2009-03-10 skDummy commit to test new ssh keymaster
2009-01-25 stathisRemove bogus line in TODOmob
2008-08-10 Stathis KamperisDrop src/regress/libc port effort as there is an ongoin...
2008-08-10 Stathis KamperisNetBSD KNF'ed
2008-08-10 Stathis KamperisInitial import of regress/lib/libc/popen.c file
2008-08-08 stathisMinor enhancements
2008-08-08 stathiscaddr_t type has been deprecaged in favor of void *
2008-07-17 Doctor KamberTest
2008-06-12 Stathis KamperisHonour 80 cols per limit
2008-06-12 Stathis KamperisRemove whitespace
2008-06-08 Stathis KamperisMinor changes in comments
2008-06-08 Stathis KamperisUse new blknode_t * data structure for the merged block...
2008-06-08 Stathis KamperisAdd/Modify some more comments in mpool_free()
2008-06-08 Stathis KamperisMinor changes in LR mismatch, plus a comment change
2008-06-08 Stathis KamperisSimplify coalescing by removing duplicate code
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisMake mpool.c compile again after previous patch
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisSimplify comments in mpool.h
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisMake use of macros to simplify MPOOL_BLOCK_INIT()
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisRename macros to be slightly more precise
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisHonour 80 cols per line limit
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisAdd some whitespace
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisHonour 80 cols per line limit
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisRemove bogus comments now that works ok
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisReplace bit operations with macros in mpool_free()
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisHonour 80 cols per line limit
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisRemove whitespace
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisInsert MPOOL_GET_{LEFT|RIGHT}_BUDDY() macros
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisUse MPOOL_IS_PARENT() in mpool_printblks()
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisAdd MPOOL_ macros for parentship
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisRemove unnecessary initialization
2008-06-06 Stathis KamperisAdd test5 to Makefile
2008-06-05 Stathis KamperisPrint PASSED if test case succeeds
2008-06-05 Stathis KamperisCheck against MPOOl_ERANGE when initializing pool
2008-06-05 Stathis KamperisFix typo in comment
2008-06-05 Stathis KamperisFix comment from c/p
2008-06-05 Stathis KamperisDon't forget to mark node as available in mpool_free()
2008-06-05 Stathis KamperisSimplify buddy retrieval in mpool_free()
2008-06-05 Stathis Kamperismpool_free() can now be tuned to be opt for security...
2008-06-05 Stathis KamperisRemove bogus check when splitting
2008-06-05 Stathis KamperisCosmetic change in DPRINTF() call
2008-06-05 Stathis KamperisUse sizeof *pvar instead of sizeof(vartype) for consistency
2008-06-05 Stathis KamperisHonour 80cols per line limit
2008-06-05 Stathis KamperisAdd comment in mpool_init()
2008-06-05 Stathis KamperisValidate maxlogsize against max value a size_t can...
2008-06-03 Stathis KamperisSimplify expression in DPRINTF() call
2008-06-02 Stathis KamperisSome comments expansion
2008-06-02 Stathis KamperisCode rearrangements, plus a couple of comments
2008-06-02 Stathis KamperisRemove old comments, plus rearrange others
2008-06-02 Stathis KamperisSimplify expression in mpool_init
2008-05-25 Stathis KamperisReturn proper errorcode during CLEANUP_AND_EΧΙΤ
2008-05-25 Stathis KamperisDon't die easily in CLEANUP_AND_EXIT
2008-05-22 Stathis KamperisAdd comment in void statement
2008-05-19 Stathis KamperisComment out call to erroneous function
2008-05-19 Stathis KamperisAdd one more solution
2008-05-19 Stathis KamperisAdd missing braces in for-loop
2008-05-19 Stathis KamperisHonour 80 cols per line limit
2008-05-13 Stathis KamperisRemove whitespace
2008-05-13 Stathis KamperisCosmetic changes in comments
2008-05-13 Stathis KamperisRemove whitespace plus cosmetic stuff in comment
2008-05-13 Stathis KamperisSwap rows,cols
2008-05-11 Stathis KamperisRemove whitespace
2008-05-06 Stathis KamperisInitial import of qsort2darray.c
2008-05-05 Stathis KamperisInitial import of a common error in 2d arrays
2008-05-05 Stathis KamperisHonour 80cols per line limit
2008-05-05 Stathis KamperisFix typo in comment
2008-05-04 Stathis KamperisAdd some comments
2008-05-04 Stathis KamperisFix permissions
2008-05-04 Stathis KamperisFix permissions
2008-05-04 Stathis KamperisLet C set array's size when assigning initial values
2008-05-03 Stathis KamperisInitial import of an ATF test program
2008-05-02 Stathis KamperisRemove whitespace
2008-04-28 Stathis KamperisInitialize `flag' member variable in state structure
2008-04-26 Stathis KamperisMinor change in comments
2008-04-25 Stathis KamperisMinor fixes here and there
2008-04-24 Stathis KamperisMany changes to mybuild.sh script
2008-04-24 Stathis KamperisProper error handling in read()
2008-04-23 Stathis KamperisAdd stub for fsm_remove_unreachable_state()
2008-04-22 Stathis KamperisCosmetic change in comment
2008-04-22 Stathis KamperisImprove comment in fsm_process_event()
2008-04-22 Stathis KamperisAdd comment in fsm_queue_event()
2008-04-22 Stathis KamperisUpdate comment in fsm_set_state()
2008-04-21 Stathis KamperisRemove stale code
2008-04-21 Stathis Kamperistest
2008-04-21 Stathis KamperisUse pxxx naming convention for pointers
2008-04-21 Stathis KamperisUse pxxx name convention for pointers
2008-04-21 Stathis KamperisFix comment
2008-04-21 Stathis KamperisAdd htable_iterator_() accessors
2008-04-21 Stathis KamperisFix erroneous asserts from previous commit
2008-04-21 Stathis KamperisAdd assertions instead of manual checking
2008-04-21 Stathis KamperisAdd fsm_mark_reachable_states()
2008-04-20 Stathis KamperisMake fsm/ compile again, after tree structure rearrange...
2008-04-20 Stathis KamperisNuke out unix,netbsd directories
2008-04-19 Stathis KamperisAdd a comment in dbg_fsm.c
2008-04-14 Stathis KamperisFix dummy error from previous
2008-04-14 Stathis KamperisForgot to initialize htable iterator
2008-04-14 Stathis KamperisStub for fsm_minimize()
2008-04-14 Stathis KamperisUse htable_iterator_init()
2008-04-13 Stathis KamperisConstify member in htable_iterator_t type
2008-04-13 Stathis KamperisAdapt fsm to new htable_get_next_elm() api
2008-04-13 Stathis KamperisIntroduce an htable_iterator_t data type, to traverse...