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15 hours ago mildeDocument HTML writers.mastersvn-origin/trunk
22 hours ago mildeDo not use <sup> and <sub> tags inside <pre> (parsed...
4 days ago mildeHTML4 writer: Wrap literal blocks in a <span> to suppor...
8 days ago mildeTest for indirect inclusion of literal and code files...
8 days ago mildeAdapt tests to latest latex writer fix.
9 days ago mildeDocumentation update.
9 days ago mildeUse "hyperref" package together with "bookmark"
11 days ago mildeMake "xetex" writer LuaLaTex compatible: do not load...
11 days ago mildeFix the latest latex writer patch: no "alltt" in parsed...
12 days ago mildeCleaner LaTeX code for literal blocks (use "alltt"...
13 days ago mildeSmall fixes to the writer aliases, supported formats...
13 days ago mildeRemove redundant gif file.
13 days ago mildeCleaner LaTeX code for enumerations.
13 days ago grubertbacl link epublib_ is missing and missing from google...
2015-03-17 mildeAdd links to ePub writers.
2015-03-16 gitpulldocs/index.txt: restructure Documentation overview...
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