descriptionferm is a tool to maintain complex firewalls, without having the trouble to rewrite the complex rules over and over again.
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2015-02-19 Bernd ZeimetzAdd support for the ipvs module.master
2015-02-19 Max Kellermannsupport various target modules
2015-02-19 Max Kellermannsupport new SET parameters
2015-02-19 Max Kellermanndoc: add documentation for new modules
2015-02-19 Max Kellermannsupport various match modules
2015-02-19 Max Kellermannsupport new CONNMARK parameters
2015-02-19 Thibault VINCENTFix confusing typo in error message
2015-02-19 Thibault VINCENTAdd support for netfilter module rpfilter
2015-01-02 divby0added BROUTING to the list of built-in chains (used...
2015-01-02 Max Kellermanntest: add unit test for @defined()
2015-01-02 Max Kellermann@defined() support functions
2015-01-02 Max Kellermann@defined() requires $ prefix
2015-01-02 divby0added the @defined function
2015-01-02 Max KellermannNEWS: rephrase line about exit status
2014-12-28 Max KellermannNFQUEUE: support queue-balance, queue-bypass, queue...
2014-12-28 Max Kellermanntest: sort ferm output
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