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How to build dormin on windows
Dormin is a character animation player/geometry viewer/audio decoder for Shadow of the Colossus game
2009-11-12 malcAdd simple NTO viewermaster
2009-10-13 malcDeobfuscate and correct documentation
2009-10-02 malcMinGW/Windows support
2009-10-02 malcCredit tmk
2009-02-18 malcReduce anim's working set size
2009-02-18 malcCosmetics
2009-02-18 malcReally fix normals
2009-02-18 malcMake this faster still
2009-02-18 malcProperly check glProgramStringARB for failures
2009-02-18 malcFix handling of normals
2009-02-17 malcReorganize build parameters a bit
2009-02-17 malcMake Altivec fast
2009-02-16 malcMake FPU version run fast
2008-11-28 malcRemove negative weight hack
2008-11-28 malcCosmetics
2008-11-21 malcMake it faster yet
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