qtads: Add 2.1.4, install icons and MIME types in live ebuild
[gentoo-interactive-fiction.git] / games-engines / qtads / qtads-9999.ebuild
2012-08-06 Nikos Chantziarasqtads: Add 2.1.4, install icons and MIME types in live...
2011-12-13 Nikos Chantziarasqtads: switch to git-2 eclass
2010-10-09 Nikos Chantziarasqtads-9999: DOCS and man page changes
2010-10-04 Nikos Chantziarasqtads-9999: Remove CREDITS from DOCS
2010-10-04 Nikos Chantziarasqtads-9999: Add sdl-sound dep, remove smpeg dep, update...
2010-09-28 Nikos Chantziarasqtads: sync 2.0.0 and 9999
2010-09-25 Nikos Chantziarasqtads: remove doc files no longer shipped upstream
2010-04-27 Nikos Chantziarasqtads-9999: Add midi USE dep to sdl-mixer, remove flag...
2010-04-18 Nikos ChantziarasAdd QTads live ebuild