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118 min ago Paul EggertFix minor text quoting in calc, calendar, vcmaster
3 hours ago Paul EggertFix minor text quoting problems in lisp top level
13 hours ago Simen HeggestøylFix indentation rule in css-mode
17 hours ago Eli ZaretskiiFix a bug in recording a macro while flyspell-mode...
30 hours ago Wieland Hoffmann; Fix a typo in the EPA docs
36 hours ago Paul EggertTweak startup screen quoting
39 hours ago Paul EggertAdd test case for ‘format’ bug and refactor
44 hours ago Paul EggertFix ‘format’ bug with property offsets
45 hours ago Paul EggertUse straight quotes in lib-src diagnostics
45 hours ago Paul Eggert‘text-quoting-style’ fixes for admin
2 days ago Paul EggertAssume GC_MARK_STACK == GC_MAKE_GCPROS_NOOPS
2 days ago Nicolas PettonImprove seq-concatenate for new sequence types
2 days ago Stephen LeakeAdd mode local overrides to xref-find-definitions
2 days ago Stephen LeakeAdd mode local overrides to describe-function
2 days ago Paul EggertPrefer straight quoting in some etc text files
2 days ago Paul EggertFix quoting in ‘message_with_string’
4 months ago emacs-24.5-rc3-fixed Identical to emacs-24.5-rc3 with...
4 months ago emacs-24.5
4 months ago emacs-24.5-rc3
4 months ago emacs-24.5-rc2
5 months ago emacs-24.5-rc1
5 months ago emacs-24.4.91
6 months ago emacs-24.4.90
10 months ago emacs-24.4
10 months ago emacs-24.4-rc1
10 months ago emacs-24.3.94
12 months ago emacs-24.3.93
14 months ago emacs-24.3.92
15 months ago emacs-24.3.91
16 months ago emacs-24.3.90
2 years ago emacs-24.3
2 years ago emacs-24.3-rc1
118 min ago master
23 hours ago scratch/dbusbind-type
7 days ago fix/no-undo-boundary-on-secondary-buffer-change
2 weeks ago stream
3 weeks ago emacs-24
4 weeks ago xwidget_mvp
7 weeks ago scratch/project
7 weeks ago scratch/quote-escaping
2 months ago scratch/dynamic-modules-2
3 months ago cairo
4 months ago scratch/remove-internal-field
4 months ago scratch/fix-info-dups
4 months ago scratch/highlight-n-windows
6 months ago shr-fontified
6 months ago xwidget
7 months ago scratch/xref
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