2015-06-15 Doug TorranceAdd wmforecast, wmstickynotes, and wmweather+ informati... master
2015-06-15 Doug TorranceDocument new "hosted" field in
2015-06-15 Doug TorranceAdd new "hosted" field to for all existi...
2015-06-15 Doug TorranceAdd wmsun information for dockapps webpage.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Bump to version 1.04.wmsun-1.04
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Update includes using include-what-you-use.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Escape hyphens in manpage.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Fix need to restart for Daylight Savings change.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Smart display refresh for fewer wake-ups and...
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Update contact information.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Add ChangeLog; changes split from wmsun.c.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Rename executable from wmSun to wmsun.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmgeneral, wmsun: Use threadsafe functions.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Add -12 command line option to use 12-hour clock.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Reduce scope of variables.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Remove unused UTTohhmm function.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Add support for wmgeneral -geometry command...
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Remove trailing whitespace.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Fix "overflow in implicit constant conversion...
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Fix "unused parameter" compiler warnings.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Add return types to functions.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Remove unused variables.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Fix implicit definition warnings.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Update Makefile.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Move source files to top directory.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Update to latest version of wmgeneral library.
2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmsun: Add version 1.03 to repository.wmsun-1.03
2015-06-13 Doug TorranceRemove wmstickynotes from repository.
2015-06-13 Doug TorranceAdd wmshutdown information for dockapps webpage.
2015-06-13 Doug Torrancewmshutdown: Bump to version 1.4.wmshutdown-1.4
2015-06-13 Doug Torrancewmshutdown: Update contact information.
2015-06-13 Doug Torrancewmshutdown: Fix 'mixed declarations and code' compiler...
2015-06-13 Doug Torrancewmshutdown: Fix 'unused parameter' compiler warnings.
2015-06-13 Doug Torrancewmshutdown: Remove autotools-generated files.
2015-06-13 Doug Torrancewmshutdown: Add version 1.3 to repository.wmshutdown-1.3
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Bump to version 1.5.wmifs-1.5
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Update README.
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Remove first two installation steps in INSTALL.
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Update Window Maker instructions in HINTS.
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Add proper copyright header.
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Convert strtok() calls to thread-safe strtok_r().
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Reduce scopes of variables (fixes style warnings...
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Tidy #includes using include-what-you-use.
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Throw out first /proc/net/dev reading.
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Don't ignore geometry strings beginning with...
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Add support for X geometry strings to -geome...
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Honor CONF Makefile variable when parsing system...
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Add support for wmgeneral's -geometry command...
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Reformat help text for readability.
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Add -c command line option allowing users to...
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Replace deprecated usleep with nanosleep.
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Replace deprecated caddr_t with void *.
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Fix "overflow in implicit constant conversion...
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Fix "comparison between signed and unsigned...
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Fix "suggest braces around empty body in an...
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Update Makefile.
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Fix "variable 'ppp_old" set but not used" compil...
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Fix spelling error and escape hyphen in manpage.
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmifs: Move source files to top directory.
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Bump to version 1.3.wmtime-1.3
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Update HINTS.
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Update README.
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Add proper copyright header.
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Update TODO.
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Fix "ordered comparison of pointer with integer...
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Replace C++ style comments.
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Use #defines to avoid variable length arrays.
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Fix overflow warning; mask bitmap should be...
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Add -c command line option allowing users to...
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Tidy #includes based on results of include...
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Fix typos.
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Add _POSIX_C_SOURCE #defines for strdup...
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Fix "unused variable" warning.
2015-05-20 Doug Bump to version
2015-05-20 Doug Command line options take precedence over...
2015-05-20 Doug Reread configuration file.
2015-05-20 Doug Add new command line options.
2015-05-20 Doug Fix segfault if stop_action or start_action...
2015-05-20 Doug Fix segfault when HOME undefined.
2015-05-20 Doug Update Makefile.
2015-05-20 Doug Use #includes from include-what-you-use.
2015-05-20 Doug Remove C++ style comments.
2015-05-20 Doug Replace deprecated usleep with nanosleep.
2015-05-20 Doug Replace deprecated caddr_t cast with void*.
2015-05-20 Doug Remove unused parameter from get_statistics().
2015-05-20 Doug Switch ifs to #ifs for macros.
2015-05-20 Doug Reduce scope of several variables.
2015-05-20 Doug Fix spelling mistakes.
2015-05-20 Doug Move source files to top directory.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Don't call free on pointers we haven't malloced.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Fix segfault if newline encountered in parse...
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Add proper copyright headers; fix changelog...
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Use #includes from include-what-you-use.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Use field width limits for scanf.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Reduce scope of several variables.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Merge 2003-10-10 version from wmmon and...
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Bump to 1998-09-14 version found in wmckgmai...
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Bump to 1998-09-11 version found in wmcpufre...
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Remove inline keywords.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Free pointer.