2013-09-21 Ben Properly distribute all .at files.master
2013-09-15 Ben PfaffINSTALL: Add installation instructions.
2013-09-15 Ben PfaffDebian packaging update.
2013-09-14 Ben PfaffRelease fmtools 2.0.6.
2013-09-14 Andrii BordunovVIDIOC_QUERYCTRL: don't treat EINVAL as a fatal error
2013-03-06 Sebastian MäkiAdd precision to printed frequency values and update...
2012-09-01 Ben PfaffWork with tuners that do not support V4L2_CID_AUDIO_VOLUME.
2012-09-01 Ben PfaffDebian packaging update.
2010-11-23 Ben PfaffDebian packaging update (use "linux-any" for architecture).
2010-05-01 Ben PfaffDebian packaging update.
2010-03-27 Ben PfaffUpdate Debian packaging.
2010-01-09 Ben PfaffRelease fmtools 2.0.1.
2010-01-09 Ben PfaffUpdate Debian packaging.
2010-01-09 Ben PfaffImprove Automake packaging.
2010-01-09 Ben PfaffFix typo in manpage syntax.
2010-01-09 Ben PfaffRename CHANGES to NEWS to better match Automake convent...
2010-01-09 Ben PfaffMake fm report when the radio is muted and tell the...
2010-01-09 Ben PfaffBetter support radios that do not have volume control.
2009-12-20 Ben Pfafffmscan: Correctly calculate percentages for display...
2009-12-20 Ben Pfafffmlib: Fix uninitialized data in tuner_open().
2009-12-13 Ben PfaffRewrite to use video4linux2 API.
2009-12-12 Ben Pfafffmtools version 1.0.2.
2009-12-12 Ben Pfafffmtools version 1.0.1.
2009-12-12 Ben Pfafffmtools version 1.0.
2009-12-12 Ben Pfafffmtools version 0.99.1
2009-12-12 Ben Pfafffmtools 0.99.0.
2009-12-12 Ben Pfafffmtools 0.2.5.
2009-12-12 Ben Pfafffmtools version 0.2.4.