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09ef63fd jay2007-11-25 11:36:10 +00001GNU findutils NEWS - User visible changes. -*- outline -*- (allout)
8c77d0a2 jay2007-12-19 21:39:36 +00002
5d1dc92b jay2008-03-16 20:43:37 +00003* Major changes in release 4.5.0-CVS
5** Performance changes
7The default optimisation level for find is now -O2 instead of -O0,
8meaning that a number of additional optimisations are performed by
9default. Current optimisations at each level are:
110: Perform -name, -path, -iname, -ipath before other checks.
121: Expressions containing only cost-free tests are evaluated
13 before expressions which contain more costly tests.
142: Bring forward all tests that need to know the type of a file
15 but don't need to stat it.
163: All tests are ordered by their estimated cost.
18Cost here is simply an estimate of how time consuming the I/O
19operations needed to make a test are.
23621797 jay2008-02-15 08:55:02 +000021
55e8aaf8 ericb2008-03-10 12:06:11 +000022** Bug Fixes
24#15472: Error messages that print ino_t values are no longer truncated
25on platforms with 64-bit ino_t.
59bd26d8 jay2008-03-09 11:31:52 +000027** Documentation Fixes
29#20873: Indicate that * matches / and leading dot in filenames for
55e8aaf8 ericb2008-03-10 12:06:11 +000030"find -path".
59bd26d8 jay2008-03-09 11:31:52 +000031
f7784214 jay2008-02-14 10:55:10 +000032* Major changes in release 4.3.13, 2008-02-14
53c18eaa jay2007-12-20 10:03:36 +000033
db9d9f76 jay2008-01-07 01:23:48 +000034** Bug Fixes
f9404b1d jay2008-02-09 10:16:32 +000035
36#22057: Actually rename the old locate database to the new one
37atomically, instead of just claiming the rename is atomic in a
6cd2945e jay2008-02-12 12:00:32 +000040#22056: -Xtime tests are off by one second (e.g. rm -f x; touch x;
41find x -mtime 0 should print x).
db9d9f76 jay2008-01-07 01:23:48 +000043#21960: xargs should collect the exit status of child processes even if
44the total count of unreaped children has not yet reached the maximum
af9db072 jay2008-02-09 10:58:20 +000047** Documentation Fixes
49Documented various useful techniques with invoking "sh -c" from
50xargs in the Texinfo documentation.
5626a976 jay2008-02-12 12:35:13 +000052** Translations
54Updated the German, Irish, Dutch, Polish and Vietnamese translations.
8c77d0a2 jay2007-12-19 21:39:36 +000057* Major changes in release 4.3.12, 2007-12-19
80ba348d jay2007-12-02 17:36:23 +000058
fe0ea843 jay2007-12-04 01:26:55 +000059** Bug Fixes
61#15384: Find misbehaves when parent directory is not readable.
4cd51cb6 jay2007-12-08 13:26:50 +000063** Documentation Fixes
65More examples in the xargs manual page, including a portable analogue
66for BSD's "xargs -o".
fe0ea843 jay2007-12-04 01:26:55 +000067
203aa5f4 jay2007-12-19 10:20:32 +000068** Translations
8c77d0a2 jay2007-12-19 21:39:36 +000070Updated translations: Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Vietnamese.
203aa5f4 jay2007-12-19 10:20:32 +000071
aca2eac0 jay2007-12-02 15:49:43 +000073* Major changes in release 4.3.11, 2007-12-02
09ef63fd jay2007-11-25 11:36:10 +000074
75** Functional changes
77When the POSIXLY_CORRECT environment variable is set, "find -perm
78+a+w" is rejected as invalid. Some other similar mode strings
79starting with '+' which are not valid in POSIX are also rejected.
39829cd7 jay2007-11-27 20:50:18 +000081The -prune action now always evaluates as true (this is also a
09ef63fd jay2007-11-25 11:36:10 +000085** Bug Fixes
294cfb08 jay2007-12-02 11:55:11 +000086
f619bdc3 jay2007-11-29 11:07:18 +000087#21568: Switch to checking the gnulib code out with native git, not
88CVS. This affects mainly those who check findutils code out of CVS.
89This is not the first time this bug has been fixed (the previous fix
90used "cvs update -D", which git-cvspserver silently does not
09ef63fd jay2007-11-25 11:36:10 +000093#21039: Setting the POSIXLY_CORRECT environment variable now turns off
94warnings by default, because POSIX requires that only diagnostic
95messages (and -ok prompts) are printed on STDERR, and diagnostic
96messages must also result in a nonzero exit status.
d8e46e3a jay2007-11-26 10:37:40 +000098#20970: Trailing slash on directory arguments breaks -name. "find
99foo/ -name foo" now correctly matches foo and printf foo/. See POSIX
a1ab6a64 jay2007-11-30 10:24:36 +0000102#20865: Using both -delete and -prune without explicitly using -depth
103is now an error. Traditionally, -delete has always turned -depth on
104anyway, so this is not a functional change. However, using -depth
105(implicitly or explicitly) makes -prune a no-op. This change is
106intended to avoid nasty surprises for people who test with
107"-print" and then change it to "-delete" when they are happy.
39829cd7 jay2007-11-27 20:50:18 +0000109#20803: POSIX requires that -prune always returns true. Previously it
110returned false when -depth was in effect and true otherwise.
ece8b9e9 jay2007-12-02 11:43:22 +0000112#20802: If -delete fails, find's exit status will now be non-zero.
113However, find still skips trying to delete ".".
09ef63fd jay2007-11-25 11:36:10 +0000115** Documentation Fixes
61dccc7c jay2007-11-29 11:32:38 +0000116#21635: Some of the documentation files had missing copying
117conditions. The missing files now have copying headers, and these
118are compatible with each other (GNU FDL 1.2).
09ef63fd jay2007-11-25 11:36:10 +0000119
294cfb08 jay2007-12-02 11:55:11 +0000120#21634: No copy of FDL 1.2 included with the source code
122#21633: Missing copyright/license header in some documentation.
09ef63fd jay2007-11-25 11:36:10 +0000123
124#21628: find -perm /000 matches all files rather than none, since
125findutils-4.3.3. The Texinfo documentation is now consistent with the
126manual page on this point.
294cfb08 jay2007-12-02 11:55:11 +0000128#21270: Formatting fixes to the xargs.1 manual page, including making
129options bold instead of italic and making OPTIONS a section header
130rather than a subsection.
09ef63fd jay2007-11-25 11:36:10 +0000132* Major changes in release 4.3.10, 2007-11-13
134** Bug Fixes
136#21568: findutils gnulib code does not match the date in
137import-gnulib.config. We now check out the gnulib code via
140* Major changes in release 4.3.9, 2007-11-11
142** Licensing
144Findutils version 4.3.9 is released under version 3 of the GNU General
145Public License.
