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2 hours ago Paul EggertAvoid some core dumps in X session managementmaster
3 hours ago Paul EggertPort user-login-name initialization to Qnil == 0
3 hours ago Paul EggertPort etags to -DDEBUG
4 hours ago Paul EggertAssume !BROKEN_NON_BLOCKING_CONNECT
8 hours ago Eli ZaretskiiFix crashes when restoring sub-char-tables from desktop...
12 hours ago Eli ZaretskiiFix the bug number of previous commit: should be bug...
12 hours ago Eli ZaretskiiSupport non-blocking connect on MS-Windows (Bug#20207)
19 hours ago Wolfgang JenknerPreserve face text properties in comint prompt.
25 hours ago Daniel ColascioneShut up python-mode's indentation guesser
28 hours ago Stefan Monnier* lisp/emacs-lisp/cl|eieio: Minor tweaks
44 hours ago Boruch Baum* lisp/bookmark.el (bookmark-show-all-annotations)...
44 hours ago Paul EggertSpelling fixes
2 days ago Dmitry GutovOnly escape quotation mark, backslash and cntrl U+0000...
2 days ago Stefan Monnier* etc/TODO: Remove obsolete entries.
2 days ago Artur Malabarbaemacs-lisp/checkdoc.el: Don't complain about args start...
2 days ago Stefan Monnier* international/mule-cmds.el: Show chars in C-x 8 RET...
13 hours ago emacs-24.5-rc1
2 weeks ago emacs-24.4.91
7 weeks ago emacs-24.4.90
5 months ago emacs-24.4
5 months ago emacs-24.4-rc1
5 months ago emacs-24.3.94
7 months ago emacs-24.3.93
8 months ago emacs-24.3.92
10 months ago emacs-24.3.91
11 months ago emacs-24.3.90
2 years ago emacs-24.3
2 years ago emacs-24.3-rc1
2 years ago emacs-24.2.93
2 years ago emacs-24.2.92
2 years ago emacs-24.2.91
2 years ago emacs-24.2.90
2 hours ago master
13 hours ago emacs-24
7 days ago xwidget_mvp
5 weeks ago cairo
5 weeks ago scratch/check-declare
6 weeks ago scratch/package-fix
6 weeks ago feature/aptel/dynamic-modules-rc3
6 weeks ago shr-fontified
6 weeks ago xwidget
2 months ago scratch/xref
3 months ago fix/subst-char-in-region
3 months ago dynamic-modules-rc2
4 months ago nsm
17 months ago concurrency
2 years ago emacs-23
2 years ago old-branches/profiler
emacs/old-mirror.git The old git mirror of the... 4 months ago