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A midi sequencer
 _____       _      _                   _ 
| ____|_ __ (_) ___| |__   ___  _ __ __| |
|  _| | '_ \| |/ __| '_ \ / _ \| '__/ _` |
| |___| |_) | | (__| | | | (_) | | | (_| |
|_____| .__/|_|\___|_| |_|\___/|_|  \__,_|


Epichord is a midi sequencer. It allows you to arrange midi patterns to be 
played on midi aware tools, record midi, and store/load arrangements to/from 
disk. It does not make sound or handle audio in any way. That is the job of 
other midi programs and hardware to which it can connect.

**where to get the source**

Epichord is licensed under the GNU GPL, so by using this program you implicitly
accept the ability to get the source code if you do not already have it.

the source is in a git repo at

Use the following command to get a clone of the repo which you can use
to easily get updates to the very latest version, or to make improvments
and submit them. The repo has the mob branch enabled so you do not need
a password to use that branch.

git clone git://

**how to build**

Assuming you have a basic gnu/linux-type setup (a compiler, X, etc) you need 
some additional libs to build this program.

fltk-2.0      graphical user interface
jack-0.109.2  or any recent version of jack with midi support

optional dependencies:

lash          use the latest version if you want to actually use lash

After installing those, you can build and do a default install by:


When the build finishes, run the following as root:

  make install

If you have problems during configuration, read the error message.
If you have problems during make, contact the developer or fix the problem 
and contact the developer with the solution.

If you want to install to a different location than the default you must
pass the directory to configure like this

  ./configure --prefix=/usr

You can also set the location where the program will search for graphics
and documentation:

  ./configure --datadir=/usr/share

Currently this means the program will look in /usr/share/epichord/gfx 
for graphics and /usr/share/epichord/doc for documentation.

Run ./configure -h for more configuration options.

**How to get help**

If you cant figure out the controls read the list of controls in controls.txt

If you dont know what you are doing at all, you can read the guide.txt

As a last resort you can try to get help at #lad on freenode

All help is available from inside the program by pressing the ? button.


Who wrote this software?

Why yet another midi sequencer. Aren't there enough already?

What is the grand over-arching philosophy of this program?

Why can I not load samples and audio clips?

Why did you use FLTK? It sucks!

Why did you use c++? It sucks!

Why did you use autoconf and automake? It sucks!

The name Epichord is too cutesy. Can't you think of a better name?

Will there be a Windows(R) version?

When will the next release, with many new features, be ready?

Can you please add feature XYZ?
2009-09-22 EvanRMouse wheel now scrolls horizontally in piano roll.master
2009-09-22 EvanRFixed initial middle click on arranger segfaults.
2009-09-22 EvanRFixed stop-scroll functionality.
2009-09-22 EvanRStop button scrolls arranger.
2009-09-22 Nedko ArnaudovMake LASH optional and detected by configure script
2009-09-21 EvanRAdded several shortcuts.
2009-09-21 EvanRModified the controls help file.
2009-09-21 EvanRAdded ctrl-s shortcut.
2009-05-28 EvanRFixed bug in resize.
2009-05-27 EvanRBank widget goes to 16383. Sends/responds to LSB and...
2009-05-27 EvanRShifted triplets so they are right.
2009-05-27 EvanRFixed bug in which import and load cause stuck notes.
2009-05-26 EvanRBank widget sends controller change 32 instead of 0.
2009-05-26 EvanRAdded changing cursors to indicate resizing and moving.
2009-05-26 EvanRDynamically updating controller widgets, and now in...
2009-05-25 EvanRMore robust automatic note-off abilities.
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