147** Bug Fixes
149#20834: Avoid segmentation violation for -execdir when $PATH is
150unset. Assume that the PATH is safe in this situation.
152#20310: configure uses hosts's support status for "sort -z" when
153generating the updatedb script for use on the target. This is
154inappropriate when cross-compiling, so avoid doing that.
156#20263: Compilation fix for DEC Alpha OSF/1 cc, which forbids the
157ordering comparison of function pointers.
159#20139: find -[acm]time -N (wrongly) includes files from N days ago,
160as well as (correctly) from less than N days ago.
162#20273: When xargs is successful without consuming all of stdin (for
163example, with the -E option), and stdin is seekable, xargs now
164correctly restores the file position, even on platforms where exit()
165does not follow the POSIX rules of doing likewise. Likewise for find
166(for example, with the -ok action).
168#20547: The version information printed by find, xargs, locate,
169updatedb, frcode and code now complies with the GNU Project's coding
172#20662: Avoid memory leak in find -name and other places affected by
173gnulib dirname module. The leak had been present since 4.3.1.
175#20751: Avoid memory corruption in find -ls that has been present
176since 4.3.1.
178#20871: Assertion failure introduced in 4.3.3, when oldfind is invoked
179in a directory where the parent directory lacks search permission.
181** Enhancements
183#20594: Allow fine-tuning of the default argument size used by xargs
184and find at ./configure time.
186#20688: The warning printed by -name or -iname when the pattern to
187match contains a slash can now be silenced by -nowarn. This warning
188was originally introduced unconditionally in 4.2.21.
190Translation of locate --limit problems is improved.
192POSIX will standardise -path, so the documentation no longer claims
193that -wholename is the 'canonical' test, and -ipath no longer
194generates a warning.
196** Documentation Fixes
198Point out more explicitly that the subsecond timestamp support
199introduced by findutils-4.3.3 introduces a change in the format of
200several fields.
202Also explain that when reporting a bug, you should check the most
203recent findutils release first.
205Introduced doc/find-maint.texi, a maintenance manual for findutils.
207Added an extra worked example for find (copying a subset of files).
209The locate command's manual page now has a HISTORY section.
211#20951: Very bad/unclear/confusing documentation of security checks in
212find -execdir
214#20865: Better documentation on the fact that -delete implies -depth
215and that -delete interacts badly with -prune.
217#20552: Fixed typos, formatting and section ordering issues in the
218find manual page.
220#20529: removed spurious 'o' in description of "xargs -a" in
223#20232: The --max-database-age option of locate was added in release
2244.3.3, but this file (NEWS) did not previously mention this fact.
226** Translations
228Updated Dutch translation.
231* Major changes in release 4.3.8, 2007-06-12
233** Bug Fixes
235#20157: Avoid segfault in locate when run as root. This is caused by
236a buffer overrun, but at this time no exploit mechanism is known.
238* Major changes in release 4.3.7, 2007-06-09
240** Functional changes
242Locate can now read old-format locate databases generated on machines
243with a different byte order. It does this by guessing the byte order,
244so the result is not completely reliable. If you need to share
245databases between machines of different architectures, you should use
246the LOCATE02 format (which has other advantages, as explained in the
249** Security Fixes
251#20014: Findutils-4.3.7 includes a patch for a potential security
252problem in locate. When locate read an old-format database, it read
253file names into a fixed-length buffer allocated on the heap without
254checking for overflow. Although overflowing a heap buffer is often
255somewhat safer than overflowing a buffer on the stack, this bug still
256has potential security implications.
258This bug also affected the following previous findutils releases:
260 - All releases prior to 4.2.31
261 - Findutils 4.3.0 to 4.3.6.
263This bug has been assigned CVE number CVE-2007-2452.
265** Bug Fixes
267#20128: Fix compilation error of find/tree.c on AIX with GCC.
269#20005: Tests -mtime -n and -mtime +n incorrectly treated like -mtime n.
271#19983: include_next causes compilation failure in findutils 4.3.6 on
272non-GCC compilers
274#19981: Don't call setgroups if the function isn't available. This
275fixes Savannah bug# 19981.
277#19980: Don't use the functions putw() or getw() since these are not
278in current POSIX. Use the gnulib version of wcwidth() where the
279system does not provide it.
281#19979: Compilation errors on BeOS
283#19970: Cannot cast from pointer to bool using gnulib's <stdbool.h>
285#19967: Use of __attribute((__noreturn__)) makes compilation fail with
286some non-GCC compilers
288#19966: find should link against -lm for modf() and fabs()
290#19965: Compilation failure on OSF/1 4.0; non-declaration of uintmax_t
292#19948: Assertion failure O_NOFOLLOW != 0 on IRIX 6.5
294#19871: Typos in find.1
296#19596: Fixed this bug again, this time in the Texinfo manual (the
297discussion should compare %b with %s/512, not %s/1024).
299#19416: _FORTIFY_SOURCE warn_unused_result warnings
301* Major changes in release 4.3.6, 2007-05-21
303** Bug Fixes
305#19948: Fixed an assertion failure on IRIX 6.5 (O_NOFOLLOW is defined
306to 0 there).
308#19923: Fixed an array overrun in groups[] array of 'locate' when run by
309or as root. This bug appears not to be exploitable. If locate is not
310installed setuid, the bug is not exploitable. For setuid
311installations, it is concievable that there could be an information
312leak if the user uses the -d option or the -e option, though the
313maintainer has been unable to provoke this on an x86 system.
315#19871: Spurious .R directives in manpage produced error messages from
316GNU troff. This is now fixed (they are corrected to .B).
318#19416: The result of I/O operations in print-related actions is now
319checked, and failures are reported. Any failure will cause find's
320exit status to be nonzero. The predicate itself will continue to
321return true.
323** Compilation Fixes
325A variety of changes were made to allow compilation to succeed on
326non-GNU systems.
328#19983: Now compiles on DEC C V5.9-005 on Digital UNIX V4.0 (or at
329least, should).
331#19970: Compile correctly on C89 systems where the "_Bool" type is not
332provided, taking into account the limitations of the gnulib
333replacement for stdbool.h.
335#19967: Build successfully with C compilers that don't support the GCC
336 construct __attribute__((__noreturn__)).
338#19966: Findutils should now build on systems which have the modf()
339and fabs() functions in the maths library, -lm. This includes some
340versions of HP-UX and Solaris.
342#19965: Fixed a compilation failure on OSF/1 4.0 (no definition of the
343type uintmax_t).
346* Major changes in release 4.3.5, 2007-05-05
348** Functional changes
350Updatedb can now support he generation of file name databases which
351are compatible with slocate. For some time, GNU locate has been able
352to read these.
