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descriptionthe GDC-based submodule
last changeWed, 5 Nov 2008 06:41:22 +0000 (5 06:41 +0000)
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To enable easier tracking of the upstream GDC subversion, this part of the compiler is stored in a GIT submodule.
2008-11-05 Thomas LeonardDisallow x[y] if x has a maybe typemaster
2008-10-25 Thomas LeonardAssignments in if statements only worked for class...
2008-10-24 Thomas LeonardScan dynamic libraries for GC roots
2008-10-21 Thomas LeonardFixed check for injected fields
2008-10-21 Thomas LeonardDisallow short form for anonymous delegates
2008-10-21 Thomas LeonardDon't require a ; after a continue statement
2008-10-21 Thomas LeonardAutomatically add stem to GObject method names
2008-10-21 Thomas LeonardMethods with GObject linkage are always "final".
2008-10-21 Thomas LeonardAdded linkage to ClassDeclaration
2008-10-21 Thomas LeonardAdd GObject linkage type
2008-10-19 Thomas LeonardAllow returning something of type void in a function...
2008-10-19 Matti NiemenmaaStatic, renamed, and selective imports are always public
2008-10-19 Thomas LeonardDocument search flags
2008-10-19 Thomas LeonardFixed some parsing errors for enums
2008-10-19 Thomas LeonardTypo: "reserved" -> "reversed"
2008-10-19 Thomas LeonardFixed line number in error about global variables
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