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descriptionWork being undertaken on PCB by Peter Clifton
last changeSun, 4 Dec 2016 19:20:05 +0000 (4 19:20 +0000)
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Pcb is a CAD (computer aided design) program for the physical
design of printed circuit boards.

For installing the release refer to the file 'INSTALL'.
For additional information read the manual (doc/pcb.pdf) 

If you are updating to a new snapshot, you may wish to read
the ChangeLog file.  People using git are expected to look
at the git commit messages, instead.

There is also a bug tracking system available which can
be found from  


PCB is covered by the GNU General Public License.  See the individual
files for the exact copyright notices.

  Contact addresses for paper mail and Email:
  harry eaton
  6697 Buttonhole Court
  Columbia, MD 21044
2016-12-04 Peter Cliftonhid/gtk (GL): I think the polygon renderer works in... pcb+glpcb+gl/hid-gtk-gl-i-think-the-polygon
2016-12-04 Peter CliftonPut back layer opacity to its old behaviourpcb+gl/put-back-layer-opacity-to-its-
2016-12-04 Peter CliftonPCB+GL: Fix GL headers for Win32pcb+gl/pcb-gl-fix-gl-headers-for-win3
2016-12-04 Peter Cliftonhid/common/hidgl: Debug out of context renderingpcb+gl/hid-common-hidgl-debug-out-of-
2016-12-04 Peter CliftonHack to avoid GL calls when we're out of contextpcb+gl/hack-to-avoid-gl-calls-when-we
2016-12-04 Peter CliftonAdd cache for board-outlinepcb+gl/add-cache-for-board-outline
2016-12-04 Peter CliftonBoard outline polygon generationpcb+gl/board-outline-polygon-generati
2016-12-04 Peter CliftonAdd routines to render just a single contourpcb+gl/add-routines-to-render-just-a-
2016-12-04 Peter CliftonBORAST: Fixup to only draw the passed POLYAREA, not... pcb+gl/borast-fixup-to-only-draw-the
2016-12-04 Peter Cliftonborast: Win32: Comment #define in borast-compiler-private.hpcb+gl/win32-fix-for-define-in-borast
2016-12-04 Peter CliftonFix borast not to build for non-GL enabled buildspcb+gl/fix-borast-not-to-build-for
2016-12-04 Peter CliftonBentley-Ottann test implementationpcb+gl/bentley-ottann-test
2016-12-04 Peter CliftonSilly space navigator interface to allow funky viewspcb+gl/silly-space-navigator-interfac
2016-12-04 Peter CliftonDraw pin / pad names first, so they don't get masked... pcb+gl/draw-pin-pad-names-first-so-th
2016-12-04 Peter Cliftongtk/gl: Play with layer translucencypcb+gl/gtk-gl-play-with-layer-translu
2016-12-04 Peter CliftonAdd support for drawing objects from the soldermask... pcb+gl/add-support-for-drawing
18 months ago v4.0.0 v4.0.0
20 months ago pcb-4.0.0-RELEASE pcb-4.0.0-RELEASE
20 months ago pcb-4.0.0-base pcb-4.0.0-base
7 years ago pcb-20110918-base pcb-20110918-base
7 years ago pcb-20110918-RELEASE pcb-20110918 release
7 years ago pcb-20100929-RELEASE pcb-20100929 release
8 years ago pcb-20091103-RELEASE Tag for 20091103 release.
9 years ago pcb-20081128-RELEASE
9 years ago pcb-20081128-base
10 years ago pcb-20080202-RELEASE
10 years ago pcb-20080202-base
11 years ago pcb-20070912-RELEASE
11 years ago pcb-20070912-base
11 years ago after-usermenu-20070420
11 years ago before-usermenu-20070420
11 years ago pcb-20070208-PATCH001
18 months ago element_import
18 months ago bbvias_fixes.stgit
18 months ago bbvias_fixes
18 months ago step_export.stgit
18 months ago local_customisation_pcb+gl.stgit
18 months ago polygon_arc_segments.stgit
18 months ago polygon_fixes.stgit
18 months ago arc_poly-primitive-support.stgit
19 months ago step_export
21 months ago local_customisation_pcb+gl
21 months ago 3d_foundation.stgit
21 months ago 3d_foundation
21 months ago arc_poly-primitive-support
21 months ago arc_poly.stgit
21 months ago arc_poly
21 months ago polygon_arc_segments
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