2014-10-02 Kyle J. McKayeditproj.cgi: actually initiate a restart when selectedmaster
2014-09-27 Kyle J. McKaymirroring: choose a better UTF-8 locale
2014-09-27 Kyle J. set LC_ALL=C before running sort
2014-09-19 Kyle J. enable repack.writebitmaps when creating...
2014-09-18 Kyle J. McKayjailsetup: add an entry for nobody to passwd
2014-09-17 Kyle J. McKayjailsetup: provide "git" hint to pull_in_bin
2014-09-17 Kyle J. McKaychrootsetup: add optional 3rd argument to pull_in_bin
2014-09-17 Kyle J. avoid assigning UUIDs to reserved users
2014-09-17 Kyle J. McKaymirrorproj.cgi: do not clone project again
2014-09-17 Kyle J. send a clone failed message when a clone...
2014-09-17 Kyle J. do not ignore error pulling in sshd
2014-09-17 Kyle J. McKayRevert " replace sshd even if it's busy"
2014-09-17 Kyle J. McKaychroot_setup: replace any busy binary without error
2014-09-16 Kyle J. properly set HEAD on initial clone
2014-09-16 Kyle J. improve handling of exporting of GIT_XXX...
2014-09-15 Kyle J. find Girocco directory without needin...
2014-09-15 Kyle J. more crud removal and dirty detection
2014-09-15 Kyle J. attempt to recover from a stale
2014-09-14 Kyle J. add new is_svn_mirror function
2014-09-14 Kyle J. be more robust generating new hg2git-marks...
2014-09-14 Kyle J. move octet20 pattern from into
2014-09-14 Kyle J. McKaymirroring: always set a UTF-8 locale for fast-import...
2014-09-14 Kyle J. McKayauthrequired.cgi: use an 'ERR ' packet for older Git...
2014-09-13 Kyle J. McKayxinetd/git: add read-only user comments to sample
2014-09-13 Kyle J. add -f to ln in repack_gfi_packs just to be...
2014-09-13 Kyle J. McKaygitweb_config: make sure the home_link is not empty
2014-09-13 Kyle J. McKayupdate/clone: be consistent with initial message
2014-09-12 Kyle J. McKaytoolbox: new script
2014-09-12 Kyle J. reserve project name 'b' for bundle.cgi
2014-09-11 Kyle J. McKayhg mirrors: add --hg-hash to create refs/notes/hg with...
2014-09-10 Kyle J. create bundle headers
2014-09-10 Kyle J. McKayupdating: bang again if baseurl is changed
2014-09-10 Kyle J. set mail address before bad URL check
2014-09-10 Kyle J. McKayprojlist.cgi: lowercase name before hashing
2014-09-09 Kyle J. remove stale leftover pack crud
2014-09-07 Kyle J. McKayscreen/girocco: set previous screen in sample screenrc
2014-09-07 Kyle J. McKayMakefile: improve non-GNU make warning behavior
2014-09-04 Kyle J. McKayscreen/girocco: add screen title hint to sample
2014-09-04 Kyle J. abort early if baseurl is bad
2014-09-03 Kyle J. McKaymake: add --no-print-directory when using --quiet
2014-09-03 Kyle J. McKayinstall: when running make as root try to avoid root...
2014-09-03 Kyle J. McKayMakefile: pass bindir= when making gitweb
2014-09-02 Kyle J. McKayAdd naming help
2014-09-02 Kyle J. McKayRemember time of last user push activity
2014-09-02 Kyle J. McKayRecord user and project creation and recycle times.
2014-09-02 Kyle J. correct ...
2014-09-02 Kyle J. reserve the user name 'everyone'
2014-09-02 Kyle J. McKay*.cgi: detect and abort invalid actions early on
2014-09-02 Kyle J. new is_password_locked function
2014-09-02 Kyle J. avoid undefined warnings on various valid_xxx...