354The /proc filesystem is excluded from the locate database (by
355default; change PRUNEPATHS to modify this behaviour).
357** Bug Fixes
359#19806: The -samefile predicate might get fooled by inode reuse. We
360now hold open a file descriptor on the reference file to prevent this.
362#19768: Better detection of corrupted old-style locate databases
363(e.g. if the database is too short to include a complete bigram
366#19766: The frcode and code programs now detect write errors more
369#19371: Fix compilation failure on systems which #define open to
370open64 (and similarly with the close system call). This fixes
371Savannah bug #19371, affecting AIX 5.3.
373#19658: When cross-compiling, "make clean" no longer deletes the
374generated file doc/regexprops.texi, because there is no way to
375regenerate it.
377#19391: When xargs knows that the system's actual exec limit is larger
378than the compiled-in ARG_MAX, use the system's limit without
379generating an assertion failure.
381#18203: A duplicate report of bug #17478.
383#17478: Error messages from find can garble the console.
385#16378: Assertion failure if stat() returns 00000 as the mode
386of a file. This apparently can happen occasionally with broken NFS
389#11668: FreeBSD extensions for time specification are now
390implemented. In fact, these were included in findutils-4.3.3. The
391change was listed as a functional change (whcih it is) and this bug
392report was not mentioned.
394** Documentation Fixes
396The locatedb.5 manpage now documents the (default) LOCATE02 format
397more clearly, and also documents the slocate database format.
399The maximum and default values applying to the -s option of xargs are
400now documented more clearly in the manual page.
402* Major changes in release 4.3.4, 2007-04-21
404** Bug Fixes
406#19634: Test suite now passes (again) if "." is on your $PATH.
408#19619: Findutils builds once again on Cygwin.
410#19617: Nonexistent start points are (once again) diagnosed in
411ftsfind. This bug affected only findutils-4.3.3.
413#19616: Fix leaf optimisation and loop detection (which were
414unreliable in findutils 4.3.3). This bug affected only
417#19615: find --version no longer claims to be using FTS_CWDFD when it
418isn't. This bug affected only findutils-4.3.3.
420#19613: "find -L . -type f" no longer causes an assertion failure when
421it encounters a symbolic link loop. This bug affected only
424#19605: Issue an error message (and later return nonzero exit status)
425 if a symbolic link loop was encountered during directory traversal.
427#19484: bigram.c and code.c fail if the first pathname recorded begins
428with a space
430#19483: Inconsistent option highlighting in updatedb manpage
432#18414: Tests for "find -readable" are skipped for the superuser, as
433 on some systems (e.g. Cygwin with an Administrative user) users can
434 read mode-000 files.
436** Translations
438Findutils 4.3.4 includes a translation for the Ukranian language.
441* Major changes in release 4.3.3, 2007-04-15
443Fiundutils-4.3.3 was released on 2007-04-15.
445** Bug Fixes
447#19596: Correct the comparison in the find manpage between %b and %s
448(the divisor is 512 not 1024).
450#18714: In the POSIX locale, vertical tabs and form feeds are not
451field separators.
453#18713: Quoted but empty arguments which occur last on an xargs input
454line are no longer ignored, but instead produce an empty argument.
456#18554: Documented the construct -exec sh -c 'foo "$@" bar' {} +
458#18466: we now avoid this bug by limiting "-execdir ...+"
459to just one argument for the time being. There is a performance
460penalty for doing this. We hope to make a better fix in a later
463#18384: excess bracket in xargs --help
465#18320: Zero bytes in input should give warning
467#17437: Corrected the handling of X in symbolic permissions (such
468as-u+w,a+X). This change actually occurred in findutils-4.3.2, but
469the NEWS file for that release didn't mention it.
471#17396: find -mtime -atime -ctime does not support fractional part
472(see "Functional changes" below)
474#14748: find -perm /zzz gives wrong result when zzz evaluates to an
475 all-zero mask
477#14535: correctly support case-folding in locate (that is, "locate
478-i") for multibyte character environments such as UTF-8. Previously,
479if your search string contained a character which was outside the
480single-byte-encoding range for UTF-8 for example, then the
481case-folding behaviour failed to work and only exact matches would be
486** Functional changes
488The -printf action (and similar related actions) now support %S,
489which is a measurement of the sparseness of a file.
491The test "-perm /000" now matches all files instead of no files. For
492over a year find has been issuing warning messages indicating that
493this change will happen. We now issue a warning indicating that the
494change has already happened (in 4.3.x only, there is no plan to make
495this change in the 4.2.x series).
497The tests -newer, -anewer, -cnewer, -mtime, -atime, -ctime, -amin,
498-cmin, -mmin and -used now support sub-second timestamps, including
499the ability to specify times with non-integer arguments.
501The -printf format specifiers also support sub-second timestamps:
502 atime ctime mtime
503 %a %c %t
504 %AS %CS %TS
505 %AT %CT %TT
506 %A+ %C+ %T+
507 %AX %CX %TX
510The new test -newerXY supports comparison between status times for
511files. One of the status times for a file being considered (denoted
512X) is checked against a reference time (denoted Y) for the file whose
513name id the argument. X and Y can be:
515 a Access time
516 B Birth time (st_birthtime, currently unsupported)
517 c Change time
518 m Modification time
519 t Valid only for the reference time; instead of comparison
520 against a file status time, the argument is a time string.
521 Not yet supported.
523For example, -newermm is equivalent to -newer, and -neweram is true if
524the file being considered was accessed more recently than the
525reference file was modified. The -newerXY test supports subsecond
526timestamps where these are available. The X=B variant is not yet
529If you configure the source code and then run the tests with "make
530check", the test suite fails rather than defaulting to testing the
531system binaries.
533A new option, --max-database-age, has been added to locate.
536* Major changes in release 4.3.2, 2006-11-25
538** Bug Fixes
540#18222: find -printf '%H %P' once again prints the right result if
541more than one start point was given on the command line.
543#17782: find -execdir now correctly puts the prefix "./" before the
544expansion of "{}" rather than at the start of the argument it appears
545in. Please note that if you use the -exec or -execdir actions with a
546shell, then you may be vulnerable to shell code injection attacks, so
547don't do that. It's not a security defect in find - you should not be
548passing untrusted data (such as file names chosen by other people) to
549the shell.
551#17490: find -regex generated a segfault in findutils-4.3.1, but this
552 is fixed in findutils-4.3.2.
554#17477: find -printf '%' (that is, where the format has a trailing %)
555now generates an error message.
557#17372: The fts-based find executable (the default configuration uses
558fts) is now much faster when -maxdepth is used on filesystems with
559high fanouts.
561#15531: The -prune action now behaves correctly when applied to a file.
