descriptionA small ffmpeg-based framebuffer media player
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2013-02-21 Ali Gholami... fbff: ignore oss device in pause command when no audiomaster
2013-02-15 Ali Gholami... fbff: close the oss device when fbff is paused
2013-02-10 Ali Gholami... ffs: resample audio in ffs_adec()
2012-04-27 Ali Gholami... ffs: revert to the old ffmpeg api in ffs_adec()
2012-04-26 Ali Gholami... ffs: use the updated api in ffmpeg 0.10
2012-04-26 Ali Gholami... ffs: fix the uninitialized avpacket in ffs_adec()
2012-02-28 Ali Gholami... README: mention the new -u -s# options
2012-02-28 Ali Gholami... fbff: add -u to automatically record avdiff when video...
2012-02-28 Ali Gholami... fbff: support short options like -z2
2012-02-27 Ali Gholami... fbff: add periodic syncs
2012-02-14 Ali Gholami... fbff: fit the screen vertically if needed
2012-01-13 Ali Gholami... README: mention -b and -r parameters
2012-01-08 Ali Gholami... fbff: add -b to adjust video to the bottom
2012-01-08 Ali Gholami... ffs: ffmpeg needs avformat_network_init()
2011-11-03 Ali Gholami... ffs: fix video frame rate delay on x86_64
2011-09-21 Ali Gholami... av sync after seek commands
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