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2008-03-21 jaycvsimportmaster
2008-03-10 jayApplied patch from Jim Meyering; rename dirfd to dir_fd...
2008-02-15 ericbcvsimport
2008-02-13 jayApplied tiny change from Ralf Wildenhues and updated...
2007-12-20 jaycvsimport
2007-12-20 jayBacked out the positional parameter change because...
2007-12-19 jaycvsimport
2007-12-19 jayEnhancements to format strings in hman-readable message...
2007-11-29 jaycvsimport
2007-11-29 jaySupport the generation of regexprops-generic.texi.
2007-11-25 jayFix setgid/setuid typo
2007-11-24 jaycvsimport
2007-11-22 jaycvsimport
2007-11-22 jaycvsimport
2007-11-13 jaycvsimport
2007-09-08 jaycvsimport
2007-09-08 jaycvsimport
2007-08-25 ericbcvsimport
2007-08-23 jaycvsimport
2007-08-23 ericbUpdate to recent gnulib addition of idcache.h.
2007-08-19 ericbFix Savannah bug #20751.
2007-08-01 ericbAllow choice of default arg size, Savannah bug #20594.
2007-07-29 jaycvsimport
2007-07-22 jaycvsimport
2007-07-22 James YoungmanManual conflict resolution following CVS merge
2007-07-22 jayFixed Savannah bug #20547, version information not...
2007-07-21 ericbcvsimport
2007-07-03 James YoungmanManual fix for conflict during cvsimport
2007-07-02 jaycvsimport
2007-07-02 jayMigrated from GPL version 2 to GPL version 3
2007-06-30 jaycvsimport
2007-06-30 jaycvsimport
2007-06-30 jaycvsimport
2007-06-28 ericbcvsimportorigin/HEADorigin/master
2007-06-27 jaycvsimport
2007-06-26 jaycvsimport
2007-06-26 ericbcvsimport
2007-06-26 jaycvsimport
2007-06-26 jayFix Savannah bug #20263 (compilation err on DEC OSF...
2007-06-25 jaycvsimport
2007-06-24 James Youngmanresolved merge conflict
2007-06-24 jayIgnore the usually-ignored files in git
2007-06-23 jaycvsimport
2007-06-22 jaycvsimport
2007-06-21 jayFixed various lint complaints pointed out by build...
2007-06-19 jayApplied patch for Savannah bug #20210 by Eric Blake
2007-06-11 James Youngmancvsimport
2007-05-27 jayAdded some extra information about more obscure file...
2007-05-08 jaycvsimport
2007-05-06 jayCorrectly detect and diagnose I/O errors in print-relat...
2007-05-01 jayBugfixes for Savannah bugs #19768 and #19766
2007-04-29 jaycvsimport
2007-04-29 jayUse const char* parameters for pathnames
2007-04-29 jaycvsimport
2007-04-29 jayMinor changes relating to conditional includes that...
2007-04-28 James YoungmanGit should ignore the same files that CVS does
2007-04-28 jayAvoid calling stat for pred_delete. Instead, try the...
2007-04-28 jaycvsimport
2007-04-28 jaySimplifythe calculation of the defautl value of xargs...
2007-04-25 James Youngmancvsimport
2007-04-25 jayCall gnulib's mbsstr() instead of a locally-defined...
2007-04-24 James Youngmancvsimport
2007-04-24 jayAdded SOC guidance comments
2007-04-24 James YoungmanMerge git+ssh://
2007-04-23 jayRemoved unused code.
2007-04-23 jayRemoved unused code.fu-orcz/masterfu-orcz/origin
2007-04-15 jayFixes to ensure that 'make distcheck' works
2007-04-14 jaySupport fts() in FTS_CWDFD mode. Also work around...
2007-02-28 jayNew method of checking out and configuring gnulib ...
2007-02-25 jayEliminated a few compiler warnings
2007-02-24 jayApplied trivial patch from supriya kannery <supriyak...
2007-01-22 jayFixed typo
2006-12-29 jaydefine find_blocksize() and provide a declaration for...
2006-11-20 jayWork around Savannah bug #17877, which manifests on...
2006-11-08 jayFixed Svannah bug #17782 ('./' prefix added at start...
2006-08-20 jayApplied patches from Paul Eggert
2006-08-10 jayUpdated callers of the gnnulib filemode module so that... compat_gnulib_2006-07-09
2006-08-05 jayFixed Savannah bug#16738, find does not subtract enviro...
2005-12-23 jayFixed many compilation warnings
2005-12-12 jayInitial code to allow control over how -ls quote (or...
2005-11-29 jayPrefer the word 'Invalid' or the phrase 'not allowed...
2005-11-24 jayMerge to trunk from 4.2.x fixes
2005-11-23 jayMerged changes from the 4.2.x branch
2005-11-23 jayreindent and untabify
2005-11-21 jayApplied all the trunk changes (up to this point) to...
2005-08-09 jayFixed compilation failure on Cygwin - Savannah Bug...
2005-07-29 jayDon't build regexprops if we are cross compiling
2005-07-26 jayFurther small corrections from Karl.
2005-07-26 jayPut the syntaxes in alphabetical order.
2005-07-26 jayKarl made some more readability suggestions.
2005-07-24 jayAllow the caller to detect if one regex type is identic...
2005-07-24 jayMade Texinfo style corrections suggested by Karl Berry.
2005-07-24 jayMade Texinfo style corrections suggested by Karl Berry.
2005-07-14 jayAdded --regextype and -regextype options to locate...
2005-07-03 jayNew files for selecting regex type based on a keyword
2005-07-03 jayFixed Savannah bug #13495: find now uses Emacs-style...
2005-07-02 jayAssume unistd.h is present - avoid using HAVE_UNISTD_H
2005-07-02 jayApplied patch from Jim Meyering; if we open an output...
2005-06-19 jayApplied patch from Dmitry V. Levin fixing two compilati...
2005-06-10 jaySwitch to a new scheme for saving directory entry data...