563** Functional changes
565The slocate database format is now supported. Preliminary changes
566intended to eventually allow setuid operation of locate have also been
567made. For the moment, please don't install GNU locate as a
568set-user-ID program (except for testing purposes; if you do so, please
569make sure that untrusted users cannot execute the set-user-ID locate
572Use of an slocate database which was built with a nonzero security
573mode (at the moment, GNU updatedb will not do this) forces locate's
574"-e" option to be turned on, which has an effect on the "-S" option
575which is probably surprising for most users.
578** Documentation Fixes
580The global effect of options (other than -daystart and -follow) is now
581explained more clearly in the manual page. Savannah bug #15360.
584* Major changes in release 4.3.1, 2006-08-06
586** Bug Fixes
588Find now follows POSIX rules for determining where directories end and
589expressions start. This means that "find \(1 \!2 \, \)" now searches
590in the four named directories, rather than trying to parse an
591expression. (Savannah bug #15235).
593You now get a more helpful error message when you use command lines
594which have missing expressions, such as
595 find . ( )
596 find . !
597 find . -a
598 find . \( -not \)
599 find . \( -true -a
601Savannah bug #15800: If find finds more subdirectories within a parent
602directory than it previously expected to based on the link count of
603the parent, the resulting error message now gives the correct
604directory name (previously an error message was issued but it
605specified the wrong directory).
607Savannah bug #16738: "find .... -exec ... {} +" now works if you have
608a large environment and many files must be passed to the -exec
609action. The same problem affected the -execdir action, though since
610the number of files in a given directory will normally be smaller, the
611problem was worse for -exec.
613Savannah bug #16579: Updatedb now works if it is running as a user
614whose login shell is not actually a shell.
616There have also been a number of documentation improvements (includng
617Savannah bug #16269).
619** Functional changes
621For find, debug output can now be enabled at runtime with the -D
622option. This causes the printing of various sorts of information
623about find's internal state and progress.
625The find option -nowarn cannot itself produce a warning (this used to
626happen with commands like "find . -name quux -nowarn -print").
628** Performance Enhancements
630Find now has a rudimentary cost-based optimiser. It has an idea of
631the basic cost of each test (i.e. that -name is very cheap while -size
632is more expensive). It re-orders tests bearing in mind the cost of
633each test and its likely success. Predicates with side effects (for
634example -delete or -exec) are not reordered. The optimiser is not
635yet enabled by default, but the new option -O controls the query
636optimisation level. To see this in action, try
637 find -D opt -O3 . -type f -o -type c -o -size 555 -name Z
638and compare the optimised query with:
639 find -D opt -O3 . -size 555 -o -type c -o -type f -name Z
641 find -D opt . -size 555 -o -type c -o -type f -name Z
643Over time, as optimisations are proven to be robust and correct, they
644will be moved to lower optimisation levels. Some optimisations have
645always been performed by find (for example -name is always done early
646if possible).
648** Translations
650Findutils 4.3.1 includes updated translations for the following
652 Vietnamese, Belarusian, Catalan, Danish, German, Greek, Esperanto,
653 Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Irish, Galician, Croatian, Hungarian,
654 Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Luganda, Malay, Dutch, Polish,
655 Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Kinyarwanda,
656 Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese (simplified),
657 Chinese (traditional), Bulgarian
659* Major changes in release 4.3.0, 2005-12-12
661The 4.3.x release series are currently 'development' releases. Please
662test it, but think carefully before installing it in a production
663system. New features in findutils-4.3.x are under development; they
664may change or go away.
666All changes up to and including findutils-4.2.27 are included in this
667release. In addition the following changes are new in this release:
669** Functional Changes
671By default, find now uses the fts() function to search the file
672system. The use of fts greatly increases find's ability to search
673extremely deep directory hierarchites.
675You can tell that the version of find you are using uses FTS, because
676the output of "find --version" will include the word "FTS".
678Currently two binaries for 'find' are built. The configure option
679--without-fts can be used to select whether 'find' uses fts:
681 With fts Without fts
682default configuration find oldfind
683configure --with-fts find oldfind
684configure --without-fts ftsfind find
686New tests, -readable, -writable, -executable. These check that a file
687can be read, written or executed respectively.
689* Major changes in release 4.2.27, 2005-12-06
691** Warnings of Future Changes
693The test -perm /000 currently matches no files, but for greater
694consistency with -perm -000, this will be changed to match all files;
695this change will probably be made in early 2006. Meanwhile, a warning
696message is given if you do this.
698** Bug Fixes
700If xargs is invoked with many short arguments on PPC systems running
701the Linux kernel, we no longer get an "argument list too long" error
702from the operating system.
704Fixed a bug in the test suite which caused it to spuriously fail on
705systems where ARG_MAX is different to the value used by the Linux
706kernel on 32-bit x86-architecture systems.
708On systems running the Linux kernel, "find -printf %F" no longer
709produces the wrong answer for files on filesystems that have been
710remounted elsewhere using "mount --bind". (Savannah bug #14921).
712** Documentation Changes
714Following some extensive and detailed review comments from Aaron
715Hawley, the material in the manual pages and the Texinfo manual are
716now synchronised.
718The %M format specifier of "find -printf" is now documented, although
719it has existed since release 4.2.5.
721The 'find' manual page now correctly documents the fact that -regex
722defaults to using Emacs-style regular expressions (though this can be
725* Major changes in release 4.2.26, 2005-11-19
727** Public Service Announcements
729I'd like to point out a second time that the interpretation of '-perm
730+mode' has changed to be more POSIX-compliant. If you want the old
731behaviour of the GNU extension you should use '-perm /mode'. See the
732NEWS entry for findutils version 4.2.21 for details.
734** Functional Changes
736The xargs command now supports a new option (--delimiter) which allows
737input items to be separated by characters other than null and
738whitespace. This resolves Savannah support request sr #102914.
740Sometimes find needs to read the /etc/mtab file (or perform the
741equivalent operation on systems not using /etc/mtab). If this
742information is needed but not available, find now exits with an error
743message non-zero status. If the information is not needed, find will
744not spuriously fail.
746A new xargs option --delimiter allows the input delimiter to be
747changed (previously \0 was the only choice unless you use the -L
748option, which changes other semantics too).
750** Bug Fixes
752If the environment size is too large to allow xargs to operate
753normally, 'xargs --help' still works (now).
755If the input to xargs is a large number of very short options (for
756example, one character each), earlier versions of xargs would fail
757with 'Argument list too long'. However, since this is precisely the
758problem that xargs was invented to solve, this is a bug. Hence on
759those systems we now correctly use a shorter command line. This
760problem particularly affected 64-bit Linux systems because of the
761larger size of pointers, although 32-bit Linux systems were also
762affected (albeit for longer command lines). In theory the same
763problem could affect 'find -exec {} +', but that's much less likely
764(even so, the bug is fixed there too).
