7 hours ago Dmitry GutovAdd a second argument to project-ignoresmaster
17 hours ago Eli ZaretskiiPrevent incorrect display when 'line-spacing' variable...
18 hours ago Dmitry GutovDon't pass NOVISIT to find-file
18 hours ago Dmitry GutovIgnore buffer restriction for tags-loop-eval
20 hours ago Glenn Morris; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
20 hours ago Eli ZaretskiiFix a thinko in 'ffap-gopher-at-point'
21 hours ago Eli ZaretskiiHonor 'line-spacing' for empty lines
22 hours ago Paul EggertSimplify by assuming C99 integer division
37 hours ago Paul EggertDon't overflow if computing approximate percentage
37 hours ago Paul EggertFix some int overflows in profiler.c
37 hours ago Paul EggertPort to pedantic memcpy
37 hours ago Paul EggertMerge from gnulib
42 hours ago Artur Malabarba* lisp/emacs-lisp/tabulated-list.el (tabulated-list...
45 hours ago Eli Zaretskii;* src/w32fns.c (syms_of_w32fns): Fix last commit.
45 hours ago Eli ZaretskiiAllow to use the old key processing code on MS-Windows
45 hours ago Ilya ZakharevichImprove handling of Unicode keyboard input on MS-Windows
2 days ago Dmitry GutovFix default-directory in changeset diffs after vc-print-log
2 days ago Dmitry GutovRename project-directories to project-roots
2 days ago Eli ZaretskiiSupport long URLs in w32-shell-execute
3 days ago Stephen Leakevc-mtn-find-revision handle null rev.
3 days ago Stephen LeakeAdd docs for display-buffer action display-buffer-use...
3 days ago Stephen LeakeAdd display-buffer action display-buffer-use-some-frame
3 days ago Stephen LeakeHandle vc-mtn error more gently
3 days ago Michael AlbinusFix Tramp problems with multihops, and nc.
3 days ago Eli ZaretskiiResurrect highlighting of repeated words by Flyspell...
3 days ago Eli ZaretskiiFix redisplay of large images on expose events
4 days ago Paul EggertRemove unnecessary stack overflow dependency
4 days ago Andy MoretonPacify compilation -Wincompatible-pointer-types warnings
4 days ago Paul EggertFix subscript error in calculate_direct_scrolling
4 days ago Paul EggertFix uninitalized value in encode_coding_object
5 days ago Xue Fuqiao* doc/lispref/variables.texi (Variable Aliases): Typo...
5 days ago Paul EggertMerge from gnulib
5 days ago Eli ZaretskiiHandle NULL pointers in w32heap.c allocation routines
5 days ago Eli ZaretskiiFix Cairo build without PNG
5 days ago Eli ZaretskiiMS-Windows follow-up for recent TZ-related changes
6 days ago Paul Eggert* src/ftfont.c (ftfont_close): Add comment re Bug#20890.
6 days ago Paul EggertNew optional ZONE arg for format-time-string etc.
6 days ago Shigeru FukayaFix infinite loop in delete-consecutive-dups
6 days ago Martin RudalicsHave `x-frame-geometry' return nil for terminal and...
6 days ago Glenn Morris; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
6 days ago HOSOYA Kei* etc/tutorials/TUTORIAL.ja: Improve translation.
7 days ago Eli ZaretskiiAvoid crashes when w32 GUI functions are called in...
7 days ago Eli ZaretskiiFix flyspell-check-previous-highlighted-word
8 days ago Michael AlbinusMinor cleanup in tramp-tests.el
8 days ago Harald Hanche... Pass lambdas to `skeleton-read'
8 days ago Eli Zaretskii* INSTALL (DETAILED BUILDING AND INSTALLATION): Mention...
8 days ago Eli ZaretskiiDon't require GUI frames and mouse for Flyspell menus
8 days ago Eli ZaretskiiImprove documentation of Flyspell commands
9 days ago Michael AlbinusFix some Tramp problems with HP-UX
10 days ago Glenn Morris* build-aux/update-subdirs: Put "no-update-autoloads...
