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61 min ago Michael AlbinusFix Tramp problems with multihops, and nc.master
2 hours ago Eli ZaretskiiResurrect highlighting of repeated words by Flyspell...
3 hours ago Eli ZaretskiiFix redisplay of large images on expose events
15 hours ago Paul EggertRemove unnecessary stack overflow dependency
30 hours ago Andy MoretonPacify compilation -Wincompatible-pointer-types warnings
37 hours ago Paul EggertFix subscript error in calculate_direct_scrolling
37 hours ago Paul EggertFix uninitalized value in encode_coding_object
43 hours ago Xue Fuqiao* doc/lispref/variables.texi (Variable Aliases): Typo...
44 hours ago Paul EggertMerge from gnulib
2 days ago Eli ZaretskiiHandle NULL pointers in w32heap.c allocation routines
2 days ago Eli ZaretskiiFix Cairo build without PNG
2 days ago Eli ZaretskiiMS-Windows follow-up for recent TZ-related changes
2 days ago Paul Eggert* src/ftfont.c (ftfont_close): Add comment re Bug#20890.
3 days ago Paul EggertNew optional ZONE arg for format-time-string etc.
3 days ago Shigeru FukayaFix infinite loop in delete-consecutive-dups
3 days ago Martin RudalicsHave `x-frame-geometry' return nil for terminal and...
3 months ago emacs-24.5-rc3-fixed Identical to emacs-24.5-rc3 with...
3 months ago emacs-24.5
3 months ago emacs-24.5-rc3
3 months ago emacs-24.5-rc2
4 months ago emacs-24.5-rc1
4 months ago emacs-24.4.91
5 months ago emacs-24.4.90
9 months ago emacs-24.4
9 months ago emacs-24.4-rc1
9 months ago emacs-24.3.94
11 months ago emacs-24.3.93
13 months ago emacs-24.3.92
14 months ago emacs-24.3.91
15 months ago emacs-24.3.90
2 years ago emacs-24.3
2 years ago emacs-24.3-rc1
61 min ago master
2 weeks ago scratch/project
3 weeks ago scratch/quote-escaping
5 weeks ago emacs-24
7 weeks ago scratch/dynamic-modules-2
2 months ago xwidget_mvp
2 months ago cairo
3 months ago scratch/remove-internal-field
3 months ago scratch/fix-info-dups
3 months ago scratch/highlight-n-windows
5 months ago shr-fontified
5 months ago xwidget
6 months ago scratch/xref
7 months ago dynamic-modules-rc2
8 months ago nsm
21 months ago concurrency
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