descriptionPrograms to feed git-fast-import
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2014-07-06 Frej DrejhammarOnly dump heads in head cachemaster
2014-05-30 ChrisUpdate README with note about no working directory
2014-05-02 Piotr ŚwięcickiAnnotate commits with the hg hash as git notes in the...
2014-04-13 Kyle J. replace egrep with grep
2014-03-28 Kyle J. do not sort merge commit parents
2014-03-16 frejMerge pull request #23 from ritcheyer/master
2014-03-16 Kyle J. improve authors file compatibility
2014-03-16 Kyle J. clean up help text and support ...
2014-03-16 Kyle J. McKayhg-fast-export: support new --hgtags option
2014-03-16 Kyle J. do not lose file mode changes
2014-03-16 Kyle J. support older hg versions
2014-03-16 Kyle J. restore compatibility with older...
2014-03-16 Kyle J. Do not ignore
2014-03-16 Kyle J. McKayRevert "Don't ignore exit code"
2014-03-16 Kyle J. McKayRevert "Make bashism conditional on the shell being...
2014-03-13 Eric Ritcheychecking for - and converting - backslashes
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fast-export/rorcz.git Local fork with... 4 weeks ago
fast-export/benizi.git 2 years ago
fast-export/fast-export-unix-compliant.git dereckson@espace... 2 years ago
fast-export/dharding.git 2 years ago
fast-export/barak.git tweaks and maybe debian packag... 2 years ago