2008-05-18 Florian WeimerUpdate comment reflecting new blacklistsv0.8
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerAdd OpenSSH RSA1 1024 bit blacklist files
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerRemove from_ssh_auth_fd and fold it into from_ssh_auth_file
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerCompile OpenSSL blacklists into the Perl script
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerAdd support for OpenSSL RSA private key files
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerAdd support for handling OpenSSL PEM certificates
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerBump database version
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerKeep track of the SSH key type and report it
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerIntroduce from_ssh_auth_line and use it in the host...
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerCheck syntax when building the Perl script
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerAdd key information to the weak key message
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerFilter out non-existing host names
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerDetect failed disk flush
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerSplit from_ssh_auth_fd into two subprograms
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerRemove from_ssh_key_file, scan as well
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerAdd a parser for authorized_keys lines
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerDisplay warning if user does not exist
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerAdd ISC license
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerImprove patch submission instructions
2008-05-18 Florian WeimerAdd OpenSSL blacklists
2008-05-17 Florian WeimerUpdate description of contained key material
2008-05-17 Florian WeimerAdd OpenSSH 1024 bit RSA keys
2008-05-17 Florian WeimerCheck known_hosts files as well
2008-05-17 Florian WeimerUpdate .gitignore file
2008-05-17 Florian WeimerAdd SSH key generation script
2008-05-17 Florian WeimerAdd PID-setting preloadable DSO
2008-05-15 Florian WeimerIgnore commented-out lines in authorized keys files
2008-05-15 Florian WeimerFix an endless loop in user enumeration on some systems
2008-05-15 Florian WeimerAdd .gitignore file
2008-05-15 Florian WeimerPrint summary statistics at the end
2008-05-13 Florian WeimerRemove unnecessary ->close call
2008-05-13 Florian WeimerPrint "weak key" message
2008-05-13 Florian WeimerInitial version