Add wmforecast, wmstickynotes, and wmweather+ information for webpage.
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2015-06-14 Doug Torrancewmgeneral, wmsun: Use threadsafe functions.
2015-05-27 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Add support for X geometry strings to -geome...
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Add _POSIX_C_SOURCE #defines for strdup...
2015-05-26 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Fix "unused variable" warning.
2015-05-20 Doug Bump to version
2015-05-20 Doug Command line options take precedence over...
2015-05-20 Doug Reread configuration file.
2015-05-20 Doug Add new command line options.
2015-05-20 Doug Fix segfault if stop_action or start_action...
2015-05-20 Doug Fix segfault when HOME undefined.
2015-05-20 Doug Update Makefile.
2015-05-20 Doug Use #includes from include-what-you-use.
2015-05-20 Doug Remove C++ style comments.
2015-05-20 Doug Replace deprecated usleep with nanosleep.
2015-05-20 Doug Replace deprecated caddr_t cast with void*.
2015-05-20 Doug Remove unused parameter from get_statistics().
2015-05-20 Doug Switch ifs to #ifs for macros.
2015-05-20 Doug Reduce scope of several variables.
2015-05-20 Doug Fix spelling mistakes.
2015-05-20 Doug Move source files to top directory.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Don't call free on pointers we haven't malloced.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Fix segfault if newline encountered in parse...
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Add proper copyright headers; fix changelog...
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Use #includes from include-what-you-use.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Use field width limits for scanf.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Reduce scope of several variables.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Merge 2003-10-10 version from wmmon and...
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Bump to 1998-09-14 version found in wmckgmai...
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Remove inline keywords.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Free pointer.
2015-05-20 Doug Torrancewmgeneral: Check if malloc fails.
2014-09-15 Doug Update support email address and webpage.
2014-09-15 Doug Use build flags.
2014-09-15 Doug Use rm -f for make clean
2014-09-15 Doug Display speed in K when too high.
2014-09-15 Doug Stampfile handling.
2014-09-15 Doug Allow ISDN devices.
2014-09-15 Doug Rename system wide fixed options configurati...
2014-09-15 Doug Add manpage (obtained from Debian package).
2014-09-15 Doug Remove trailing whitespace.
2014-09-15 Doug Remove getmodemspeed binary from source.
2012-06-05 Alexey I. FroloffMass update FSF address
2012-06-05 Alexey I. FroloffMass update GPLv2 from
2011-03-25 Carlos R. MafraInitial dockapps git