2011-02-17 Giuseppe Scrivanomake the minibuffer mutex recursive.other-branches/old-concurrency
2010-03-29 Giuseppe ScrivanoDefine the `mutexp' function.
2010-03-29 Giuseppe ScrivanoAdd support for non-recursive mutexes.
2010-03-11 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix problems caused by the last rebase.
2010-02-13 Giuseppe ScrivanoHandle exclusive access to the minibuffer using a mutex...
2010-02-12 Giuseppe ScrivanoMutex object initial implementation.
2010-01-22 Giuseppe ScrivanoRevert "Support more complex code blocks as argument...
2010-01-14 Giuseppe ScrivanoRemove blocal_getrealvalue
2010-01-14 Giuseppe ScrivanoIf a no-let-bound buffer-local symbol's value is modifi...
2010-01-14 Giuseppe Scrivanothe thread_yield return value considers blocked threads too
2010-01-14 Giuseppe Scrivanoxg_select uses thread_select
2010-01-13 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix gnus startup in a separate thread.
2010-01-13 Giuseppe Scrivanolocal_var_alist_ is shared by threads.
2010-01-12 Giuseppe ScrivanoCleanup
2010-01-11 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix some binding-testsuite.el test cases when threads...
2010-01-11 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse get_current_thread to retrieve the current thread...
2010-01-11 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix a bug introduced by recent changes
2010-01-03 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse the `realvalue' when the default binding is used.
2010-01-03 Giuseppe ScrivanoUnbind thread-bound variables when the thread is termin...
2010-01-03 Giuseppe ScrivanoPropagate buffer-local-variables changes to other threads.
2010-01-02 Giuseppe ScrivanoBuffer local variables per-thread almost work now
2010-01-01 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse the global value as initial realvalue.
2010-01-01 Giuseppe ScrivanoHandle default value
2009-12-31 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix gc segfault.
2009-12-31 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse the buffer local value for symval forwarding
2009-12-31 Giuseppe ScrivanoAvoid a double symval forwarding
2009-12-31 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix per-thread buffer-local variables
2009-12-31 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix make bootstrap
2009-12-31 Giuseppe Scrivanonow realvalue is a Lisp_ThreadLocal
2009-12-28 Giuseppe ScrivanoInitialize realvalue to sym->value.
2009-12-27 Giuseppe ScrivanoRemove control, l->thread_data can't be nil at this...
2009-12-27 Giuseppe Scrivanoblocal_get_thread_data is not used before blocal_set_th...
2009-12-26 Giuseppe ScrivanoMove realvalue to thread_data.
2009-12-26 Giuseppe ScrivanoRename struct Lisp_Buffer_Local_Value `cdrs' member...
2009-12-25 Giuseppe ScrivanoInitial per-thread buffer local variables support.
2009-11-29 Tom TromeyChange Lisp_Buffer_Local_Value representation.
2009-11-15 Tom TromeyDefine and use SET_PER_BUFFER_VALUE_RAW
2009-11-11 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix some elisp routines.
2009-11-11 Giuseppe ScrivanoSet the buffer after the lock is acquired.
2009-11-11 Giuseppe ScrivanoRemove desired_buffer from the thread_state struct.
2009-11-11 Giuseppe ScrivanoRename buffer_cond to thread_cond.
2009-11-09 Giuseppe ScrivanoRemove the buffer-locking mechanism.
2009-10-08 Giuseppe ScrivanoHandle the thread_notify_kill_buffer return code.
2009-10-08 Giuseppe ScrivanoNotify threads when a buffer is killed.
2009-10-06 Tom TromeyInitialize threads properly.
2009-10-05 Giuseppe ScrivanoInhibit yield during a redisplay
2009-10-05 Giuseppe Scrivano`unbind_to' will restore the previous inhibit_yield...
2009-10-02 Tom TromeyUse ALLOCATE_PSEUDOVECTOR.
2009-10-01 Giuseppe ScrivanoMark `last_thing_searched' and `saved_last_thing_search...
2009-09-30 Giuseppe ScrivanoAllow to yield when buffer local variables are let...
