew SteinbornMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-09-12 Andrew SteinbornFixed git svn init with -s
2010-09-12 Peter ZotovUpdate TODO.
2010-09-12 Andrew SteinbornMade it impossible for the mob user to delete the mob...
2010-09-12 Andrew SteinbornFinalized fix, we can't git fetch any longer.
2010-09-12 Andrew SteinbornNow fixed.
2010-09-12 Andrew SteinbornFound the problem, now fully fixed (removed a trick).
2010-09-12 Andrew SteinbornAttempt to fix mirroring (3).
2010-09-12 Andrew SteinbornAttempt to fix mirroring (2).
2010-09-12 Andrew SteinbornAttempt to fix mirroring.
2010-09-12 Andrew SteinbornFinal svn+https:// fix -- defined in
2010-09-12 Andrew SteinbornSimplifed the code to do svn+https:// in taskd
2010-09-12 Andrew SteinbornTought girocco how to handle svn+https
2010-09-03 Robert RansomAdd support for mirroring svn+https: URLs.
2010-06-10 Petr BaudisMake sure our cronjobs never run twice in parallel
2010-05-06 Petr chown etc/sshkeys to CGI user
2010-05-06 Petr Support for installing on 32-bit system
2010-05-06 Kirill Smelkovtaskd/clone: quote shell metacharacters where appropriate
2010-05-06 Kirill Smelkovtaskd/clone: Don't forget to use 'git config --add...
2010-05-05 Kirill SmelkovTeach Girocco to mirror http:// style SVN repos
2010-02-11 Petr Baudisjobd: Fix other check_all_projects invocations
2010-02-11 Miklos VajnaGirocco::Util::valid_repo_url() allow ':' after protocol://
2010-02-11 Petr Baudistaskd/ Syntax error fix
2010-02-10 Miklos VajnaAdd support for mirroring bzr repos
2010-02-10 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2010-02-10 Petr Baudisjobd: Start first update round at a random point instea...
2010-02-07 Brian Hetroregproj: Escape $ in command line example.
2010-02-07 Arnout EngelenAdd instructions on how to import your project
2010-01-27 Brian HetroGirocco::Util:valid_web_url(): Allow ":"
2010-01-27 Brian Hetrogitweb_config.perl: Add charset info of utf-8 if blob_p...
2010-01-24 Miklos Vajnajobd/ darcs-specific typo fixes
2010-01-24 Miklos VajnaINSTALL: document two external dependencies used by...
2010-01-24 Miklos Vajnataskd/ fix typo in darcs error checking
2010-01-22 Petr Baudisgit.git: Revert spurious revision change
2010-01-22 Miklos VajnaUpdate bzr-fastimport.git
2010-01-22 Miklos Vajnataskd/ check for darcs-fast-export exit code
2010-01-22 Miklos Vajnataskd/ avoid unnecessary escape in darcs:...
2010-01-22 Petr Baudisvalid_repo_url(): Allow darcs urls
2010-01-22 Petr Baudisdarcs-fast-export: Put in basedir/bin/ during installat...
2010-01-21 Petr Baudisgit_darcs_fetch(): Move from shlib to jobd/
2010-01-21 Miklos fix for bash-4.0
2010-01-21 Miklos VajnaAdd support for mirroring darcs repos
2010-01-21 Miklos VajnaAdd bzr-fastimport.git as a submodule
2009-11-26 Petr Baudisjobd/ Don't prepend remote.origin.url with...
2009-11-19 Petr Baudistaskd/ Don't fail on already-existing origin...
2009-11-18 Petr Baudishooks/post-update: Introduce, use - fixes HTTP transpor...