766Bugfix for an unusual failure mode (Savannah bug #14842) where an
767attempt to allocate more space for directory contents succeeds but is
768incorrectly diagnosed as a failure. The likelihood of you
769experiencing this depends on your architecture, operating system and
770resource limits. This failure has been observed in a directory
771containing 35396 entries.
773** Documentation Changes
775The EXAMPLES section of the find manual page now correctly describes
776the symbolic and octal modes for the -perm test.
778The documentation and "--help" usage information for the -L, -l, -I
779and -i options have been clarified (but the behaviour has not changed).
781The documentation now explains more clearly what happens when you use
782"-L -type l".
784* Major changes in release 4.2.25, 2005-09-03
786** Bug Fixes
788find -perm /440 (which should succeed if a file is readable by its
789owner or group) now works. Previously there was a bug which caused
790this to be treated as "find -perm 440".
792Some files in the xargs test suite have been renamed to avoid problems
793on operating systems whoch cannot distinguish filenames on the basis
794of upper/lower case distinctions.
796The software now builds on Cygwin, including the generated file
799Findutils should now build once again on systems supporting AFS, but
800this support has not recently been fully tested. Findutils should
801also (once again) build on Cygwin.
803** Other Changes
805The test suite for find is now much more extensive.
807* Major changes in release 4.2.24, 2005-07-29
809** Documentation Changes
811The manual now includes a "Worked Examples" section which talks about
812the various ways in which findutils can be used to perform common
813tasks, and why some of these alternatives are better than others.
815The -I option of xargs (which is required by the POSIX standard) is
816now documented.
818We now document the fact that find ensures that commands run by -ok
819and -okdir don't steal find's input. Find does this by redirecting
820the command's standard input from stdin.
822Many documentation readability enhancements and proofreading fixes
823were contributed by Aaron Hawley.
825** Functional Changes
827*** Functional changes in locate
829The "--regex" option of locate now assumes the regular expression to
830be in the same syntax as is used in GNU Emacs, though this can be
831changed with the new option --regextype. This is a change from the
832existing behaviour (which was to use POSIX Basic Regular Expressions).
833Since this feature is releatively new anyway, I though it was more
834useful to have compatibility between regular expression handling in
835find and locate than to maintain the short-lived previous behaviour of
838The locate program now also supports a "--regextype" long option which
839controls which regular expression syntax is understood by locate.
840This is a long option and has no single-letter 'short option'
843*** Functional changes in find
845The regular expression syntax understood by "find" can be changed with
846the -regextype option; this option is positional, meaning that you can
847have several tests, each using a distinct syntax (this is not
848recommended practice however).
850The default regular expression syntax is substantially the same as
851that recognised by GNU Emacs, except for the fact that "." will match
852a newline.
854The leaf optimisation can be disabled with the configure option
855"--disable-leaf-optimisation", which is equivalent to specifying
856"-noleaf" on all find command lines. This is useful for systems
857having filesystems which do not provide traditional Unix behaviour for
858the link count on directories (for example Cygwin and the Solaris 9
859HSFS implementation).
861** Bug Fixes
863*** Bug Fixes for find
865The -iregex test now works once again on systems that lack
866re_search() (that is, systems on which findutils needs to use the
867gnulib version of this function).
869find -regex now once again uses GNU Emacs-compatible regular
872If invoked with stderr closed, the -fprint and -fprintf actions now no
873longer cause error messages to be sent into the output file.
875If the link count of a directory is less that two, the leaf
876optimisation is now disabled for that directory. This should allow
877searching of non-Unix filesystems to be more reliable on systems that
878don't take the trouble to make their filesystems look like traditional
879Unix filesystems. Some filesystems don't even take the trouble to
880have a link count of less than two and for these, -noleaf is still
881required unless --disable-leaf-optimisation was used at configure time.
883The "%Y" directive for the -printf action now no longer changes find's
884idea of the mode of the file, so this means among other things that
885"-printf %Y %y" now works properly. This is Savannah bug #13973.
887* Major changes in release 4.2.23, 2005-06-19
889** Documentation Changes
891The -L and -I options of xargs are currently incompatible (but should
892not be).
894Improved the documentation for -execdir and -okdir.
896** Functional Changes to updatedb
898File names ending in "/" which are specified as an argument to
899--prunepaths (or in $PRUNEPATHS) don't work, so we now issue an error
900message if the user tries to do that. The obvious exception of course
901is "/" which does work and is not rejected.
904* Major changes in release 4.2.22, 2005-06-12
906** Security Fixes
908If a directory entry searched with "find -L" is a symbolic link to
909".", we no longer loop indefinitely. This problem affected find
910versions 4.2.19, 4.2.20 and 4.2.21. This problem allows users to make
911"find" loop indefinitely. This is in effect a denial of service and
912could be used to prevent updates to the locate database or to defeat
913file security checks based on find. However, it should be noted that
914you should not use "find -L" in security-sensitive scenarios.
916** Other Bug Fixes
918None in this release.
920** Functional Changes to locate
922A locate database can now be supplied on stdin, using '-' as a element
923of the database-path. If more than one database-path element is '-',
924later instances are ignored.
926A new option to locate, '--all' ('-A') causes matches to be limited to
927entries which match all given patterns, not entries which match
928one or more patterns.
930** Documentation Changes
932Some typos in the manual pages have been fixed. Various parts of the
933manual now point out that it is good practice to quote the argument of
934"-name". The manpage now has a "NON-BUGS" section which explains some
935symptoms that look like bugs but aren't. The explanations of the "%k"
936and "%b" directives to "find -printf" have been imrpoved.
939* Major changes in release 4.2.21, 2005-06-07
940** Functional Changes to find
942The GNU extension "find ... -perm +MODE" has been withdrawn because it
943is incompatible with POSIX in obscure cases like "find ... -perm ++r".
944Use the new syntax "find ... -perm /MODE" instead. Old usages will
945still continue to work, so long as they don't conflict with POSIX.
947If the output is going to a terminal, the -print, -fprint, -printf and
948-fprintf actions now quote "unusual" characters to prevent unwanted
949effects on the terminal. See "Unusual Characters in File Names" for
950further details. There is no change to the behaviour when the output
951is not going to a terminal. The locate program does the same thing,
952unless the -0 option is in effect (in which case the filenames are
953printed as-is).
955** Functional Changes to locate
957The locate command will now read each locate database at most once.
958This means that if you are using multiple databases and are searching
959for more than one name, the results will now be printed in a different
960order (and if you specified a small limit with --limit, you may get a
961different set of results).
963A new option '--print' for locate causes it to print the matching
964results even if the '--count' or '--statistics' option is in effect.
