2015-05-23 Ben LynnMoved old website to README.master
2009-11-07 Ben LynnI haven't touched this in a while.
2008-09-19 Ben LynnMoved README to website.
2008-09-18 Ben LynnCosmetic changes.
2008-09-18 Ben LynnCompute HAKMEM constant.
2008-09-17 Ben LynnConverted tests to use tee.
2008-09-17 Ben LynnImplemented tee.
2008-09-17 Ben LynnReplaced Newton's method with binary search.
2008-09-17 Ben LynnNewton's method for quadratics involving continued...
2008-09-16 Ben LynnImproved Makefile, tests.
2008-09-16 Ben LynnQuadratic algorithm supports sign, as does decimal...
2008-09-16 Ben LynnAdded sign of a continued fraction.
2008-09-15 Ben LynnPlugged more memory leaks.
2008-09-15 Ben LynnPatched memory leak.
2008-09-15 Ben LynnFixed bug in bihom.c.
2008-09-15 Ben LynnImproved tests. Appears to be a bug in bihom.c.
2008-09-15 Ben LynnNew, simpler approach for sin 1 works.
2008-09-15 Ben LynnJust realized my approach is flawed.
2008-09-15 Ben LynnContinuing work on Taylor series for sin.
2008-09-15 Ben LynnStarted Taylor series for sin.
2008-09-14 Ben LynnSmall cleanup in famous_test.
2008-09-14 Ben LynnAdded cf_put_int().
2008-09-14 Ben LynnAdded README and licence.
2008-09-13 Ben LynnCompleted removal of pnew, qnew.
2008-09-13 Ben LynnStarting to remove pnew, qnew variables.
2008-09-13 Ben LynnBihomographic functions.
2008-09-13 Ben LynnReplaced import/export with simpler mechanism.
2008-09-13 Ben LynnAdd Makefile, another test file.
2008-09-13 Ben LynnConverted one condition variable to semaphore.
2008-09-13 Ben LynnClean up dirty channels.
2008-09-12 Ben LynnCleaned up lock mess monster.
2008-09-12 Ben LynnComputes decimal digits of pi.
2008-09-12 Ben LynnRemoved ack signal.
2008-09-12 Ben LynnMerged signal and get.
2008-09-12 Ben LynnComputes simple continued fraction for pi using new...
2008-09-12 Ben LynnCompute homomorphic functions of continued fractions.
2008-09-12 Ben LynnConvergent computation in new framework.
2008-09-12 Ben LynnChannels hold mpz_t instead of ints now.
2008-09-12 Ben LynnDemand channels.
2008-09-12 Ben LynnCompute continued fraction expansion of pi.