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Geany - A fast and lightweight IDE

Geany is a small and lightweight integrated development environment.
It was developed to provide a small and fast IDE, which has only a
few dependencies from other packages. Another goal was to be as independent
as possible from a special Desktop Environment like KDE or GNOME. So it
is using only the GTK+ toolkit and therefore you need only the
GTK+ runtime libraries to run Geany.

The basic features of Geany are:
- syntax highlighting
- code completion
- auto completion of often used constructs like if, for and while
- auto completion of XML and HTML tags
- call tips
- folding
- many supported filetypes like C, Java, PHP, HTML, Python, Perl, Pascal
- symbol lists
- embedded terminal emulation

For compiling Geany yourself, you will need the GTK2 (>= 2.24) or
GTK3 libraries and header files. You will also need its dependency libraries
and header files, such as Pango, Glib and ATK. All these files are
available at

Furthermore you need, of course, a C compiler and the Make tool; a C++
compiler is also needed for the required Scintilla library included. The
GNU versions of these tools are recommended.

Installing Geany is done by the following three commands:
$ ./configure
$ make
(as root)
% make install

For more configuration details run
$ ./configure --help

If there are any errors during compilation, check your build environment
and try to find the error, otherwise contact the mailing list or one of
the authors.

See the manual for details (geany.txt/geany.html).

To run Geany just type
$ geany
on a console or use the applications menu from your desktop environment.
There a few command line options. See the manual page of Geany or run
$ geany --help
for details. Or look into the documentation in the doc/ directory.
The most important option probably is -c or --config, where you can
specify an alternate configuration directory.

Geany runs also under Windows. To download the binary with all necessary
files, visit Geany's homepage. But you should know, that the Windows
version is not yet well tested and there are some features missing:
- build support (implemented but might be still buggy)
- embedded terminal emulation (VTE)
- Windows 9x users: in order to run Geany on Windows 95, 98 or ME you
  need to install the file SHFolder.dll either in the Geany installation
  directory or in your Windows directory. For more information please

Geany is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
License, or (at your option) any later version.  A copy of this license
can be found in the file COPYING included with the source code of this
The included Scintilla library (found in the subdirectory scintilla/)
has its own license, which can be found in the file scintilla/License.txt
included with the source code of this program.

Ideas, questions, patches and bug reports
If you add something, or fix a bug, please send a patch (in 'diff -u'
format) to the mailing list or one of the authors. Also see the HACKING

2005-2015 by Enrico Tröger, Nick Treleaven, Colomban Wendling, Matthew Brush and Frank Lanitz
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