2013-12-05 Len TriggFix two bugs related to command execution:master
2013-10-13 Doug Torrancewmtime - increase version number to 1.1
2013-10-13 Doug Torrancewmtime - update localization
2013-09-23 Doug Torrancewmtime - Removed debian directory.
2013-09-22 Doug Torrancewmtime - Fix compiler and linker flags in Makefile.
2013-04-08 Gabriel VLASIUEnable classic mode.
2013-04-08 Gabriel VLASIUUpdate gnutls code (require at least 2.2.0).
2013-04-08 Gabriel VLASIURemove gnomeicu from wmbif's manual.
2013-04-04 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: Fix segfault when -display or -geometry argumen...
2013-04-04 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: Free memory when using a custom skin.
2013-04-04 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: Fix wmbiff restart.
2013-04-04 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: More gnutls casts.
2013-04-04 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: Fix memory leaks pointed out by valgrind.
2013-04-04 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: Remove unused files.
2013-04-03 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: XKeycodeToKeysym is deprecated.
2013-04-03 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: Remove unused variable.
2013-04-03 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: Fix signedness and/or cast.
2013-04-03 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: comparison between pointer and integer.
2013-04-03 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: Add missing include.
2013-04-03 Gabriel VLASIUUpdate manual for wmbiff and wmbiffrc.
2013-04-01 Alexey I. Froloffwmpager: add missing
2013-01-19 Milan ČermákwmSMPmon: Code formating cleanup
2013-01-19 Milan ČermákwmSMPmon: Solaris support
2012-12-07 Milan ČermákwmSMPmon: Solaris support, load aggregation
2012-10-30 Doug Torrancewmtime: Fixed Debian bug #661843. Applied a patch by...
2012-10-30 Doug Torrancewmtime: Fixed Debian bug #639626. Applied a patch by...
2012-10-30 Doug Torrancewmtime: added to repository
2012-10-02 Wade update GPL text and FSF address as requested
2012-10-02 Wade BerrierAdd to repository
2012-08-23 Alexey I. Froloffwmpager: remove tooltips from manpage
2012-08-23 Alexey I. Froloffwmpager: autotoolized
2012-08-23 Alexey I. Froloffwmpager: allow WMPAGER_DEFAULT_INSTALL_DIR to be define...
2012-08-22 Rodolfo García... wmbutton: Escape minus sign in manpage
2012-08-22 Rodolfo García... wmbutton: Makefile install rewritten
2012-08-22 Alexey I. Froloffwmpager: use select(2) instead of usleep(3), increase...
2012-08-22 Alexey I. Froloffwmpager: fix memory leaks pointed out by valgrind
2012-08-22 Alexey I. Froloffwmpager: EWMH support
2012-08-22 Alexey I. Froloffwmpager: drop tooltip suport
2012-08-21 Rodolfo García... wmbutton: New version 0.7.0
2012-08-21 Rodolfo García... wmbutton: initTooltip has no argument
2012-08-21 Rodolfo García... wmbutton: wmbutton.h and wmb_libs.c code clean
2012-08-21 Rodolfo García... wmbutton: Middle button enabled by default
2012-08-21 Rodolfo García... wmbutton: Added manpage
2012-08-21 Rodolfo García... wmbutton: wmbutton.c code clean
2012-08-21 Rodolfo García... wmbutton: Better Makefile
2012-08-21 Rodolfo García... wmbutton: Version simplification
2012-08-21 Rodolfo García... wmbutton: Support for global conf file
2012-08-21 Rodolfo García... wmbutton: .wmbutton file renamed
2012-08-21 Rodolfo García... wmbutton: Correct path for X11 libs
2012-08-21 Rodolfo García... wmbutton dockapp added
2012-08-14 Alexey I. FroloffwmMatrix: cleanup the Makefile
2012-08-14 Alexey I. FroloffImport manpage from Debian
2012-08-14 Alexey I. Froloffindent -linux -l144 -i4 -ts4 **/*.[ch]
2012-08-14 Alexey I. FroloffRemoved dead code, eliminated empty cycles, reduced...