966** Bug Fixes
967find /blah/blah/blah -depth -empty now works once again.
969The -regex and -iregex tests of find now correctly accept POSIX Basic
970Regular Expressions. (Savannah bug #12999)
972The updatedb program now works on systems where "su" does not support
973the "-s" option, for example Solaris.
975* Major changes in release 4.2.20, 2005-03-17
976** Internationalization and Localization
977Updated Vietnamese and Dutch translations.
979** Bug Fixes
980Minor bugfix affecting only those who compile from the CVS repository,
981as opposed to those who compile from the source releases.
983* Major changes in release 4.2.19, 2005-03-07
984** Bug Fixes
986find should now no longer hang on systems which lack the O_NOFOLLOW
987flag to open(2) and which are clients of an unresponsive NFS server
988(Savannah bug #12044).
990We now avoid inappropriately failing for "find -L foo" or "find -H
991foo" if foo is a symbolic link (Savannah bug #12181). Previously we
992used to fail with the error message "Too many levels of symbolic
995"find . -false -exec foo {} +" no longer runs an extra instance of foo
996when find exits (Savannah bug #12230).
998If the chdir() safety check fails but we can no longer get back to
999where we started, exit with an explanatory (fatal) error message.
1000This does not happen on GNU/Linux and FreeBSD because the safety check
1001is not needed (the security problem the safety check protects against
1002is prevented in a cleaner way on those systems).
1004"make distclean" no longer deletes regex.c (which "make all" needs).
1006** Functionality Changes
1007"find -printf "%h\n" will now print "." for files in the current directory.
1008Previously it printed nothing (but there was a bug in the %h
1009implementation anyway). This fixes Savannah bug #12085.
1011Should now build (again) on non-C99-compliant systems.
1013** Documentation enhancements
1014Fixed some typos and clarified wording in "Working with automounters".
1016** Internationalization and Localization
1017New Vietnamese message translation.
1019* Major changes in release 4.2.18, 2005-02-16
1020** Bug Fixes
1021*** "find -depth" was missing out non-leaf directories when they contain
1022 non-directories. This affected findutils releases 4.2.15,
1023 4.2.16 and 4.2.17, but the bug is now fixed.
1024*** Find no longer hangs on systems which are clients of unresponsive
1025 NFS servers.
1026** Documentation improvements
1027*** Improvements and corrections to the find.1 manpage, including corrections to the descriptions of -H and -L.
1029* Major changes in release 4.2.17, 2005-02-08
1030** Bug Fixes
1031*** bug #11861 undefined symbol "basename" on IRIX 5.3
1032*** bug #11865 xargs -i regression (as compared to findutils-4.2.12)
1033*** bug #11866 Typo in pred_okdir renders it useless (affecting 4.2.16 only)
1034*** patch #3723 fix recent process_top_path change (for -execdir on /)
1035*** Fixing bug #11866 and applying patch #3723 made -execdir work much better.
1036*** find bar/baz/ugh now works again if baz is a symbolic link (broken
1037 in 4.2.15).
1039* Major changes in release 4.2.16, 2005-02-05
1040** Functionality Changes
1041*** Updated the message catalogues for the translated messages.
1042*** The subfs filesystem is now treated the same as the autofs
1043 filesystem is.
1044*** New translations: Belarusian, Catalan, Greek, Esperanto,
1045 Finnish, Irish, Croatian, Hungarian, Japanese, Luganda,
1046 Malay, Romanian, Slovenian, Serbian, Chinese (simplified).
1048** Bug Fixes
1049*** The -execdir action now works correctly for files named on the
1050 command line.
1052* Major changes in release 4.2.15, 2005-01-29
1053** Functionality Changes
1054*** locate now supports matching regular expression (--regex).
1055*** --enable-d_type-optimization (introduced in findutils 4.2.13) is now turned on by default.
1057* Major changes in release 4.2.14, 2005-01-25
1058** Functionality Changes
1059*** New options -L, -P, -H for locate. The work in the same was as the same options for find.
1060** Bug Fixes
1061*** Don't include the "findutils/find/testsuite/find.gnu" subdirectory in the
1062 distributed tar file more than once.
1063*** Should now build on Solaris once again.
1064*** -xtype and -printf %Y now work correctly for symbolic links once again
1065** Documentation improvements
1066*** All options for "locate" are now documented
1068* Major changes in release 4.2.13, 2005-01-23
1069** Performance Enhancements
1070*** On Linux and some other systems, a large performance improvement,
1071 because we can eliminate many of the calls to lstat() (in extreme
1072 cases, 99% of them). Limited testing shows a 2x speedup on NFS
1073 filesystems. Other systems which can make use of this enhancement
1074 include Mac OS X and *BSD.
1076* Major changes in release 4.2.12, 2005-01-22
1077** Functionality Changes
1078*** find is now POSIX-compliant, as far as I know.
1079*** -exec ... {} + now works.
1080*** New actions -execdir and -okdir which are like -exec and -ok but more secure.
1081*** "locate -w" is now a synonym for "locate --wholepath".
1082*** An empty path entry in the locate database path (for example "::" in
1083 $LOCATE_PATH or in the argument to "locate -d") is taken to mean
1084 the default database, whose name is hard-coded in locate.
1085** Bug Fixes
1086*** If find or xargs cannot write to stdout, for example because
1087 output is redirected to a file and the disk is full, the
1088 relevant program will return a non-zero exit status.
1090* Major changes in release 4.2.11, 2004-12-12
1091** Bug Fixes
1092*** Compilation fix for systems without EOVERFLOW.
1093*** More helpful error message if you make a mistake with (, ), -o or -a.
1094** Functionality Changes
1095*** If you have unclosed parentheses on the find command line,
1096 or any of a number of similar problems, find will now produce
1097 a more helpful error message.
1098*** locate -b is now a synonym for locate --basename
1099*** locate now supports a --statistics (or -S) option, which prints some
1100 statistics about the locate databases.
1101*** Implemented the -samefile option.
1102** Documentation improvements
1103*** New chapter in the manual, "Security Considerations".
1104*** Better documentation for -prune (Mainly thanks to Stepan Kasal)
1105** Bug Fixes
1106*** locate's options -i and -w now work with the -e option (previously a bug
1107 prevented this).
1109* Major changes in release 4.2.10, 2004-12-06
1110** Bug Fixes
1111*** Portability fix for fstype.c: should now compile on UNICOS, and possibly
1112 also produce useful results on BeOS and Dolphin, perhaps other
1113 systems too.
1115* Major changes in release 4.2.9, 2004-12-05
1116** Functionality Changes
1117*** xargs no longer treats a line containing only an underscore as a logical end-of-file. To obtain the behaviour that was previously the default, use "-E_".
