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[eleutheria.git] / proplib /
2008-05-13 Stathis KamperisRemove whitespace
2008-05-13 Stathis KamperisCosmetic changes in comments
2008-05-13 Stathis KamperisRemove whitespace plus cosmetic stuff in comment
2008-04-20 Stathis KamperisNuke out unix,netbsd directories
2008-02-20 Stathis KamperisSeparate netbsd-specific from unix-specific projects
2008-02-16 Stathis KamperisAdd comment regarding hidden pointers behind typedef's
2008-02-15 Stathis KamperisMore readable output
2008-02-15 Stathis KamperisMore readable output
2008-02-15 Stathis KamperisDie only argc < 2
2008-02-15 Stathis KamperisLet user decide the name of the output file
2008-02-12 Stathis KamperisDon't free resources upon failure for the moment, just...
2008-02-09 Stathis KamperisTRUE/FALSE -> true/false
2008-02-08 Stathis KamperisMinor fix in typo
2008-02-08 Stathis KamperisMinor fix in comment
2008-02-08 Stathis KamperisTRUE/FALSE -> true/false
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisAdd some whitespace
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisDon't cast void * to prop_dictionary_t. It's done impli...
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisAdd some comments
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisHandle error in prop_dictionary_get()
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisCompile without the -pedantic flag, since ISO C90
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisGet child dictionary pertaining to `.' path and print
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisMinor variable declaration rearrangement
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisPrint error message if popen() fails
2008-02-03 Stathis Kamperis Minor fix in comment
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisRemove prop_expand_array.c file
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisAdd missing error handling
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisAdd some more error paths
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisRearrange declarations
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisAdd comments regarding the function of the program
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisCosmetic stuff in comment
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisGroup release calls
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisSimplify if-else block
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisGroup calls to prop_dictionary_set()
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisAdd some contents regarding du(1) call
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisDetermine path type with lstat()
2008-02-03 Stathis KamperisFix comment
2008-02-02 Stathis KamperisAdd missing error path
2008-02-02 Stathis KamperisAdd sanity check when prop_object_get()
2008-02-02 Stathis KamperisNuke out cleanup() since it's broken by design
2008-02-02 Stathis KamperisFix typo in resources' declaration
2008-02-02 Stathis KamperisRemove unused variable
2008-02-02 Stathis KamperisUse foo != NULL instead of !foo
2008-02-02 Stathis KamperisFix typo in cleanup()
2008-02-02 Stathis KamperisUse proper names in compile comments
2008-02-02 Stathis KamperisUse proper name in compile comment
2008-02-02 Stathis KamperisUse err(), instread of errx()
2008-02-02 Stathis KamperisCheck return value of atexit()
2008-02-02 Stathis KamperisRearrange prop objects' creation
2008-02-02 Stathis KamperisUse atexit() with custom cleanup function to handle...
2008-02-02 Stathis KamperisUse more descriptive file names
2008-02-01 Stathis KamperisUse different capacities for root and child dict
2008-01-31 Stathis KamperisMore comments & minor rearrangemets
2008-01-31 Stathis KamperisAdd comment regarding compilation
2008-01-31 Stathis KamperisAdd comments plus some error handling
2008-01-31 Stathis KamperisStub for nested dictionaries
2008-01-31 Stathis KamperisUse err() instead of errx()
2008-01-31 Stathis KamperisDon't hardcode array's initial capacity value
2008-01-31 Stathis KamperisRearrange prop_object_release() calls
2008-01-31 Stathis KamperisCosmetic stuff in comments
2008-01-31 Stathis KamperisSimplify error handling in pclose()
2008-01-31 Stathis KamperisUse d(1) where appropriate
2008-01-31 Stathis KamperisRemove bogus header
2008-01-28 Stathis KamperisAdd comments regarding use of atoi()
2008-01-28 Stathis KamperisRemove whitespace
2008-01-27 Stathis KamperisProper error handling plus some comments
2008-01-27 Stathis KamperisMake parsing more readable
2008-01-27 Stathis KamperisMinor cleanup
2008-01-27 Stathis KamperisUse prop_number_t for blocks' size
2008-01-24 Stathis KamperisRemove waitpid macros for children success/failure
2008-01-24 Stathis KamperisRemove nonsense call to prop_object_release()
2008-01-23 Stathis KamperisFirst step towards completion
2008-01-21 Stathis KamperisAdd stub for prop_du.c
2008-01-20 Stathis KamperisFix comments and errx() strings
2008-01-20 Stathis KamperisMinor cleanup
2008-01-20 Stathis KamperisFix possible memory leak
2008-01-19 Stathis Kamperisproplib changed
2008-01-18 Stathis KamperisBroken
2008-01-13 Stathis KamperisMinor cleanup
2008-01-13 Stathis KamperisMinore cleanup
2008-01-12 Stathis KamperisMinor typo in comment
2008-01-12 Stathis KamperisAdd print_array_stats()
2008-01-12 Stathis KamperisUse prop_array_remove
2008-01-12 Stathis KamperisDon't forget to release ps object in loop
2008-01-12 Stathis KamperisMinor fix in comments
2008-01-12 Stathis KamperisArgh, prop_array_add() adds references and not copy...
2008-01-12 Stathis KamperisGeneral cleanup
2008-01-12 Stathis KamperisConform to NetBSD KNF due to possible inclusion in...
2008-01-12 Stathis KamperisFix possible memory leak
2008-01-06 Stathis KamperisAdd some comments and some whitespace for clarity
2008-01-06 Stathis KamperisPrint count along with capacity in every step
2008-01-06 Stathis KamperisClarify comment for array expand
2008-01-06 Stathis KamperisInitial import of prop_expand.c
2008-01-05 Stathis KamperisClarify comment
2008-01-05 Stathis KamperisRemove newlines from errx() calls
2008-01-05 Stathis KamperisGive files descriptive names
2008-01-05 Stathis KamperisDon't forget to release prop_string object
2008-01-05 Stathis KamperisInitial import of prop_dict.c file
2008-01-05 Stathis KamperisRemove bogus function prototype from previous commit
2008-01-05 Stathis KamperisUse fprintf() instead of errx() in argument count failure
2008-01-05 Stathis KamperisUse getprogname() instead of argv[0]