descriptionA simple 2D graphics library with emphasis on correctness and well-defined operation.
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GFXprim is Open-source modular 2D bitmap graphics library with emphasis on
speed and correctness.

See for details.
11 days ago Cyril Hrubisfilters/gp_filter_resize_alloc: Check w and hmaster
11 days ago Cyril Hrubisdemos/loaders_register: Small fixup
11 days ago Cyril Hrubisgfx: New gp_fill_triangle() implementation + tests
11 days ago Cyril Hrubiscore/GP_Common: Add MIN3()
11 days ago Cyril Hrubisgfx: Fix line drawing + symmetry tests
11 days ago Cyril HrubisRename API to snake_case.
2017-12-12 Cyril Hrubistests: afl: Fix
2017-12-12 Cyril Hrubisloaders: JPG: Fix bussy loop on corrupted file.
2017-12-02 Cyril Hrubisgfx: Implement GP_FillCircleSeg()
2017-11-13 Cyril Hrubistest: Add GP_TextLenWidth()
2017-11-13 Cyril Hrubisspiv: Fix image list counter
2017-11-13 Cyril Hrubisloaders: PNG: Wire up gamma tables.
2017-11-13 Cyril Hrubiscore: GP_Pixmap: Add GP_PixmapSetGamma() function
2017-10-23 Cyril Hrubiscore: Rename GP_Context.c -> GP_Pixmap.c
2017-10-23 Cyril Hrubisgfx: Remove PartialElipse
2017-10-23 Cyril Hrubisdemos: py_simple: Remove *
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4 years ago 1.0.0-rc0 GFXprim 1.0.0-rc0
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