apache.conf.in: add note about MaxProcesses option
[girocco.git] / TODO
2013-08-20 Kyle J. McKayRemove "personal mob branches" from TODO
2013-06-29 Kyle J. McKayRemove fixupd entirely
2013-06-21 Kyle J. McKayAllow users to edit their email address
2010-09-12 Andrew SteinbornMerge branch 'master' of ssh://repo.or.cz/srv/git/girocco
2010-09-12 Peter ZotovUpdate TODO.
2009-11-06 Petr BaudisSupport for commit notifications in mirrored repos
2009-11-06 Petr BaudisTODO: textarea paste
2009-11-05 Petr Baudisrepo.git -> girocco.git
2009-11-05 Petr BaudisTODO: Some zwelch's ideas - watches, ssh, server-side...
2009-11-05 Petr BaudisTODO: Support for commit notifications in mirrored...
2009-11-04 Petr BaudisGirocco::Notify: Introduce, add ref-change support...
2009-11-04 Petr BaudisTODO: GitHub -just
2009-11-01 Petr BaudisTODO: More TODO items
2008-07-23 Petr BaudisTODO: Update
2006-12-04 Petr BaudisTODO: login button, upload ssh key inst. of textarea
2006-10-26 Petr BaudisTODO: Forking was already implemented, but some stuff...
2006-10-17 Petr BaudisTODO: Watchdogs
2006-10-16 Petr BaudisPersonal mob branches, project forking, CVS mirroring
2006-10-10 Petr BaudisSupport for README storing
2006-10-10 Petr BaudisSupport for the mob user
2006-10-09 Petr BaudisMini TODO