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09ef63fd jay2007-11-25 11:36:10 +00001This file describes how to build findutils starting from a set of code
2checked out of CVS, rather than from a released source distribution.
41. Prerequisites
f619bdc3 jay2007-11-29 11:07:18 +00005 * CVS (to check out findutils itself)
6 * git (to check out the gnulib code)
09ef63fd jay2007-11-25 11:36:10 +00007 * A C compiler, linker and software development libraries (the standard
8 C library)
9 * GNU Autoconf version 2.61 or later (earlier versions *may* work)
10 * GNU Automake version 1.9 or later (earlier versions *may* work)
11 * GNU m4 version 1.4 or later
12 * GNU gettext (unless you use configure --disable-nls)
142. Generate a gnulib installation within the fileutils source tree
16 Change your working directory to the findutils source directory (that
17 is, the directory containing this file). Then run the following
18 command:-
20 sh
22 This command will use CVS to check out the version of gnulib which is
23 intended to work with the findutils source you already have, as
24 configured by the file import-gnulib.config. The gnulib code itself
f619bdc3 jay2007-11-29 11:07:18 +000025 is left in the directory "gnulib-git". The "gnulib" directory
09ef63fd jay2007-11-25 11:36:10 +000026 contains just the gnulib files that findutils needs during the build
27 process.
29 If you want to build findutils with a different version of gnulib,
30 just edit import-gnulib.config to change the version and then re-run
31 When specifying the version, you can specify
32 either the date or a CVS tag. If making any kind of release, please
33 use a fully identifying version (rather than just, say, "HEAD").
35 The script will also run Autoconf and Automake to
36 generate the "configure" script and "" files. Should you
37 need to do this manually, you can do it like this :-
39 aclocal -I m4 -I gnulib/m4 && \
40 autoheader && \
41 autoconf && \
42 automake --add-missing --copy
124111d5 jay2008-02-15 08:58:33 +0000443. (Optional) Update the translations
46 rsync -Lrtvz po
09ef63fd jay2007-11-25 11:36:10 +000047
483. Run "configure" and "make" in the normal way.
50 If you have GNU libintl installed, you can just run "configure".
51 Otherwise, run "configure --disable-nls".