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descriptionDelight standard library
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last changeSun, 26 Oct 2008 13:32:05 +0000 (26 13:32 +0000)
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This is the Delight standard library sub-module.
2008-10-26 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.3-postmaster
2008-10-26 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.3v0.3
2008-10-26 Thomas LeonardAdded GTK support
2008-10-21 Thomas LeonardImplemented fs.resolveRelativePath and fs.parent
2008-10-19 Thomas LeonardAdded stdin external
2008-10-19 Thomas LeonardRemoved string functions from core.
2008-10-19 Thomas LeonardSplit out filesystem bits of to dlt.fs
2008-10-19 Thomas LeonardSplit _externals into modules in their own package
2008-10-19 Thomas LeonardBundle a copy of
2008-10-18 Thomas LeonardBuild libdlt as a shared library
2008-10-12 Thomas Leonardformat() now returns a string, not a char[]
2008-10-12 Thomas LeonardUpdated to new import syntax
2008-10-11 Thomas LeonardImplemented reuse server socket parameter
2008-10-04 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.2-post
2008-10-04 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.2v0.2
2008-10-04 Thomas LeonardRemoved unused files. Added copyright note.
9 years ago v0.3 Release 0.3
9 years ago v0.2 Release 0.2
9 years ago v0.1 Release 0.1
9 years ago master
9 years ago d2