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DragonFly is an operating system and environment originally based on FreeBSD. DragonFly branched from FreeBSD in 2003 in order to develop a radically different approach to concurrency, SMP, and most other kernel subsystems.

DragonFly belongs to the same class of operating system as BSD and Linux and is based on the same UNIX ideals and APIs. DragonFly gives the BSD base an opportunity to grow in an entirely different direction from the one taken in the FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD series.

See the README file for more information about this repository.

3 hours ago Matthew Dillonkernel - Stir longer in arc4randommaster
2 days ago Imre Vadászif_vtnet - Allocate struct vtnet_tx_header entries...
3 days ago François Tigeotdrm/i915: Update to Linux 4.7.10
3 days ago François Tigeotkernel: Add a port of the Linux 4.8 vga_switcheroo...
3 days ago Sascha Wildner<sys/unistd.h>: Add missing _PC_TIMESTAMP_RESOLUTION.
3 days ago Matthew Dillonbuild - Add the 'efisetup' script
3 days ago Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix panic in zget() during heavy paging
4 days ago Sascha Wildner<time.h>: Shuffle some prototypes around (no functional...
4 days ago Sascha WildnerUpdate the pciconf(8) database.
4 days ago Sascha Wildnerbsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
4 days ago Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2017b from ftp:/...
5 days ago Matthew Dillontest - Flesh out randread statistics reporting
7 days ago Sascha WildnerBring in uefisign(8) example script.
7 days ago Sascha Wildnerinstaller: Fix the "missing /var/run/sem" issues better.
8 days ago Sascha Wildnerkernel/mmcsd: Add some dummy values for d_nheads and...
8 days ago Matthew Dillonbuild - Validate sshd_config
2 weeks ago v4.8.0rc DragonFly 4.8.0rc
2 weeks ago v4.9.0 DragonFly 4.9.0
5 months ago v4.6.1 DragonFly 4.6.1
7 months ago v4.6.0 DragonFly 4.6.0
8 months ago v4.6.0rc2 DragonFly 4.6.0rc2
8 months ago v4.7.0 DragonFly 4.7.0
8 months ago v4.6.0rc DragonFly 4.6.0rc
11 months ago v4.4.3 DragonFly 4.4.3
13 months ago v4.4.2 DragonFly 4.4.2
15 months ago v4.4.1 DragonFly 4.4.1
15 months ago v4.4.0 DragonFly 4.4.0
16 months ago v4.4.0rc DragonFly 4.4.0rc
16 months ago v4.5.0 DragonFly 4.5.0
19 months ago v4.2.4 DragonFly 4.2.4
19 months ago v4.3.1 DragonFly 4.3.1
20 months ago v4.2.3 DragonFly 4.2.3
3 hours ago DragonFly_RELEASE_4_8
3 hours ago master
4 days ago DragonFly_RELEASE_4_6
2 months ago vendor/LIBRESSL
4 months ago vendor/BINUTILS227
5 months ago vendor/BINUTILS225
6 months ago vendor/LESS
6 months ago vendor/BMAKE
6 months ago vendor/GCC50
7 months ago vendor/OPENSSH
7 months ago vendor/OPENSSL
8 months ago DragonFly_RELEASE_4_4
10 months ago vendor/LIBARCHIVE
12 months ago vendor/NCURSES
15 months ago DragonFly_RELEASE_4_2
16 months ago vendor/TNFTP
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dragonfly/netmp.git MP support for (parts of) the network stack 8 years ago
dragonfly/port-amd64.git A repo for keeping AMD64 port code before... 9 years ago
dragonfly/vkernel-mp.git DragonFly vkernel multiprocessor port 9 years ago