2013-02-27 Liam M. HealyMark FSBV as obsoletemaster
2011-08-19 Liam M. HealyPush name onto *converter-types* in expanded form
2010-11-30 Liam M. HealySplit init.lisp into pkgdcl.lisp and init.lisp
2010-11-28 Liam HealyConversion between foreign and CL objects in its own...
2010-07-08 Liam M. HealyAccept an index to foreign-object-components and its...
2010-06-11 Liam M. HealyDon't make a defun if the function name is apparently...
2009-10-19 Liam HealyAdd "Installation note" about lost header files0.2
2009-08-23 Liam HealyHandle conditional cflags in the grovel file
2009-08-22 Liam HealyAdd include path for OSX
2009-08-19 Liam HealyRemove non-existent cbuiltin
2009-05-19 Liam HealyDirect get/set simple structure slots
2009-05-12 Liam HealyAdd support for OS X
2009-05-04 Liam HealyFunction defined-type-p
2009-05-03 Liam HealyBreak out defcfun-args-from-ff-args as a separate function0.1
2009-05-03 Liam HealyAdd :fsbv to *features*, rename/export error
2009-05-03 Liam HealyFix HTML fomatting
2009-05-03 Liam HealyDefine :void type
2009-05-03 Liam HealySave prepared function; defcfun
2009-05-02 Liam HealyReturned foreign structures converted to Lisp
2009-05-02 Liam HealyDefine built-in types with defcbuiltin
2009-04-30 Liam HealyEnumerations and synonyms
2009-04-28 Liam HealyMore specific errors
2009-04-25 Liam HealyUse structure slot name from defcstruct
2009-04-19 Liam HealyMacro with-foreign-objects, functions object and (setf...
2009-04-18 Liam HealyArgs :constructor, :deconstructor to defcstruct name...
2009-04-17 Liam HealyFix example in readme.html
2009-04-17 Liam HealyExpand foreign-object-components in defcstruct
2009-04-17 Liam HealyForeign struct accessor foreign-object-components
2009-04-13 Liam HealyUse macros in readme.html
2009-04-13 Liam HealyUse macros in examples
2009-04-13 Liam HealyAdded two more examples
2009-04-12 Liam HealyPermit :void return type by not making or referencing...
2009-04-11 Liam HealyComment out examples
2009-04-11 Liam HealyFix .asd
2009-04-11 Liam HealyAdd foreign-funcall and readme.html
2009-04-11 Liam HealyUsing libffi-function-wrapper in examples
2009-04-10 Liam HealyStarted libffi-function-wrapper
2009-04-10 Liam HealyAll libffi types are obtained by libffi-type-pointer
2009-04-10 Liam HealyFix missing null pointer
2009-04-09 Liam HealyNew macro defcstruct
2009-04-08 Liam HealyStart interface; don't use package cffi
2009-04-08 Liam HealyExamples now in separate file; comments added
2009-04-08 Liam HealySuccessful pass and return of struct to foreign function
2009-04-08 Liam HealySuccessful passing of struct to foreign function
2009-04-07 Liam HealyDefine prep-cif and call; tested prep-cif
2009-04-05 Liam HealyChange types
2009-02-23 Liam HealyDefine package, all grovel types; load libffi; define...
2009-02-22 Liam HealySet up CFFI-grovel definitions for libffi