[findutils.git] / debian.rules
2007-11-25 jayFix setgid/setuid typo
1996-10-21 kevinupdated version number
1996-05-27 kevin stopped rm of*
1996-05-27 kevin * debian.rules: now creates *.architecture.deb
1996-04-27 kevinremove author keywords, use real name
1996-04-27 kevinput in date and author keywords
1996-04-27 kevin * debian.rules (debian): update debian revision to 10
1996-04-15 kevin * debian.rules: change to findutils-4.1-9
1996-04-14 kevin* debian.control, debian.rules:
1996-03-12 kevinbumped debian release to 7FINDUTILS-4_1-7
1996-02-25 kevinfinish variable changing of v, d, and p
1996-02-25 kevinchanged variables v and d to complete words version...
1996-02-04 kevinchange last update date and release
1996-02-04 kevinimported from findutils-4.1-5 Debian packageFINDUTILS-4_1-5
1996-02-04 kevinimported from findutils-4.1-4 Debian packageFINDUTILS-4_1-4