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8 <p><strong></strong> is a public <a href="">Git</a> hosting site.
9 You can <a href="@@webadmurl@@/regproj.cgi">create a project</a> here and then publish your development by pushing
10 to it, or even enable push access for multiple developers.
11 Alternatively, you can just set up a mirror of any project published elsewhere
12 and we will provide pull and gitweb access for the project.</p>
14 <p>In the push mode, every developer that wants push access will need to
15 <a href="@@webadmurl@@/reguser.cgi">create an account</a> and use SSH for pushing changes;
16 using the project administration password, you will be able to add/remove
17 permission for developers to push. Also, optional <a href="@@htmlurl@@/mob.html">anonymous push access</a>
18 to a dedicated <tt>mob</tt> branch is supported.</p>
20 <p>In the mirror mode, we will check the remote repository at the URL you
21 give us every hour and if we spot any changes, we will grab them, mirror
22 them and show them in our gitweb interface; we will also send you notifications
23 by mail, JSON or the CIA service if you set it up. It's a matter of few clicks
24 to set up a mirror - don't be shy and feel free to create mirror for any
25 git project without a decent gitweb interface or with badly hosted
26 repository; you don't need to be the project maintainer to setup a mirror.</p>
28 <h2>Terms and Conditions</h2>
30 <p>There are only two conditions:</p>
32 <ul>
33 <li>Your project must be free software and distributing it must not violate laws
34 of Czech Republic. (The registration process is completely automatic but we will
35 remove your project if we find out during manual inspection or on request by
36 someone relevant.)</li>
37 <li>The repository size should not exceed 400M after repacking (let us know
38 if you need an exception). If you need more, you are running quite a big
39 project and should be able to arrange own hosting; but we can and likely will
40 grant exceptions. Note that e.g. CVS-imported glibc repository with ~15 years
41 worth of history is just 100M.</li>
42 </ul>
44 <p>This site provides NO WARRANTY of any legal kind about whatever you store
45 here. Someone can crack your account or the site, alter the data, make mayhem
46 and whatever else; we cannot be held responsible for any damages that may be
47 caused to you in any way in connection with this site.</p>
50 <h2>Backup policy</h2>
52 <p>Your repository is NOT backed up! Why? Because you have backups yourself,
53 and all your users do, too! The distributed nature of Git means that all the
54 developers and all the users who ever cloned the repository have the full
55 history of it, and shall any disaster happen to, all can be
56 easily restored by a single simple push. That said, we may set up backups
57 in the future if the service becomes popular enough.</p>
60 <h2>Operation</h2>
62 <p> runs on a four-way Xeon 2GHz with 4G RAM and 256G disk array
63 that also serves as a PoP for the <a href="">XS26</a>
64 IPv6 tunnel broker.
65 The server and connectivity is generously sponsored by
66 <a href="">UPC Czech Republic</a>.</p>
68 <p><a href="">Petr Baudis</a> runs the site.
69 Virtually all the infrastructure is available
70 in git repositories <a href="@@giroccourl@@">girocco.git</a>
71 and <a href="@@gitweburl@@/git/gitweb.git">git/gitweb.git</a>
72 and is licenced under GPLv2.
73 development is sponsored by SUSE / Novell Inc.
74 and Novartis Pharma, AG.</p>
77 <h2>About Girocco</h2>
79 <p>The site runs on <a href="">Girocco</a>: a free
80 and reasonably easy-to-install Git hosting suite supporting multiple
81 operation modes; it has only essential features and is very UNIXy,
82 thus is fairly simple to understand.
83 <a href="">(read more)</a></p>