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From the man page, adapted from that of the original Xteddy:

	cteddy is a cuddly teddy bear for your composited X Windows desktop.
	Normally, cteddy just sits around doing nothing. After all, that's
	what teddy bears are for. Look at him, talk to him, place heavy window
	on top of him, zap him around until he becomes dizzy, do what you like;
	he will always be your true (albeit virtual) friend.

The original Xteddy was written by Stefan Gustavson. Its image support was
later expanded by Andreas Tille, through the usage of Imlib of Xteddy 2.
Both the basic version 1.1 and updated version 2.0.1 can be found at:

Whilst undeniably cute, both of these versions have a fatal flaw when used
in conjunction with modern compositing window managers such as Compiz.
Although the displayed windows are shaped, they are plain white, instead of
  Rather than try and fix this with an Xteddy 3, I decided instead to write
my own version from scratch, using libraries I knew could do the job; namely,
GTK+ and Cairo.  This is the result.
  cteddy is intended as a drop-in replacement, minus the "-wm" option (cteddy
does not bypass the window manager, it simply asks it for an undecorated
window) and the "-geometry" and "-display" options (currently left
unimplemented).  It also contains a new toy: cdoggy.

Philip Allison <>
2009-06-06 Philip AllisonFix minor compiler warningmasterrelease-0.3
2009-06-06 Philip AllisonAdd some new bears from Thomas Adam
2009-06-03 Philip AllisonAdd -h and -v to help output
2009-06-03 Philip AllisonBump version to 0.3 and update copyright years
2009-06-03 Philip AllisonNote in ChangeLog - use git for history
2009-06-03 Philip AllisonSet window shape in addition to input mask
2008-05-04 Philip AllisonAdd help & version strings and bump version number... release-0.2
2008-05-04 Philip AllisonMinor cosmetic tweaks to the man page, including new...
2008-05-04 Philip AllisonDocument new options and tidy up a few other parts...
2008-05-04 Philip AllisonAdd session management support
2008-05-03 Philip AllisonTidy up image search & forking code
2008-04-23 Philip AllisonAdd options for window sticking and backgrounding
2008-04-16 Philip AllisonThomas Adam is nit-picking my usage of "X Windows". ;)
2008-04-16 Philip AllisonDistribute the man pagerelease-0.1
2008-04-16 Philip AllisonCreate Makefile in the doc subdirectory
2008-04-16 Philip AllisonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
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