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[eleutheria.git] / cdev /
2008-08-08 stathisMinor enhancements
2008-08-08 stathiscaddr_t type has been deprecaged in favor of void *
2008-05-04 Stathis KamperisFix permissions
2008-04-25 Stathis KamperisMinor fixes here and there
2008-04-24 Stathis KamperisMany changes to mybuild.sh script
2008-04-24 Stathis KamperisProper error handling in read()
2008-04-20 Stathis KamperisNuke out unix,netbsd directories
2008-02-20 Stathis KamperisSeparate netbsd-specific from unix-specific projects
2008-02-20 Stathis KamperisAdd some comments plus fix a possible mem leak
2008-02-20 Stathis KamperisPrint dict's count for debugging purposes
2008-02-19 Stathis KamperisAdd comment for invalid operation
2008-02-19 Stathis KamperisRearrange var declarations
2008-02-19 Stathis KamperisUse plistref in _IOW (fixes kernel panic)
2008-02-18 Stathis KamperisAdd some comments
2008-02-17 Stathis KamperisUse void* instead of deprecated caddr_t
2008-02-17 Stathis KamperisUse proplib for kernel/userspace communication
2008-02-17 Stathis KamperisFix indentation
2008-02-17 Stathis KamperisAdd shell script to copy files to source tree
2008-02-17 Stathis KamperisMinor cosmetic stuff
2008-02-17 Stathis KamperisMinor cosmetic stuff
2008-02-17 Stathis KamperisInitial import of minimal character device driver based...