1118*** xargs now supports the POSIX options -E, -I and -L. These are synonyms
1119 for the existing options -e, -i and -l, but the latter three are
1120 now deprecated.
1121** Bug Fixes
1122*** xargs -n NUM now invokes a command as soon as it has NUM arguments.
1123 Previously, it waited until NUM+1 items had been read, and then
1124 invoked the command with NUM arguments, saving the remaining one
1125 for next time.
1126*** If "find -L" discovers a symbolic link loop, an error message is issued.
1127*** If you specify a directory on the find command line, but -prune
1128 is applied to it, find will no longer chdir() into it anyway.
1129** Documentation improvements
1130*** The precise interpretation of the arguments to the -atime, -ctime
1131 and similar tests in find has been documented more clearly.
1133* Major changes in release 4.2.8, 2004-11-24
1134*** Bugfix to the findutils 4.2.7 automount handling on Solaris. This
1135 worked to some extent in findutils-4.2.7, but is much improved in
1136 findutils-4.2.8.
1138* Major changes in release 4.2.7, 2004-11-21
1139** Functionality Changes
1140*** xargs can now read a list of arguments from a named file, allowing
1141 the invoked program to use the same stdin as xargs started with
1142 (for example ``xargs --arg-file=todo emacs'').
1143** Documentation improvements
1144*** The Texinfo manual now has an extra chapter, "Error Messages". Most
1145 error messages are self-explanatory, but some of the ones which
1146 are not are explained in this chapter.
1147** Bug Fixes
1148*** Avoid trying to link against -lsun on UNICOS, which doesn't need it or
1149 have it.
1150*** Bugfix to the findutils 4.2.6 automount handling (which hadn't been enabled
1151 on Solaris).
1152*** Reenabled internationalisation support (which had been accidentally
1153 disabled in findutils-4.2.5).
1155* Major changes in release 4.2.6, 2004-11-21
1156** Bug Fixes
1157*** find now copes rather better when a directory appears to change just as
1158 it is about to start examining it, which happens with automount.
1159 This is because automount mounts filesystems as you change
1160 directory into them. This should resolve Savannah bugs #3998,
1161 #9043.
1163* Major changes in release 4.2.5, 2004-11-11
1164** Functionality Changes
1165*** The POSIX options -H and -L are supported. These control whether or not
1166 find will follow symbolic links.
1167*** The BSD option -P is also now supported (though in any case
1168 it is the default).
1169** Documentation improvements
1170*** Better documentation for "xargs -i".
1171** Bug Fixes
1172*** "make install" now respects DESTDIR when generating localstatedir.
1173 (this is only relevant if you are installing to some location
1174 other than the one that you indictaed when you ran "configure").
1175*** Compatible with automake versions 1.8 and 1.9.
1176*** Build problems on UNICOS now fixed, though the linker will still generate
1177 warnings because we try to link with the nonexistent library
1178 "-lsun". Edit $(LIBS) to work around this problem.
1180* Major changes in release 4.2.4, 2004-11-08
1181** Functionality Changes
1182*** If your system sort command has a working "-z" option, updatedb will
1183 now correctly handle newline characters in filenames (as will
1184 locate).
1185*** xargs now uses 128Kb of command line by default (less if the system
1186 doesn't support that much).
1187*** If you specify a 'find' option after non-option, a warning message
1188 is now issued. Options should be specified immediately after the
1189 list of paths to search. These warnings are enabled if you
1190 specify the -warn option, or if stdin is a tty. They are diabled
1191 by the use of the -nowarn option.
1192*** Like find, the locate program now supports an option --null (short form -0)
1193 which changes the result separator from newline to NULL.
1194*** Locate supports the option -c (long form --count) which suppresses normal
1195 output but prints on stdout the number of results produced (like
1196 grep -c).
1197*** Locate supports the option -l (long form --limit) which limits the
1198 number of results. This is useful if you only want to find out if
1199 there are copies of a certain file on the system, but don't want
1200 to wait for the entire locate database to be searched.
1201*** Locate now has an option --basename which forces the specified pattern to
1202 be matched against the basename of the entries in the locate
1203 database, rather than the whole name. The default behaviour
1204 (matching against the whole name of the file including all the
1205 parent directory names) corresponds to the option --wholename.
1206*** updatedb has a new option, --findoptions, that can be used to
1207 pass extra options through to the find command that it uses.
1208** Bug Fixes
1209*** "find -printf '%H\n'" now works (rather than segfaulting) on
1210 systems that have non-writable string constants.
1211*** Better POSIX compliance for the -s option to xargs (out of range
1212 values should just result in bounding to the correct range, not an
1213 error, so now we just print a warning message and adjust the
1214 value).
1215*** Corrected section numbers of manual page cross-references
1217* Major changes in release 4.2.3, 2004-10-30
1218** Functionality Changes
1219*** Added new action -delete which deletes things that find matches.
1220*** Added new action -quit which causes find to exit immediately.
1221*** A new format directive '%D' for "find -printf" prints the device number.
1222*** The -ls predicate no longer truncates user or group names.
1223*** Added new option "-d" which is a synonym for "-depth" for compatibility
1224 with Mac OS, OpenBSD and FreeBSD. This option is already
1225 deprecated since the POSIX standard specifies "-depth".
1226*** Added two new format specifiers to the -printf action; these are
1227 %y and %Y. They indicate the type of the file as a single letter;
1228 these are the same latters as are used by the "-type" test.
1229*** If a parent directory changes during the execution of find,
1230 the error message we issue identifies the nature of the change
1231 (for example the previous and current inode numbers of the
1232 directory we've just returned out of).
1233** Other Changes
1234*** Non-functional code changes to silence compiler warnings.
1236* Major changes in release 4.2.2, 2004-10-24
1237** Documentation improvements
1238*** "find ... -exec {}+" is not yet supported.
1239** Bug Fixes
1240*** Fixed compilation problems on Solaris, RedHat EL AS 2.1, Irix, AIX
1241*** Work around possible compiler bug on HP-UX 11.23 for ia64
1242*** The built-in internationalisation support now works again.
1243** Other Changes
1244*** We now import the gnulib source in the way it is intended to be used,
1245 which means among other things that we only have one config.h file
1246 now.
1247*** Functions which findutils requires but which are not present in
1248 gnulib are now defined in "libfind.a". This is in the lib
1249 directory, while gnulib is in the gnulib subdirectory.
1250*** Fixed a typo in the address of the FSF in many of the file headers.
1252* Major changes in release 4.2.1, 2004-10-17
1253** Bug Fixes
1254*** 'find -name \*bar now matches .foobar, because the POSIX standard
1255 requires it, as explained at
1258* Major changes in release 4.2.1, 2004-10-17
1259** Bug Fixes
1260*** find -iname now works correctly on systems that have an fnmatch() function
1261 that does not support FNM_CASEFOLD
1262*** updatedb now uses signal names for "trap" instead of numbers,
1263 as per bug #9465 (see
1264*** Better support for systems lacking intmax_t
1265** Other Changes
1266**** findutils now uses a newer version of gnulib (dated 2004-10-17).