2009-09-29 Tom TromeyMake regular expression match data per-thread.
2009-09-28 Tom Tromeyminor updates to buffer-objfwd patch
2009-09-28 Tom TromeyMake buffer-objfwd variables work per-thread.
2009-09-24 Giuseppe ScrivanoSet the current_buffer properly.
2009-09-24 Giuseppe ScrivanoDetach the thread when it is sleeping on `select'
2009-09-24 Giuseppe ScrivanoUnlock the buffer on yields when buffer local variables...
2009-09-23 Giuseppe ScrivanoYield to another thread if the subprocess has no data...
2009-09-22 Giuseppe ScrivanoMove with-no-threads inside the let body block.
2009-09-21 Giuseppe ScrivanoDefine the `with-no-threads' macro and use it in the...
2009-09-21 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix a problem with the garbage collector, storing the...
2009-09-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoRewrite the condition to wake-up the thread that locked...
2009-09-19 Tom TromeyDefine with-new-thread macro.
2009-09-19 Tom TromeyCall error if thread creation failed.
2009-09-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoRaise an error when the thread cannot be created correctly.
2009-09-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoImplementation of a custom threads scheduler. Try to...
2009-09-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoMove all locking logic into thread.c.
2009-09-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoWhen there are other active threads, yield returns t.
2009-09-18 Giuseppe Scrivanorun-in-thread accepts a new optional argument: nolock.
2009-09-18 Giuseppe ScrivanoProtect from yield while waiting for keyboard input.
2009-09-18 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix a problem introduced with 9541917a66e9ef59a64bfe19c...
2009-09-18 Giuseppe ScrivanoBlock yield if garbage collecting can cause an abort.
2009-09-18 Giuseppe ScrivanoA new thread maintain the parent's buffer when the...
2009-09-18 Giuseppe ScrivanoBlock yield when input is blocked.
2009-09-18 Giuseppe ScrivanoWhen Finhibit_yield is not-nil, allow access to any...
2009-09-17 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix a bug introduced in ccdc353864000ec8f13cb64d95cd577...
2009-09-17 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse `waitpid' to check if a process is still alive...
2009-09-17 Giuseppe ScrivanoAllow access to the minibuffer only to a thread at...
2009-09-17 Giuseppe ScrivanoHonor the function return type.
2009-09-17 Giuseppe ScrivanoAvoid the access to NULL memory while gc marks.
2009-09-17 Giuseppe ScrivanoRemove assertion that does not seem valid anymore.
2009-09-17 Giuseppe ScrivanoNow it is possible to disable threading using "inhibit...
2009-09-17 Giuseppe ScrivanoReflect last changes in the GDB script.
2009-09-17 Giuseppe ScrivanoSignals can be captured by any thread.
2009-09-16 Giuseppe ScrivanoInitialize a new buffer's owner to nil.
2009-09-16 Giuseppe ScrivanoSupport more complex code blocks as argument to `run...
2009-09-16 Giuseppe ScrivanoFree the thread specdl. Bug introduced with c466c557f39...
2009-09-16 Giuseppe ScrivanoRevert to the previous code.
2009-09-16 Giuseppe ScrivanoCheck for `other_threads_p ()' in the inner loop too...
2009-09-16 Giuseppe ScrivanoSolve some problems with memory cleanup.
2009-09-15 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix a segfault when m_current_buffer is NULL
2009-09-15 Giuseppe ScrivanoInitialize stack_top when a new thread is created.
2009-09-14 Tom TromeyRelease the current buffer when a thread exits.
2009-09-13 Tom TromeyFix boundp and a bug in store_symval_forwarding.
2009-09-11 Tom TromeyFirst working draft of thread-local binding.
2009-09-11 Tom TromeyFix another oversight in thread.c.
2009-09-11 Tom TromeyFix two bad bugs in thread.c.
2009-09-09 Tom TromeyInitial code for buffer locking.
2009-09-09 Tom TromeyIntroduce threads.
2009-09-09 Tom TromeyIntroduce thread-local object.
2009-09-09 Tom TromeyRewrite globals to allow indirection in C.