descriptiona fork of OpenFOAM to use CMake as building system
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Freefoam is a fork of OpenFoam to configure and build using CMake. The software is installed following common installation paths. From a user point it behaves like any Unix(-like) program without using specific environmental variables and settings.
2012-07-16 Michael WildFIX: Remove undistributable CHEMKIN filesmaster
2012-07-16 Michael WildENH: Converted motorBike.stl to OBJ to save space
2012-07-16 Michael WildFIX: Search order for newer versions of AsciiDoc files
2012-07-16 Michael WildFIX: AsciiDoc 8.6.5 renamed some JavaScript and CSS...
2012-07-15 Michael WildSTYLE: Add missing EOL at EOF
2012-07-15 Michael WildFIX: Inconsistent space/tabs in
2012-07-13 Michael WildFIX: dirs.html no longer created by new Doxygen versions
2012-07-06 Michael WildFIX: Missing qualifications of template-dependent names
2012-07-06 Michael WildENH: Backport typo fixes and improvements in UserGuide
2012-07-06 Michael WildFIX: New a2x (since 8.6.7) options in
2012-07-03 Michael WildFIX: Correct output directory for freefoam-log
2012-03-13 Michael WildFIX: Python3-compat and slight optimization in freefoam-log
2012-03-13 Michael WildFIX: Handle truncated logs in freefoam-log
2012-03-13 Michael WildDOC: Spelling in
2012-03-13 Michael WildDOC: API incompatibility in Asymptote
2012-03-13 Michael WildFIX: fixupDoxygen broken; compat with old Doxygen
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