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2013-05-17 Oliver Glothfeature magic is an amplification factor for edge sharp... master
2013-05-17 Oliver Glothfixed 3D feature resolution
2013-05-17 Oliver Glothmoved SurfaceAlgorithm inheritance to CadInterface
2013-05-17 Oliver Glothfeature angle defaults to 20deg now
2013-05-17 Oliver Glothprints face orientation quality now
2013-05-17 Oliver Glothadded name for quality measure
2013-05-17 Oliver Glothfailed projection will be quality=1 now
2013-05-17 Oliver Glothadded screen output functionality
2013-05-17 Oliver Glothadded method to get number of feature neighbour nodes
2013-05-17 Oliver Glothfeature magic defaults to 1 now
2013-05-17 Oliver Glothtried to improve initial type of inserted nodes
2013-05-17 Oliver Glothmade settings version dependent
2013-05-17 Oliver Glothput widgets in proper order again
2013-05-17 Oliver Glothadded quoted version text
2013-05-17 Oliver Glothmade shootRay public
2013-05-16 Oliver Glothvarious improvements to speed up surface meshing of...
3 years ago before_ccorr_rewrite This is the state before the attemp...
4 years ago smesh intermediate surface meshing
4 years ago 1.2.0 1.2.0 release
4 years ago 1.2rc4 rc4 for 1.2
4 years ago 1.2rc3 rc3 for 1.2
4 years ago 1.3dev master branch just after release...
4 years ago 1.2rc1 release candidate 1 for 1.2
5 years ago pre_release_1.1_a a working snapshot (number A)
5 years ago openfoamgui_release2 -working engrid version given to...
5 years ago openfoamgui_release
5 years ago 1.0-dev Development based on release 1.0
5 years ago 1.1 Working on release 1.1
5 years ago trunk
unknown release_1-0_branch_root
unknown surface_smoothing_ADD_ROOT
21 months ago windows
21 months ago master
2 years ago windows-1.4
2 years ago release-1.4
2 years ago release-1.3
2 years ago windows-1.3
3 years ago windows-1.2.0
3 years ago brlcad_projection
4 years ago windows_philippose
4 years ago new_rules
4 years ago release