2014-09-02 Kyle J. McKay*.cgi: improve "not found that's really wierd" error
2014-09-01 Kyle J. McKaygit/http transports: do more project name validation
2014-09-01 Kyle J. McKaygit-http-backend-verify: honor GIT_HTTP_BACKEND_SHOW_ERRORS
2014-09-01 Kyle J. honor .bypass, .bypass_fetch and .nogc
2014-08-30 Kyle J. McKayforks: restrict project forks to no more than 5 levels...
2014-08-30 Kyle J. McKaynames: tighten up the requirements for project and...
2014-08-29 Kyle J. McKaymirrors: restrict mirror source host names
2014-08-29 Kyle J. add some missing blank separator lines
2014-08-29 Kyle J. McKayregproj.cgi: adjust mirror/push default setting
2014-07-11 Kyle J. McKayapache.conf: make the trailing .git on bare gitweb...
2014-07-10 Kyle J. reserve the srv project name
2014-05-21 Kyle J. McKayreguser/edituser: add a link to the other page
2014-05-21 Kyle J. McKaypushing: improve error text on https push w/o user...
2014-05-19 Kyle J. McKaygit-http-backend-verify: switch from echo to printf
2014-04-29 Kyle J. McKaypushing: eliminate perl from the push path
2014-04-29 Kyle J. McKaypushing: add new get_user_uuid utility
2014-04-28 Kyle J. McKaypushing: add new can_user_push_http utility
2014-04-28 Kyle J. McKayUser/Project: implement some sane length limits for...
2014-04-27 Kyle J. write housekeeping info when taskd inactive
2014-04-25 Kyle J. add new much simpler bang_eval function
2014-04-25 Kyle J. McKayRevert " Add new bang_eval function"
2014-04-22 Kyle J. McKaygc: avoid unnecessary garbage collections
2014-04-22 Kyle J. McKaygit svn: use --prefix "" instead of --prefix=
2014-04-21 Kyle J. cfg variable handling improvements
2014-04-20 Kyle J. McKaymailer: include MIME type info in all outgoing messages
2014-04-20 Kyle J. McKayregproj: retain settings on error and automatically...
2014-04-19 Kyle J. improve password handling
2014-04-19 Kyle J. McKayMakefile: silence display of the submake commands
2014-04-19 Kyle J. McKayregproj.cgi: handle bad project names better
2014-04-19 Kyle J. reserve a few single character project...
2014-04-19 Kyle J. McKayconfig: maintain a gitweb.lastparentgc date
2014-04-19 Kyle J. McKayconfig: maintain a gitweb.lastreceive date
2014-04-18 Kyle J. pass more options to pack-objects in repack_gfi_...
2014-04-18 Kyle J. McKayapache.conf: replace with and make-apach...
2014-04-18 Kyle J. include note about initial size when appropriate
2014-04-17 Kyle J. McKaymirroring: reduce bloat caused by mirrors using git...
2014-04-17 Kyle J. allow gc longer before timing out
2014-04-17 Kyle J. McKaymirroring: add support for hg+https? mirror source...
2014-04-17 Kyle J. McKaymirroring: add individual foreign vcs mirror control
2014-04-16 Kyle J. McKaypwproj.cgi: instead of resetting the password send...
2014-04-16 Kyle J. McKaydelproj: update code to handle more than one auth type
2014-04-12 Kyle J. Add a note about how to restart a running...
2014-04-12 Kyle J. McKayconfig: make the /w/ prefix optional for gitweb URLs
2014-04-12 Kyle J. McKayconfig: make the leading $jailreporoot/ prefix optional...
2014-04-12 Kyle J. McKayconfig: make the leading /r/ prefix optional on https...
2014-04-12 Kyle J. eliminate unnecessary perl calls
2014-04-12 Kyle J. optimize darcs repositories
2014-03-08 Kyle J. McKaybzr-fastimport.git: pick up darcs-fast-export fixes
2014-03-07 Kyle J. add --force to git fast-import
2014-03-07 Kyle J. genericize darcs failure handling