descriptionA small linux framebuffer virtual terminal
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Fbpad is a small and simple linux framebuffer virtual terminal. It manages many terminals through single-letter tags.
2014-11-03 Ali Gholami... font: more commentsmaster
2014-11-03 Ali Gholami... term: inline MODE_DEFAULT
2014-11-02 Ali Gholami... pad: GCPOS() no longer used
2014-11-02 Ali Gholami... pad: improve glyph bitmap caching
2014-11-02 Ali Gholami... fbpad: prevent tag switching with c-m-o
2014-08-31 Felix Jandaisdw: Supplementary Ideographic Plane is double-width
2013-12-06 Ali Gholami... README: mention on litcave for testing
2013-11-03 Ali Gholami... term: redraw the curser after set/reset mode (SM/RM)
2013-09-28 Ali Gholami... fbpad: cast the return value to unsigned char in readchar()
2013-09-23 Ali Gholami... pad: replace pad_blank() and pad_blankrow() with pad_fill()
2013-09-19 Ali Gholami... term: replace term_hist() with term_scrl()
2013-09-19 Ali Gholami... fbpad: do not redraw the whole screen if it was already...
2013-09-18 Ali Gholami... fbpad: use FGCOLOR in tag summary
2013-09-18 Ali Gholami... term: stay in lazy mode for hidden terms
2013-09-18 Ali Gholami... pad: replace FN_C() with FN_C mask
2013-09-16 Ali Gholami... term: without FB, emboldening colors 0-7 should increas...
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