descriptionPractical implementation of a one-time pad cryptosystem
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A library and tools for encrypting and decrypting messages using one-time pads. Homepage.
2008-06-11 Jeff ConnellyIntegrate pad rewriting into cli.master
2008-06-11 Jeff ConnellyAdd pad rewriting, in otp_replace.
2008-06-11 Jeff ConnellyIncrease padding multiple to 1024, so channel filling...
2008-06-11 Jeff ConnellyIn secure inbox, ignore dummy (filler) messages.
2008-06-11 Jeff ConnellyIgnore otp-Ignore otp-**
2008-06-11 Jeff ConnellyAdd mixing program.
2008-06-11 Jeff ConnellySupport filler messages.
2008-06-11 Jeff ConnellyMove message decryption to SecureMail instead of cli...
2008-06-10 Jeff ConnellyDecode in SecureMail instead of
2008-06-10 Jeff ConnellyAdd channel filling (untested), but don't use it.
2008-06-10 Jeff ConnellyAdd channel filling thread (non-functional).
2008-06-10 Jeff ConnellyRename SecureInbox to SecureMail, since it is used...
2008-06-10 Jeff ConnellyMove login/password prompt/read code to SecureInbox.
2008-06-09 Jeff ConnellyAdd support for .otp{login,pass} files to automatically...
2008-06-09 Jeff ConnellyEncrypt messages when sending, and check number of...
2008-06-09 Jeff ConnellyAdd SMTP support to SecureInbox.
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