2009-10-29 Petr Baudishtaccess: Add what we currently use, spider-protectionoldrepo
2009-10-29 Petr Don't tac
2009-10-29 Petr Baudisgitweb_config.perl: Increase cache lifetime from 10...
2009-10-29 Petr BaudisCGI: ssh key wrap=off
2009-05-24 Petr Baudisregproj: warn against push --mirror on forks
2009-05-24 Petr Baudisregproj: Change anti-captcha to nearest planet test
2009-05-24 Petr Baudisgitweb_config: snapshot feature spec
2009-05-24 Petr Baudischange repack incatation
2009-05-24 Petr Baudisturn off glibc mirror, proj4 mirror inst.
2009-05-24 Petr Baudisedituser.cgi: Fix user existence test
2008-10-14 Petr BaudisRevert "indextext.html: Link to the Git User's Survey...
2008-09-02 Petr Baudiscgi/Git/RepoCGI: Fix grammar error in ssh key format...
2008-08-31 Petr Baudisindextext.html: Link to the Git User's Survey 2008
2008-08-31 Petr Create the ctags/ subdirectory properly
2008-07-12 Petr Baudisindextext.html: Link to [GitHosting] (induced by Savann...
2008-07-12 Petr Baudisindextext.html: Improve the clone instructions
2008-07-12 Petr Baudisabout.html: Novell still _is_ sponsoring the development
2008-07-12 Petr Baudiscgi/tagproj.cgi: Permit # in tags ('C#')
2008-07-10 Petr Baudisabout.html: Weed out competition ;-)
2008-07-10 Petr Baudisabout.html: Link to git/repo.git too
2008-07-10 Petr Baudisabout.html: Update hw info (we got new hardware some...
2008-07-10 Petr Baudiscgi/tagproj.cgi: Treat spaces as tag separators
2008-07-10 Petr Baudisgitweb: Lower projlist cache lifetime from 30 to 10
2008-07-10 Petr BaudisAdd support for content tagging
2008-07-09 Petr Baudisinactive: Remove projects from /etc/group, ignore fork...
2008-06-18 Petr Send only single failure/recovery mails
2008-06-03 Petr Baudiskeys_fill: Add a SSH key sanity check
2008-06-03 Petr Baudisedituser.cgi: SSH authcore expires in 24 hours, not...
2008-06-03 Jan KruegerAdd SSH key changing interface.
2008-06-03 Petr Fix alternates setup
2008-06-03 Petr Baudisabout.html: Typo fix
2008-06-03 Petr Baudisabout.html: Better UPC sponsorship link
2008-04-22 Petr BaudisFix missing /objects for alternates files
2008-04-22 Petr BaudisCommented-out debug prints
2008-03-14 Petr Baudis$projlist_cache_lifetime = 30
2008-03-14 Petr Baudisinactive: Cleanup
2008-02-18 Petr Baudisdelproj: Fix password check
2008-01-27 Petr BaudisDo not /objects in alternates
2007-11-07 Petr BaudisElaborate chroot content
2007-10-18 Petr BaudisRemove the survey link
2007-10-16 Johannes Schindelinupdatecheck: fix pruning objects needed by forked projects
2007-09-03 Petr BaudisCGI: Anti-captcha hidden fields
2007-08-29 Petr BaudisGit::RepoCGI: Make errors really red
2007-08-29 Petr Baudiscgi/regproj.cgi: Fix missing name in editproj link
2007-08-26 Petr Baudispwproj: Fix pipeline direction
2007-08-26 Petr Baudispwproj: .pgi -> .cgi
2007-08-26 Petr BaudisAdd pwproj.cgi for resetting forgotten password
2007-08-26 Petr Baudisinactive: Slightly improve the message
2007-08-26 Petr Improved the mail message
2007-08-26 Petr BaudisFix URLs of editproj.cgi.
2007-08-26 Petr BaudisMerge with git+ssh://
2007-08-26 Petr BaudisSyntax error fix
2007-08-26 Petr BaudisREADME: Some status updates
2007-08-26 Petr BaudisDouble password entering in editproj as well
2007-08-26 Petr BaudisFix setting cpwd property
2007-08-26 Petr BaudisFix README field pre-filled only by the first line
2007-08-26 Petr BaudisFix name passing
2007-08-26 Petr BaudisGit::RepoCGI: Fix a warning
2007-08-26 Petr Baudisregproj: Fix password comparison
2007-08-26 Petr Baudisgitweb_config: Include $gitwebjs
2007-08-26 Petr BaudisGet rid of httpauth
2007-08-25 Petr BaudisCreate http-alternates for grandparent forkees as well
2007-08-25 Petr Baudishttp-alternates, not http_alternates
2007-08-25 Petr BaudisCreate separate http_alternates
2007-08-25 Petr BaudisClean up user-visible texts
2007-08-25 Petr Remove useless sed
2007-08-21 Petr BaudisUse git instead of cg in command examples
2007-08-21 Petr BaudisAdd link to the Git User Survey
2007-08-07 Petr BaudisMake alternates paths absolute instead of relative
2007-06-18 Petr add -f to rm -r cloning stage, can be empty
2007-06-14 Petr Baudisdelproj.cgi: Fix forks check
2007-06-14 Petr BaudisCGI: Make project names gitweb links
2007-05-24 Petr BaudisSet up custom PATH to use reasonably fresh git version
2007-05-19 Petr BaudisSet receive.denyNonFastforwards to false when creating...
2007-05-18 Petr BaudisAdd $blamejs for the incremental blame view
2007-05-07 Petr BaudisMerge with git+ssh://
2007-05-07 Petr BaudisFix date usage
2007-04-27 Petr BaudisFix few obscure fork-related bugs
2007-04-27 Petr BaudisDo not permit 'empty forks'
2007-04-27 Petr BaudisGive git-repack the -q option
2007-04-27 Petr BaudisSet up refs/forkee in new forks
2007-04-27 Petr BaudisSet up proper path even in updatecheck
2007-04-27 Petr BaudisTypo fix
2007-04-27 Petr BaudisRepack only local objects
2007-04-27 Petr BaudisMerge with git+ssh://
2007-04-27 Petr BaudisDo not run repack on mirrored repositories
2007-04-27 Petr BaudisSet location to our git binary
2007-04-27 Petr BaudisUse git-mirror instead of git-fetch --mirror-all
2007-04-12 Petr BaudisMerge with /srv/git/repo.git
2007-04-12 Petr BaudisRemind users to assign themselves to new projects
2007-03-30 Petr BaudisShell gadgetry for finding out empty repositories
2007-01-29 Petr BaudisMake sure fixup always completes
2007-01-19 Petr BaudisMake sure everything is world-readable.
2006-12-07 Petr BaudisWhen fixing up, give +r permissions as well
2006-12-04 Petr BaudisTODO: login button, upload ssh key inst. of textarea
2006-11-20 Petr BaudisExplain where mirror_URL comes from
2006-11-17 Petr BaudisFix links at
2006-11-17 Petr Baudisclone: Fix quoting on error cleanup path
2006-11-06 Petr BaudisMake forkee directories 0775
2006-11-06 Petr BaudisFix the alternates file permissions