2013-12-30 Kyle J. McKayCACreateCert: fix typo in helpmaster
2013-12-01 Kyle J. McKayExamples.html: correct some wording
2013-09-10 Kyle J. McKayConvertPubKey: show DSA prime divisor bit size
2013-09-10 Kyle J. McKayRemove incorrect option aliases
2013-07-04 Kyle J. McKayCACreateCert: add support for --dnq to add a dnQualifier
2013-07-03 Kyle J. McKayCACreateCert: allow multiple --suffix options
2013-06-20 Kyle J. McKayConvertPubKey: Add hint comment to locate help
2013-06-11 Kyle J. McKayRemove some ConvertPubKey debugging code
2013-06-11 Kyle J. McKayNew ConvertPubKey utility
2013-06-11 Kyle J. McKayCACreateCert: Fix undefined infilename variable when...
2013-05-16 Kyle J. McKaySwitch from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1 so it works with dumb...
2013-05-14 Kyle J. McKayAdd support for --suffix option
2013-05-11 Kyle J. McKayAdd support for --in and --out options
2013-05-10 Kyle J. McKayAdd a README.txt file
2013-05-10 Kyle J. McKayAdd an Examples.html page
2013-05-07 Kyle J. McKayPrefer /dev/urandom over /dev/random if it exists
2013-05-07 Kyle J. McKayAdd some license text to version output
2013-05-07 Kyle J. McKayMake --random the default for --root and support -...
2013-05-07 Kyle J. McKayAdd a license
2013-03-28 Kyle J. McKayMake CACreateCertClient the only tool since it does...
2013-03-28 Kyle J. McKayExtensive --help updates
2013-03-28 Kyle J. McKayMake --applecodesign use CN instead of userId
2013-03-28 Kyle J. McKayAuto detect when --pubx509 option needed
2013-03-28 Kyle J. McKayFix incorrect unpack calls in GetCertInfo
2012-09-07 Kyle J. McKayCACreateCertClient: fix description grammo
2011-10-30 Kyle J. McKayAdd --rootauth and --authext to optionally restore...
2011-10-26 Kyle J. McKaySupport new --applecodesign, --client and --pathlen...
2011-10-26 Kyle J. McKayMake Xcode Perl parser behave
2011-09-21 Kyle J. McKayMore extensions fiddling
2011-09-20 Kyle J. McKayYet even more capabilities added
2011-09-18 Kyle J. McKayCorrect value encoded for authorityCertIssuer
2011-09-18 Kyle J. McKayMore capabilities
2011-09-17 Kyle J. McKayUtility to create a client certificate from only an...
2011-09-17 Kyle J. McKayUse everything except the serial number in the hash...
2011-09-15 Kyle J. McKayMinor comment cleanup
2011-09-15 Kyle J. McKayMake generated certificates be repeatable by default...
2011-09-14 Kyle J. McKayDisplay OpenSSH md5 and sha1 fingerprints in verbose...
2011-09-14 Kyle J. McKayTool that creates a root certificate from an RSA privat...