2012-08-14 Alexey I. FroloffBetter select(2) usage
2012-08-14 Alexey I. FroloffApplied wmMatrix-0.2-alt-right-doubleclick.patch
2012-08-14 Alexey I. FroloffApplied wmMatrix-0.2-debian-fixes.patch
2012-08-14 Alexey I. FroloffCleanup licensing stuff
2012-08-14 Alexey I. FroloffImported wmMatrix-0.2.tar.gz
2012-06-17 Rodolfo García... wmmon: Code style clean.
2012-06-14 Wade Berrierwmbiff: slight automake/autoconf refresh
2012-06-05 Alexey I. FroloffMass update FSF address
2012-06-05 Alexey I. FroloffMake autoreconf happy
2012-06-05 Alexey I. FroloffRemoved all autogenerated autotools and imake stuff
2012-06-05 Alexey I. FroloffMass update GPLv2 from
2012-04-02 B. Kelly (wbk)wmmon: Add -b flag, etc
2012-04-02 B. Kelly (wbk)wmmon: Merged patch suggested by Bernard Cafarelli...
2012-03-26 B. Kelly (wbk)Makefile: changed erroneous -O3 flag to -O2.
2012-03-26 Barry Kellywmmon I/O monitor bug fixes:
2012-03-25 Rodolfo García... wmauda: Pixmap folder set as argument
2012-02-12 Carlos R. MafraStrip off version numbers from dir name
2012-02-12 Carlos R. Mafrawmauda: Fix installation dir
2012-02-12 Carlos R. Mafrawmauda: Fix compilation error
2012-02-12 Carlos R. MafraAdd wmauda-0.8
2012-02-12 Carlos R. MafraRemove wmauda-0.3
2011-12-18 Rodolfo García... wmmon: wmmon manpage
2011-12-18 Rodolfo García... wmmon: remove wmgeneral.c typecasting warning
2011-12-18 Rodolfo García... wmmon: debian patches applied to upstream
2011-12-18 Rodolfo García... wmmon: Official release of wmmon 1.0b2
2011-11-08 Michael BieniawmMoonClock: fix build with ld --as-needed
2011-09-21 Rodolfo GarciaVersion 1.28 Debian patches in upstream
2011-09-21 Rodolfo GarciaFix FTBFS with ld --as-needed Patch sent by Angel Abad...
2011-08-11 Rodolfo García... wmmixer: Problems with UTF-8 characters
2011-08-10 Rodolfo kix... wmmixer: Remove hidden .xvpics folder
2011-08-10 Rodolfo García... wmmixer: Warnings about g++ const removed
2011-08-10 Rodolfo kix... wmmixer: Debian copyright and patches in format DEP...
2011-07-27 Carlos R. Mafrawmmoonclock: Add wmmoonclock v1.27 from tarball
2011-07-18 Carlos R. Mafrawmbiff: Change default colors
2011-07-18 Carlos R. Mafrawmbiff: Remove trailing colon from mailbox label
2011-07-18 Carlos R. Mafrawmbiff: Remove Licq, gnomeicu and finger support
2011-07-18 Carlos R. Mafrawmbiff: Raise sleep interval to 20 secs
2011-07-18 Carlos R. Mafrawmbiff: Trivial code cleanups
2011-07-18 Carlos R. Mafrawmbiff: Fix global notification
2011-07-18 Carlos R. Mafrawmbiff: Remove autofetch on new email arrival
2011-07-18 Carlos R. Mafrawmbiff: Remove 'beep' option for notification
2011-07-18 Carlos R. Mafrawmbiff: Display "0" when there are no new emails
2011-07-15 Carlos R. Mafrawmmixer: Add 'debian' folder
2011-07-13 Rodolfo kix... wmmixer patches
2011-07-13 Carlos R. MafraRename wmmixer folder
2011-03-25 Carlos R. MafraInitial dockapps git repo