2011-10-22 Austin BinghamAdded eproject-clear and eproject-repopulate methodsmob
2011-05-29 Austin Binghaminitial attempt at eproject-populate
2010-06-27 Tom Breton... Added autoload declarations to entry point functions
2010-06-27 Tom Breton... Prettied up customization format
2010-06-27 Tom Breton... Changed config defvars to defcustoms with appropriate...
2010-06-27 Tom Breton... Changed config defvars to defcustoms with appropriate...
2010-06-23 grischkaemacs bug: need to restart deferred jit-lock-functionmaster
2010-06-23 grischkamake "rename buffer" feature optional
2010-06-23 grischkamake "autotracking" feature optional
2010-06-23 grischkaremove some keybindings in eproject-dired
2010-06-23 grischkaput keybindings in front of the file
2010-06-21 grischkareformat
2010-06-14 grischkaprj-wcc-hook: consider all windows
2010-06-06 grischkafix assignment to free variable
2010-05-19 grischkamake some features configurablev0.4
2010-05-10 grischkacleanup directory logic
2010-05-04 grischkacleanup
2010-05-04 grischkaprj-find-file-hook: use prj-wcc-hook
2010-05-04 grischkaregister .dot-files too
2010-05-04 grischkamove "require grep" into function
2010-05-04 grischkadon't save-all on kill-emacs
2010-05-04 grischkaalso save freshly added files
2009-07-05 grischkaremove trailing whitespaces
2009-06-28 grischkause "load-file-name" instead of "symbol-file"
2009-06-27 grischkatabs to spaces
2009-04-26 grischkaexclude .dot files from automatic registration
2009-04-26 grischkaallow multiple projects per directory
2009-04-20 grischkacleanup prj-globalfile
2009-04-16 grischkaisearch in all project files
2009-04-16 grischkaprj-find-file: factor out from prj-edit-file
2009-04-16 grischkaprj-prev/next-file: return nil on end
2009-04-13 grischkaeproject-0.3v0.3
2009-04-13 grischkafix issue with user-emacs-directory on Emacs 22.
2009-04-13 grischkareplace obsolete last-command-char
2009-01-24 grischkacopyright date updatev0.2
2009-01-24 grischkakill-hook
2008-12-26 grischkamenu change
2008-12-21 grischkastore frame-size only in graphics mode
2008-12-01 grischkachange menu
2008-11-17 grischkasimplify
2008-11-16 grischkalookup buffer by name instead of filename
2008-11-15 grischkaadjust for latest emacs peculiarities
2008-11-13 grischkaremove trailing whitespace
2008-05-13 grischkaswitch to previous file on kill-buffer
2008-05-13 grischkareplace goto-line to avoid annoying "Mark set" message
2008-05-13 grischkacheck for ewm
2008-05-13 grischkafix window-start in setup
2008-04-09 grischkaremove trailing whitespace
2008-03-25 grischkaalt. menu order
2008-03-25 grischkatypo
2008-03-24 grischkaecb test
2008-03-24 grischkadired run
2008-03-24 grischkasort menu
2008-03-24 grischkaadd more default menu entries
2008-03-24 grischkaadd exec-async
2008-03-24 grischkachange version
2008-03-24 grischkaeproject-0.1v0.1