descriptionA small framebuffer pdf viewer
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fbpdf is a small framebuffer pdf viewer using mupdf or poppler
2014-07-10 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: zero-page documents are brokenmaster
2014-05-15 Ali Gholami... poppler: crop the rendered page if it is too large
2014-05-14 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: show a message and exit if redrawing fails
2014-05-14 Ali Gholami... mupdf: return NULL if doc_open() fails
2014-05-11 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: C centers the page horizontally
2014-05-05 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: O command sets page number and shows current...
2014-04-19 Ali Gholami... mupdf: support mupdf-1.4
2014-02-17 Ali Gholami... poppler: include draw.h
2014-01-27 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: add Z command to change the default zoom level
2014-01-26 Ali Gholami... djvulibre: support rotation
2013-10-31 Ali Gholami... djvulibre: loading documents may require waiting more...
2013-10-31 Ali Gholami... djvulibre: color support and improved scaling
2013-10-06 Ali Gholami... mupdf: support mupdf-1.3
2013-10-06 Ali Gholami... README: improve the description of 'G' command
2013-04-11 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: add d command to sleep
2013-04-09 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: o command now sets current page number
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