descriptionEmacs and Scheme talk to each other
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Geiser is a generic Emacs/Scheme interaction mode, featuring an enhanced REPL and a set of minor modes improving Emacs' basic scheme major mode. The main functionalities provided are: Currently supported implementations are Guile and PLT.
37 hours ago Jose Antonio... Kill those TABsmaster
37 hours ago Jose Antonio... Merge remote-tracking branch 'dleslie/proper-windows...
37 hours ago Jose Antonio... Merge remote-tracking branch 'dleslie/faster-output...
3 days ago Dan LeslieThe issue arose with numerics, as well.
3 days ago Dan LeslieFixes an issue where symbol->string was failing
4 days ago Dan LeslieUse pretty-print instead of write with Chicken
4 days ago Dan LeslieAdds necessary parameter to csi for Windows.
4 days ago Dan LeslieNow suppress loading messages
2015-08-14 Jose Antonio... Don't try to turn on geiser-mode in non-scheme buffers
2015-08-14 Dan LeslieModifies geiser--cut-version regex
2015-08-14 Dan LeslieCloses jaor/geiser#65
2015-07-01 Mario Domenech... geiser-chicken.el: add indentation rule for `with-outpu...
2015-05-18 Dan LeslieVarious improvements
2015-05-07 Dan LeslieCompile instead of Load, should speed up.
2015-03-12 Jose Antonio... Fix for RET with point at the beginning of line after M-p
2015-03-03 Jose Antonio... Using font-lock-variable-name-face in lieu of bold...
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