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2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmgeneral, wmsun: Use threadsafe functions.
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Add support for X geometry strings to -geome...
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Bump to version 1.3.wmtime-1.3
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Update HINTS.
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Update README.
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Add proper copyright header.
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Update TODO.
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Fix "ordered comparison of pointer with integer...
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Replace C++ style comments.
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Use #defines to avoid variable length arrays.
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Fix overflow warning; mask bitmap should be...
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Add -c command line option allowing users to...
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Tidy #includes based on results of include...
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmtime: Fix typos.
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Add _POSIX_C_SOURCE #defines for strdup...
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Fix "unused variable" warning.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Don't call free on pointers we haven't malloced.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Fix segfault if newline encountered in parse...
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Add proper copyright headers; fix changelog...
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Use #includes from include-what-you-use.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Use field width limits for scanf.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Reduce scope of several variables.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Merge 2003-10-10 version from wmmon and...
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Remove inline keywords.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Free pointer.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Check if malloc fails.
2015-01-03 Doug Torrancewmtime: Bump to version 1.2.wmtime-1.2
2015-01-03 Doug Torrancewmtime: Remove unnecessary references to current versio...
2015-01-03 Doug Torrancewmtime: Add -l option to specify locale.
2015-01-03 Doug Torrancewmtime: Update Makefile.
2015-01-03 Doug Torrancewmtime: Move source files to top directory.
2015-01-03 Doug Torrancewmtime: Remove unnecessary Imakefile.
2014-10-05 Doug TorranceRemove trailing whitespace.
2014-08-27 Doug Torrancewmtime: Update README contact information; remove trail...
2014-08-27 Doug Torrancewmtime: Update GPLv2 from
2014-08-27 Doug Torrancewmtime: Update FSF address.
2014-08-27 Doug Torrancewmtime: Use rm -f in make clean.
2014-08-27 Doug Torrancewmtime: Remove unused variables.
2013-10-13 Doug Torrancewmtime - increase version number to 1.1wmtime-1.1
2013-10-13 Doug Torrancewmtime - update localization
2013-09-23 Doug Torrancewmtime - Removed debian directory.
2013-09-22 Doug Torrancewmtime - Fix compiler and linker flags in Makefile.
2012-10-30 Doug Torrancewmtime: Fixed Debian bug #661843. Applied a patch by...
2012-10-30 Doug Torrancewmtime: Fixed Debian bug #639626. Applied a patch by...
2012-10-30 Doug Torrancewmtime: added to repositorywmtime-1.0b2