1268* Major changes in release 4.2.0, 2003-06-14
1269** Functionality Changes
1270*** xargs now works better when the environment variables are very extensive.
1271 The xargs command used to run into difficulties if the environment
1272 data contained more than 20480 bytes.
1273*** New options -wholename and -iwholename
1274 As per the GNU Projecvt coding standard, These are preferred over
1275 the -path and -ipath options. Using -ipath now generates a warning,
1276 though -path does not (since HPUX also offers -path).
1277*** The environment variable FIND_BLOCK_SIZE is now ignored.
1278*** New option "-ignore_readdir_race"
1279 silences an error messages which would otherwise occur if a file is removed
1280 after find has read it from the directory using readdir(), but before
1281 find stats the file. There is also an option
1282 -noignore_readdir_race which has the opposite effect.
1283** Documentation improvements
1284*** The -size option of find is now documented in more detail
1285*** POSIX compliance and GNU extensions
1286 The find manual page also now includes a section
1287 which describes the relationship between the features of GNU
1288 find and the POSIX standard. Some other small improvements
1289 to the find and xargs manual pages have been made.
1290*** The argument to the -fprintf directive is now better documented.
1291 The escape code '\0' for the `-printf' predicate of find is now
1292 documented, and the documentation for the %k and %b specifiers
1293 has been improved.
1294*** xargs -i is now more clearly documented.
1295** Bug Fixes
1296*** locate 'pa*d' will now find /etc/passwd (if it exists, of course)
1297*** xargs standard input is not inherited by child processes
1298 If the command invoked by xargs reads from its standard input,
1299 it now gets nothing, as opposed to stealing data from the
1300 list of files that xargs is trying to read.
1301*** Better support for 64-bit systems.
1302*** The command "xargs -i -n1" now works as one might expect,
1303 I think this is a strange thing to want to do.
1304*** Arguments to find -mtime that are too large are now diagnosed
1305 Previously, this just used to cause find just to do the wrong thing.
1306*** updatedb is now somewhat more robust
1307 The updatedb shell script now does not generate an empty
1308 database if it fails.
1309*** Sanity-check on some data read from locatedb
1310 Locate now detects some types of file corruption in the
1311 locate database.
1312*** The %k format specifier for -fprintf now works
1313 This was broken in 4.1.20.
1315* Major changes in release 4.1.20, 2003-06-14:
1316** New maintainer, James Youngman <>
1317** As far as I know, this is the first release after 4.1.7, but I've left
1318 a gap just in case.
1319** We now use an "imported" version of gnulib, rather than including
1320 a copy of the gnulib code in our CVS repository. There are no
1321 differences in the build instructions, though (unless you are
1322 building directly from CVS, in which case please read the file
1324** There are no (deliberate) functional changes in version 4.1.20.
1326* Major changes in release 4.1.7, 2001-05-20:
1327fix problem so that default "-print" is added when "-prune" is used.
1328security fixes related to directories changing while find is executing.
1330* Major changes in release 4.1.6, 2000-10-10:
1331correct bug in prune.
1332added --ignore-case option for locate
1334* Major changes in release 4.1.5, 2000-04-12:
1335Add support for large files
1337* Major changes in release 4.1.4, 2000-02-26:
1338bug fixes, more up-to-date languages.
1340* Major changes in release 4.1.3, 2000-01-27:
1341added internationalization and localization.
1343* Major changes in release 4.1.2, 2000-01-18:
1346* Major changes in release 4.1.1, 1999-08-8:
1347attempt at successful compilation on many platforms after years of neglect
1348 "--existing" option added to locate "--prunefs" option added to updatedb
1350* Major changes in release 4.1, 1994-11-3:
1352** Distribution renamed to findutils.
1353** updatedb is now a user command, installed in $exec_prefix/bin
1354 instead of $exec_prefix/libexec.
1355** A few problems in Makefiles and testsuite corrected.
1357* Major changes in release 4.0, 1994-11-2:
1359** Documentation:
1360*** Texinfo manual.
1361*** Man page for updatedb.
1362*** Man page for the locate database formats.
1364** find:
1365*** Takes less CPU time on long paths, because it uses chdir to descend
1366 trees, so it does fewer inode lookups.
1367*** Does not get trapped in symbolic link loops when -follow is given.
1368*** Supports "-fstype afs" if you have /afs and /usr/afsws/include
1369 and you configure using the --with-afs option.
1370*** New action -fls FILE; like -ls but writes to FILE.
1372** locate:
1373*** Supports a new database format, which is 8-bit clean and
1374 allows machines with different byte orderings and integer sizes to
1375 share the databases. The new locate can also detect and read the
1376 old database format automatically. The new databases are typically
1377 30% or more larger than the old ones (due to allowing all 8 bits in
1378 file names). Search times are approximately the same, or faster on
1379 some systems.
1380*** Warns if a file name database is more than 8 days old.
1382** updatedb:
1383*** Takes command-line options.
1385** xargs:
1386*** Performance improved 10-20%.
1387*** The EOF string is not used when -0 is given.
1388*** Now has a test suite. Some minor bugs fixed as a result.
1390* Major changes in release 3.8, 1993-03-29:
1392** case insensitive versions of -lname, -name, -path, -regex:
1393 -ilname, -iname, -ipath, -iregex
1394** %F directive for -printf, -fprintf to print file system type
1396* Major changes in release 3.7:
1398** locate can search multiple databases
1399** locate has an option to specify the database path
1400** updatedb no longer goes into an infinite loop with some versions of tail
1402* No NEWS was kept for earlier releases. Known release dates include:
1403** release 3.2, 1991-08-28
1404** release 3.1, 1991-08-21
1405** release 3.0, 1991-08-21
1406** release 2.2, 1991-04-05
1407** release 2.1, 1991-01-01
1408** release 2.0, 1990-11-20
1409** release 1.2, 1990-07-03
1410** release 1.1, 1990-06-24
1411** release 1.0, 1990-06-22
1412** beginning of findutils history, 1987-02-21
1414 --//--
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1417LocalWords: ansi knr strftime xargs updatedb sh fnmatch hin strcpy
1418LocalWords: lib getstr getline frcode bigram texi depcomp automake
1419LocalWords: strncasecmp strcasecmp LIBOBJS FUNC prunefs allout libexec
1420LocalWords: testsuite Texinfo chdir inode fstype afs fls ls EOF lname
1421LocalWords: regex ilname iname ipath iregex printf fprintf
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