11 days ago Kyle J. add note about MaxProcesses optionmaster
11 days ago Kyle J. fix plural, "1 job" not "1 jobs"
12 days ago Kyle J. McKaygirocco: support bundle listings
2015-08-19 Kyle J. support gc_in_progress flag
2015-08-18 Kyle J. maintain .gc_in_progress file flag
2015-08-18 Kyle J. McKaygirocco: support fetching bundles
2015-08-18 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: pick up bug fix
2015-08-18 Kyle J. clarify behavior of url_path optional 2nd...
2015-08-18 Kyle J. provide additional gc-related information
2015-08-18 Kyle J. optimize project config file loading
2015-08-17 Kyle J. support getting bundle information
2015-08-17 Kyle J. support making the section header a link
2015-08-17 Kyle J. McKaygirocco: reserve the name 'bundle'
2015-08-16 Kyle J. McKaygirocco: delay initial project gc until not empty
2015-08-16 Kyle J. only copy down .pack and .idx pack files
2015-08-15 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: pick up minor gitweb updates
2015-08-14 Kyle J. touch .last_refresh on refresh
2015-08-14 Kyle J. create bundles subdirectory at project...
2015-08-14 Kyle J. set latest symlink when bundling
2015-08-05 Kyle J. McKaytoolbox/clear-all-htmlcache: new htmlcache utility
2015-07-23 Kyle J. McKayGNUmakefile: add Girocco/ dependency for apach...
2015-07-23 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: pick up minor gitweb corrections
2015-05-11 Kyle J. McKayConfig: support README.html validation
2015-05-11 Kyle J. make sure README and description are UTF...
2015-05-11 Kyle J. add ok function
2015-05-11 Kyle J. add capture_command function
2015-05-11 Kyle J. clean up leading/trailing README.html white...
2015-05-02 Kyle J. run git svn gc on svn repositories
2015-05-02 Kyle J. McKaycheck-perl-modules: check for Compress::Zlib
2015-05-01 Kyle J. McKayproject-disk-use: skip percent utilization unless ...
2015-05-01 Kyle J. McKayproject-disk-use: follow du command line args if possible
2015-05-01 Kyle J. fix long-standing hard-coded group name ...
2015-05-01 Kyle J. change --max-parallel default and add docs
2015-05-01 Kyle J. McKayclone/update: match more svn URLs
2015-04-30 Kyle J. allow fetch.prune=false to suppress --prune
2015-04-30 Kyle J. McKayproject-disk-use: attribute hard links to non-_recyclebin
2015-04-30 Kyle J. determine du exclude option at install time
2015-04-29 Kyle J. McKayupdate-all-config/update-all-hooks: disable hook a...
2015-04-28 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: pick up more caching fixes
2015-04-28 Kyle J. check/set core.logallrefupdates...
2015-04-28 Kyle J. set core.logallrefupdates to false
2015-04-28 Kyle J. set GIT_TEMPLATE_DIR when running git init
2015-04-28 Kyle J. always create $chroot/var/empty
2015-04-28 Kyle J. clean out kruft from git init
2015-04-27 Kyle J. McKayProject/tagproj: maintain caching status files
2015-04-26 Kyle J. sanitize hooks directory on project creation
2015-04-26 Kyle J. McKayupdate-all-{config,hooks}: refuse to run as root
2015-04-26 Kyle J. add is_root function
2015-04-26 Kyle J. make sure a sane umask is in effect
2015-04-26 Kyle J. McKaydelproj.cgi: make sure any created directories have g+w
2015-04-26 Kyle J. create hooks directory group writable
2015-04-25 Kyle J. refuse if worktree is dirty
2015-04-25 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: pick up perl deprecation fix
2015-04-24 Kyle J. McKayFETCH_HEAD: abolish
2015-04-24 Kyle J. remove stale htmlcache .lock files
2015-04-24 Kyle J. McKaygc/update: replace 'find -print | while read' with...
2015-04-24 Kyle J. provide xargs wrapper to compensate for broke...
2015-04-24 Kyle J. bang_reset just in case
2015-04-24 Kyle J. only parse locale -a output at install time
2015-04-24 Kyle J. prefer mod_fcgid over mod_fastcgi
2015-04-24 Kyle J. use git remote update --prune
2015-04-24 Kyle J. McKaycheck-perl-modules: check for IO::Socket::UNIX
2015-04-24 Kyle J. McKayupdate-all-config: be less picky about g+w and g+s
2015-04-24 Kyle J. ensure more permissions are correct after...
2015-04-24 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: pick up broken <base> href fix
2015-04-24 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: pick up `last refresh` display fix
2015-04-24 Kyle J. do a pack-refs after initial clone
2015-04-24 Kyle J. McKaytagproj: leave tags group writable
2015-04-24 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: pick up more caching bug fixes
2015-04-24 Kyle J. McKaytagproj: also touch htmlcache/changed on tag update
2015-04-24 Kyle J. McKaysed/grep: stop using [:space:]
2015-04-24 Kyle J. McKayfetch/push: touch htmlcache/changed
2015-04-24 Kyle J. McKayhooks: eliminate post-update hook
2015-04-24 Kyle J. McKayupdate-all-config: add bad .nofetch/baseurl combo warnings
2015-04-23 Kyle J. McKayupdate-all-projects: utility to run update-all-config...
2015-04-23 Kyle J. McKayupdate-all-hooks: support --dry-run and out-of-date...
2015-04-23 Kyle J. McKayupdate-all-config: new utility to update projects'...
2015-04-23 Kyle J. add is_git_dir utility function
2015-04-23 Kyle J. McKayupdate-all-hooks: allow update to be limited to specifi...
2015-04-23 Kyle J. create and maintain additional project...
2015-04-23 Kyle J. create info directory if git init doesn't
2015-04-23 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: update to latest version with caching fixes
2015-04-22 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: auto-enable gitweb.cgi FCGI mode in apache...
2015-04-22 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: pick up search_help style update
2015-04-22 Kyle J. McKaycgiroot: move out from under webroot
2015-04-22 Kyle J. move gitweb and git-browser configs into...
2015-04-22 Kyle J. McKaygit.git: update to v2.3.3 gitweb plus girocco mods
2015-04-20 Kyle J. McKayhtml.cgi: improve content support
2015-04-20 Kyle J. make get_cmd be FCGI compatible
2015-04-20 Kyle J. McKaytagproj.cgi: behave more robustly with peculiar input
2015-04-20 Kyle J. add to_utf8 function
2015-04-20 Kyle J. McKayINSTALL: mention that GNU make is required as "make...
2015-04-19 Kyle J. McKaymakefile: introduce make compatibility wrapper
2015-04-19 Kyle J. McKaymake: use --silent instead of --quiet
2015-04-19 Kyle J. McKaymake: clean up some of the make command logic
2015-04-19 Kyle J. McKayMakefile -> GNUmakefile
2015-04-14 Kyle J. McKaycheck-perl-modules: check for imports
2015-04-11 Kyle J. McKayProject/User: speed up load time
2015-04-11 Kyle J. McKaycheck-perl-modules: clarify informational text
2015-04-11 Kyle J. clarify comments about its use