wmsun: Bump to version 1.05.
[dockapps.git] / wmmixer /
2014-10-05 Doug TorranceRemove trailing whitespace.
2012-06-05 Alexey I. FroloffMass update FSF address
2012-06-05 Alexey I. FroloffMass update GPLv2 from gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses...
2011-09-21 Rodolfo GarciaFix FTBFS with ld --as-needed Patch sent by Angel Abad... wmmixer-1.7
2011-08-11 Rodolfo García Peñ... wmmixer: Problems with UTF-8 characters
2011-08-10 Rodolfo kix Garciawmmixer: Remove hidden .xvpics folder
2011-08-10 Rodolfo García Peñ... wmmixer: Warnings about g++ const removed
2011-08-10 Rodolfo kix Garciawmmixer: Debian copyright and patches in format DEP...
2011-07-15 Carlos R. Mafrawmmixer: Add 'debian' folder
2011-07-13 Rodolfo kix Garciawmmixer patcheswmmixer-1.6
2011-07-13 Carlos R. MafraRename wmmixer folder