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Geiser is a generic Emacs/Scheme interaction mode, featuring an enhanced REPL and a set of minor modes improving Emacs' basic scheme major mode. The main functionalities provided are: Currently supported implementations are Guile and PLT.
2014-10-06 Henry Tillremove geiser-mode--maybe-activate from scheme-mode... master
2014-09-23 Jose Antonio... A NEWS update
2014-09-23 Jose Antonio... A better name for geiser-doc-symbol--fill-current-symbol
2014-09-23 Profpatschcompany: implement --doc-buffer
2014-08-30 Jose Antonio... I meant Marmalade, of course. MELPA stable seems better.
2014-08-09 Jose Antonio... MELPA is hopeless (at least for the time being)
2014-08-09 Jose Antonio... NEWS for 0.6
2014-06-05 Jose Antonio... Possible fix for scanning problem
2014-06-03 Jose Antonio... Guile: font lock for all components of module names
2014-05-31 Jose Antonio... A bit of NEWS
2014-05-31 Jose Antonio... Almost redundant REPL command to interrupt evaluation
2014-05-31 Jose Antonio... Finer control of debugging window popups
2014-05-31 Jose Antonio... Fix for apparently stolen link to texinfo
2014-05-31 Jose Antonio... Making makeinfo html-happy
2014-03-26 Diogo F. S... Indent Guile's `with-mutex'
2014-03-07 Jose Antonio... Fontify when too (thanks to Diogo)
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