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108 min ago Paul EggertLink to glib-using libraries when checking for glib.mastertrunk
19 hours ago Juanma BarranqueroMerge from emacs-24; up to r116982
24 hours ago Michael Albinus* automated/tramp-tests.el (tramp-copy-size-limit)...
24 hours ago Michael AlbinusAvoid recursive load of tramp.el
34 hours ago Eli ZaretskiiFix bug #17288 with inserting left truncation glyph...
35 hours ago Eli Zaretskiisrc/ChangeLog: Add header line to recent MSDOS-related...
36 hours ago Paul Eggert* emacs.c (close_output_streams): Don't clear and resto...
46 hours ago Paul Eggert* notes/bzr: Update instructions for merging from gnulib.
2 days ago Paul Eggert* term.c (tty_send_additional_strings): No need to...
2 days ago Jan D.Prevent endless loop in x_make_frame_visible.
2 days ago Eli ZaretskiiFix bug #17281 with infloop in line-pixel-height.
2 days ago Daniel Colascione2014-04-17 Daniel Colascione <>
2 days ago Eli ZaretskiiFix bug #17269 with corruption of the newline cache.
2 days ago Paul Eggert* GNUmakefile: Speed up 'make bootstrap' in fresh checkout.
2 days ago Paul Eggert* (force-info): Remove.
2 days ago Ian D* lisp/image-mode.el (image-mode-window-put): Also...
7 days ago emacs-24.3.90
7 months ago lost+found/d4cd8d7c34cc79dc4abd0fec33cec74afa33e2d0
10 months ago lost+found/12d398afa4d2b77d606b28fe43a2e5200c863419
13 months ago emacs-24.3
13 months ago emacs-24.3-rc1
13 months ago mh-e-8.5
13 months ago mh-e-doc-8.5
14 months ago emacs-24.2.93
15 months ago lost+found/9a1501510c2a842e8597d695fec05563161a84b7
15 months ago lost+found/e387e14faeea08877c99ddf798d5a4c9f7999c72
15 months ago emacs-24.2.92
15 months ago lost+found/5cf718038f760d6dc2e21dee3ce98061a975488a
15 months ago lost+found/b2e45f822e55882dda1bb80ca8b845d062d6d523
16 months ago emacs-24.2.91
16 months ago lost+found/c003b5d7e29f2b7c3c340d4aa851a61cfa481ec8
16 months ago mh-e-doc-8.4
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