10 days ago Dmitry Gutov; xref-find-regexp: (require 'grep), for grep-read...
10 days ago Eli ZaretskiiFix point positioning in ffap-next-guess
10 days ago Martin RudalicsFix customization type of `even-window-sizes'.
10 days ago Martin Rudalics2015-07-22 Martin Rudalics <rudalics@gmx.at>
10 days ago Stephen Leakeadd file name to autoload error messages.
11 days ago Michael AlbinusUse as test host in Tramp
11 days ago Stefan Monnier(advice--called-interactively-skip): Fix inf-loop ...
11 days ago Glenn Morris* test/automated/package-test.el (package-test-signed):
11 days ago Glenn Morris* test/automated/elisp-mode-tests.el
11 days ago Dmitry GutovMake eldoc timer non-repeatable
11 days ago Michael AlbinusMention `tramp-connection-properties' in NEWS
11 days ago Michael AlbinusSync with Tramp repository
12 days ago Dmitry GutovAdd new xref-query-replace command
12 days ago Dmitry Gutov; Fix a typo
12 days ago Paul EggertSimplify icalendar decoding of Z dates
13 days ago Dmitry GutovDo not corrupt grep-find-ignored-files
13 days ago Dmitry GutovAdd xref-match-item, and use it
13 days ago Dmitry GutovRename xref--xref to xref-item
13 days ago Dmitry GutovRename xref description slot to summary
13 days ago Dmitry Gutovvc-hg: Perform the print-log call asynchronously
13 days ago Dmitry GutovAdd xref-after-jump-hook and xref-after-return-hook
13 days ago Glenn Morris; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
2015-07-19 Bozhidar BatsovCorrect js-mode's lighter
2015-07-19 Leo LiuFix a bug in cfengine3-mode
2015-07-19 Julien Danjousieve-mode: support "body" test command
2015-07-18 Eli ZaretskiiFix info-apropos when the default encoding is Latin-N
2015-07-18 Ivan Andrus* epg.el (epg--start): Check that gpgconf can be found...
2015-07-18 Ivan AndrusExpose more file types to OS X that Emacs understands.
2015-07-18 Eli ZaretskiiFix visual-order cursor movement when lines are truncated
2015-07-18 Eli ZaretskiiFix following Info cross-references to anchors
2015-07-18 Eli ZaretskiiFix scrolling backwards on TTY frames under scroll...
2015-07-18 Dmitry GutovConsider a jsdoc tag to be a beginning of a paragraph...
2015-07-17 Artur Malabarba* lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Fix warnings
2015-07-17 Artur Malabarba* lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-buffer-info):
2015-07-17 Artur Malabarba* lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Many small changes
2015-07-17 Artur Malabarba* lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package--with-work-buffer...
2015-07-17 Paul EggertFix hang with large yanks This should fix the bug fixed...
2015-07-17 Artur Malabarba* lisp/obsolete/longlines.el (longlines-search-function):
2015-07-17 Tassilo HornSupport @-mentions
2015-07-16 Michael AlbinusFix Bug#20943.
2015-07-16 Ari RoponenFix delete-dups bug on long lists
2015-07-16 Paul EggertBetter heuristic for C stack overflow
2015-07-16 Daiki Uenoepg: Automatically start pinentry server
2015-07-15 Katsumi Yamaoka* lisp/gnus/nnimap.el: Fix my last bogus change
2015-07-15 Paul EggertMerge from gnulib
2015-07-15 Paul EggertPort to stricter C99
2015-07-15 Xue Fuqiao* doc/emacs/frames.texi (Creating Frames): Fix the...
2015-07-14 Michael AlbinusNew autorevert tests.
2015-07-14 Paul EggertClear gcprolist etc. after stack overflow
2015-07-13 Xue Fuqiao* doc/emacs/windows.texi (Pop Up Window): Fix the descr...