Scribus: Optionally depend on qt-webkit
[gentoo-overlay-ibormuth.git] / app-office / scribus / scribus-9999.ebuild
2009-08-12 Ingo BormuthScribus: Optionally depend on qt-webkit
2009-08-12 Ingo BormuthScribus: Depend on qt-gui instead of qt
2009-06-06 Ingo BormuthFix scribus-1.3.5_rc2.ebuild
2009-06-04 Ingo BormuthAdd scribus-1.5.3_rc2
2009-02-25 Ingo BormuthScribus: Add optional dependencies for latex and gnuplot.
2009-02-15 Ingo BormuthScribus-SVN: Add spell use-flag (which pulls aspell).
2008-11-16 Ingo BormuthFix scribus-9999
2008-11-15 Ingo Bormuthscribus-9999 update dependencies
2008-09-04 Ingo BormuthAdd live ebuild for scribus-svn.